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7 Best Speakers Under Rs 500 in India 2024

Music is, for sure, an essential part of each one’s life. Nowadays, we cannot even imagine a day without music. Whether you are listening in the house or while driving, you should have good speakers. We made a list of the best speakers that you can buy for under Rs 500. We joined speakers that you can use on the computer, TV, laptop, phones, or tablets. So there is something for everyone. Each of them is portable, so that makes it simple to use, and we also included wireless speakers. Take a look at our list and feel free to choose what is the best option for you.

1. Optima Smart Boom Column Portable Speaker (Rs. 299)

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This device will provide for you perfect sound quality, and it also has a heavy bass. It’s small with a simple design, so it will probably fit a lot of interiors. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a frequency of 150 – 20000 Hz and a 3W power input. You can use it on PC, laptop, LED TV, Mp3 player and mobile. You will also get a 6 months’ warranty.

2. Quantum HS656 Speakers (Rs. 245)

(Best option)

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Quantum portable device has a frequency of 90 – 19000 Hz. It has 230 VAC and 3,5 mm jack. It’s usable on PC, laptop, Mp3 player, LED TV and mobile phone.  It will come with 6 months’ warranty. What is good about this speaker is that it has good battery backup. Also, the bass is excellent.

3. Hiper Song HS – 404 Bluetooth (Rs. 349)

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This portable speaker with a frequency from 90 – 19000 Hz, also has power input of 3W. It doesn’t need a jack because of the Bluetooth. It’s compatible on LED TV, Mp3 player, Laptop, Mobile and PC. Like the others on our list, it comes with 6 months’ warranty. It’s important to mention that it has an excellent battery backup and a good bass.

4. Quantum QHM 602 (Rs. 288)

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Like the device that we mentioned before, this also has an excellent battery backup and a really good bass. Also, you will get 6 months’ warranty. The power input is 3W. It’s portable and, it doesn’t need a jack. You can use it on a laptop, computer, LED TV, Mp3 player and mobile.

5. Zebronics Igloo USB Speaker (Rs. 399)

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It looks small, but it is powerful when it comes to performance. It will fit for mobile, laptop, computer, LED TV, PC, and Mp3 player. This portable speaker will come with a 6 months’ warranty, and it has a fantastic battery backup and a good bass.

6. Zebronics Prime 2 Speaker (Rs. 299)

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Unlike others, with this device, you will get one-year warranty. The design is small, but it has significant power. The power input is 2WX2. It’s not Bluetooth, so it comes with a 3 mm jack. It’s compatible on computer, laptop, Mp3 player, PC and LED TV. With a good bass, it also has excellent battery backup.

7. Quantum QHM 404 Bluetooth (Rs. 349)

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With this speaker, you can stream wireless music because it has Bluetooth. The plus is also that you don’t need a jack. It’s portable and with a 3W Power input. It can work on a laptop, Mp3 player, LED TV, computer and mobile. It’s also important to mention that it comes with a one-year warranty.

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