9 Best Earphones with Microphone under Rs. 500 in India 2024

Listening to music while driving in public transportation, walking, waiting for someone or doing exercises became a usual thing now-days. It is important to have good earphones so you can enjoy your music as much as it is possible. We bring you the best 9 Earphones with Mic which costs under 500 Rs in India and are high-quality products.

1. BoAt BassHEads 225 In-Ear Headphones (Rs. 450)

Source: Amazon.com

This is good looking earphones with a decent sound and bass quality with a built-in microphone. The microphone will make your conversation more convenient. The metallic design gives them a high-quality look. One of the things which annoy us the most when we use earphones is the struggle with tangle cable, but here that is not a problem because the cable of BoAt BassHEads 225 is tangle-free. The drivers are 10 mm and provide clears sound and strong bass. The impedance is 16Ohm and the sensitivity 98 dB. They come with a 3.5 mm plug-in L-shape. The frequency response is 20 Hz-20kHz. The warranty is for one year. They are very comfortable in-ear thanks to the silicon ear tips, and you will get five sets of extra Silicone Earbuds.  One of the cons is that there are no volume control buttons on them.

2. Mi Basic Wired Headsets (Rs. 399)

Source: Amazon.in

If you prefer to pay an affordable price and have excellent quality, then this earphone from the Xiami Mi brand is right for you. These are modern earphones with aluminum construction which provides the sound more natural and clear. They have an inbuilt microphone, so it is easy for making calls while using them.  They are very comfortable to wear because of the HQ Silicone earbuds witch perfectly grips in the ear. The impedance is 32 Ohm, the cord length 1.25m and the frequency response is 20Hz-20000Hz.  10 mm dynamic sound drivers produce high-quality sound. Cons of this product are that volume buttons are not exiting and cable is not tangle-free.

3. Sound Magic ES18S Earphones (Rs. 499)

Source: Amazon.in

This product is from a Chinese electronics company, which produces high-quality earphones and headphones at affordable costs. When you compare Sound Magic ES18S Earphones to its competitors, there are the best in sound quality. They come with 100 drivers which provide fantastic sound quality with decent quality bass. The microphone is built in and it will make it easy for you to take calls and the cable is tangle-free. The frequency response is 15Hz-22kHz. You can connect them with other devices through a 3.5 mm plug which has an L-shape. The cord length is a1.2m; the impedance is 16Ohm and the sensitivity 100 dB. Earpads are very comfortable and you will get three pairs of Silicone ear tips(small, medium and large). The con is that there are no volume control buttons.

4. Bluetooth Jogger QY7 Sports Headset (Rs. 399)

Source: Amazon.in

This choice would be the best if you like to exercise and do sports activity because they are sweat-proof and they have an internal microphone with remote control buttons to make calls, you don’t need to touch your phone, just press the buttons. The sound quality is good, but the bass is low. They have a unique design. Bluetooth version is 4.1 and you can connect them with IOS or Android phones easily. If you continuously play the music, it can stand up to 5 hours in one full charge. They are very comfortable in the ear and you will get three extra pairs of earbuds with 2-pair ear lobe stabilizers. There is no warranty on them.

5. Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 Headset (Rs. 490)

Source: Amazon.in

If you prefer to buy products from a well-known company for its quality, this is the right product for you. This in-ear earphones are high quality under the budget section. They come with winged ear tips that provide better stability and give more stability grip in the ear. You can use this one while doing a workout. They are made up pf high-quality plastic material and have a unique design thanks to the winged ear tip. 10 mm drivers give a clear and good audio quality with also good bass quality. You can connect them with other devices with a 3.5 mm plug. The cable is 1.2 m long and the quality of the cable is good. The earphones have an In-line microphone with the remote control. Frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz. The impedance is 16Ohm and the sensitivity is 105 dB. The main cons are that there is a single winged ear tip and the warranty is only for six months.

6. Sound One 616 Earphone (Rs. 497)

Source: Amazon.in

These earphones have a unique design with oval shaped earbuds which are very comfortable and gives a perfect grip in the ear canal. Because of that they make better noise isolation from outside and gives you a better experience while listening to music. The cable is 1.2 m long, but the quality of the cable is not on the high level. They have an inline microphone and remote control so you can easily make your calls, but there are no buttons for the volume. You can connect them with other devices trough 3,5mm plug. They come with three pairs of earbuds(different sizes), so you can choose the perfect one for you. The warranty is fo for six months.

7. In-Ear Portronics Conch 204 Headphones (Rs. 335)

(Best option)

Source: Amazon. in

This is an Indian brand established in 2008, which is very affordable. These headphones have a modern design. The 10 mm speaker drivers provides loud and clear sound, but the bass quality is an average. You can connect them with another devices trough 3.5mm plug. The tangle-free cable is 1.2m long. They are comfortable because the silicon ear tips make a perfect grip in the ear and provide perfect sound isolation. The frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz, the impedance is 16Ohm and the sensitivity is 98 dB.  They have built-in microphone and remote control buttons so you can easily manage your calls and volume. The only cons are the low bass quality.

8. Motorola Metal Earphones (Rs. 299)

Source: Amazon.in

These earphones have a modern and unique metallic design and IPX4 certificate for water and sweat resistant product. They have 10mm drivers, but the sound and bass quality is average. The microphone is built in but there are no remote control buttons. The silicon earbuds make good noise isolation; you will get three pairs of them. These earphones can be connected with other devices through 3.5mm plug. The cable is 1.2m long. The warranty is for one year.

9. Samsung EHS64 Stereo Headset (Rs. 446)

Source: Amazon. in

This headset is basic. Even it is made by Samsung and it has 13 mm drivers sound and bass quality are average. They have 1.2 m long cable which tangles very easy and you can connect it with other devices trough 3.5mm plug.  Samsung EHS64 Stereo Headset has a built-in microphone with volume control and call managing buttons so you can manage your calls easy. The impedance is 32 Ohm, the sensitivity is 116 dB and the frequency response is 18 Hz-20kHz. The warranty if six months.

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