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Best VR Headsets Under 500 Rs In India 2024

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VR Headsets are proof of how far has the technology come. If we were to tell you, for example, 15 years ago, that it’s going to be possible for you to step into the 3D world, that virtual reality is something that you can experience – you wouldn’t have believed us. Well, now this is a known fact. There are a lot of great VR headsets on the market today, but some of them are quite pricey.

Our Top Picks for 2024

Our job today is to present you with some of the best models that you can buy for under 500 Rs in India. These are the best value picks, so you are going to get the most bang for your buck with these.

4. Dallon VR Box 2571 Headset

Dallon VR Box 2571 is one of the best models for under 500 Rs. Actually, you can get this one for 300 Rupees, which is amazing. It comes in white and black color with a good design. If you are into gaming, this is one of the best models that you can buy for this price. This product is compatible with mobile phones – androids.

When you get Dallon VR Box 2571, you will get a 1-month warranty. If something goes right when you buy this model – the warranty is your safety blanket.

3. Plespey VR Box Headset

Plespey VR Box is another model made by the same company. This product can also be found for under 300 Rs. The thing that is different about Plespey VR Box is the fact that it’s also great for watching videos, not just gaming.

We’ve read some of the comments about this product. People are saying that this model is mostly worth your money, but that you shouldn’t really expect too much in this price range. There were some complaints about the lenses, which is something that you need to test yourself.

2. PREMIUM E-Commerce Virtual Reality Glasses 3D VR Box Headsets

Premium E-Commerce Virtual Reality Glasses are the best so far; there is no doubt about that. They are more expensive than the previous two products since their price is around 300 Rs, but they are worth your money. This model is compatible with all the systems on the mobile phone – android or iOS – it doesn’t matter.

When it comes to the quality of the lenses, people have said praised this product much more than the previous one that we talked about. Glass type – monocle. Lens type – photochromic. It also comes with a curved mirror-based display type. You really can’t go wrong with this product if you are looking for some quality entertainment, whether it’s gaming or watching videos.

1. Creator VR BOX Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

(Best Option)

Users of Android mobile phones are going to enjoy Creator VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Glasses. This model is a bit different than the previous one since only Android users can use it. The other big difference is its purpose. Gaming is not the only thing that they are good for – this is an all-around good VR headset. Lens type is a bit different – biconvex lens type.

The price is almost exactly the same as the price of the previous products. It’s all about finding the best settings for you when it comes to picking VR headset under 500 Rupees.


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