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8 Tips for Planning Your Next Digital Detox

As you already know, we all live in an era that is technologically-driven. And, although technology does make everything so much easier, you might have noticed that you cannot get off your smartphone or computer. If so, you may be wondering – is there something that I could do to spend less time on my devices?

Of course, there are various things that you could choose to implement, however, to guarantee absolute success, you may have to plan a digital detox and if so, this article will be able to assist you quite a lot. Let’s take a closer look at the 8 tips for planning your next digital detox properly and efficiently:

1. If You Need Help, You Should Get it

You might have started believing like you’re slowly getting addicted to social media platforms, games, or binge-watching TV shows, and if so, you should get the help you need. There is a wide range of books, videos, and tutorials that you can go through, all of which will help you with the detoxing process.

Besides reading a few books or watching a few videos, you should also ask for help from your family members, partner, as well as friends. By doing so, you can guarantee that they understand what you’re up to and that they help you during the entire detoxing process.

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2. Remember What Entertained You Before Technology

Once you determine whose advice you’ll need, your next step is to remember what you did before technology, more importantly, what managed to entertain you. Whether it is reading books, exercising, coloring mandalas, or making origami, it is necessary to take on what you used to do or the hobbies you used to enjoy.

Why you may be wondering? Well, you’ll need to keep yourself occupied, otherwise, you may end up quitting in the first few days mostly because you’ll be bored without your smartphone, computer, or laptop. Hence, guarantee that you find something to do before you start the entire process.

3. Consuming Healthy Beverages And Food is Crucial

Trust me, when people are bored, they often choose to snack on things or to consume unhealthy beverages and food – which is something you need to avoid. So, you’ll need and want to ensure that your diet is properly planned out. This means that you might want to opt for some healthy shakes such as the XXtra Clean and food that is healthy. Now, you might be wondering does the XXtra Clean work, and if so, check out for more info.

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4. Implement a ‘Lights Out’ Strategy

Implementing a ‘lights out’ strategy might be wise. What does this mean? Well, it means that you may need to create a routine that will require you to not use your phone before and when you are in bed. Why? Well, it might cause you to sleep less and badly, which means that you might be tired and anxious in the morning. Instead, you might want to read a book that will actually help you fall asleep faster.

5. A Paper And Pen Should Be Your Best Friend

We use our phones for a wide range of things including writing to-do lists, putting in data in various may such as period or exercise trackers, and so on. However, you should stop using such apps and instead allow the good, old paper and pen to become your best friends.

This means that you’ll want to use a notebook for writing everything that you should do during the day, as well as track your exercise progress by writing down statistics such as how long did your run or how many push-ups you did. Of course, it will take more time, but, you’ll be spending less time on your phone which is the point of the entire detox process.

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6. Less Social Means More Time

Now, when we say less social, we do not mean that you should not spend time with your friend or family, instead, we are thinking about social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms will take a lot of your time, which means that you’ll have less time for everything – and everyone – else in your life.

How can you actually do this? Well, for starters, you might want to check it in the morning while you are drinking your coffee, as well as in the evening once you come back from work. Additionally, such apps feature timers and notifications that will let you know when you spent a specific time on the app, hence, ensure that you utilize such features.

7. Turn Everything Off Before Bed

You do not want to entirely turn off your phone when you go to bed, especially since you might need the alarm to wake you up in the morning. However, you’ll need to turn a few things off before sleeping. For instance, you can put your phone on vibration so that messages or calls don’t wake you up, and you should also turn off the Internet connection. I started doing this a few years back and it allowed me to sleep perfectly.

8. Spend Time in The Great Outdoors

There is truly nothing better to exchange your phone with than the great outdoors. Hence, you might want to opt for hiking, mountain climbing, walking, camping, or any other activity that you can do outside. This will not only ensure that you do not use your phone but, it will also ensure that you remain healthy and fit.

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As you can see, there is actually a wide range of things that you can choose to do in order to plan your digital detox. And by doing at least some of the things mentioned in the list above, you’ll ensure that you stay healthy, and more importantly that you have more time for your hobbies, family, as well as friends.

So, now that you know what you can choose to do, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you might want to get back to the beginning of this article and determine which approach might be suitable for you, especially since it will ensure that you do not give up as soon as you begin with the digital detox process.

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