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6 PPC Spy Tools That’ll Crush Your Competitors

What better way to be the James Bond of the digital space than with spy tools?. But not just any types of spy tools, we’re talking about PPC.

PPC is an acronym for “pay per click” and is a widely used term in digital marketing. When it comes to managing your PPC strategies and campaigns, there is only one platform to use – Google Ads.

Each company and each individual that wants to do anything on Google uses Google ads. And do know that your competitors are also doing the same thing.

This platform is huge, to say the least. There are dozens if not hundreds of metrics, statistics, analytical overlays, and other factors that help you perfect your PCC campaigns.

But it’s not so much about your campaigns as much as your rivals. If you want to know how your competitors are managing to pull off excellent ROIs, then you need to use PPC spy software.

In this article we are going to take a look at exactly that, so don’t go anywhere.

1. Competitor Keyword Discovery

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The first tool we’ll discuss is something called a competitor keyword discovery. For those that are quite versed in digital marketing, this is quite self-explanatory. For others, it might sound like rocket science.

But what this tool essentially does is look for competitors that are competing for the same keywords as your domain and PPC.

Paid and Organic Competitor Reach Analysis

This tool focuses on both paid and organic searches that find out helpful information pieced together into keywords. This type of software is very useful when needing to uncover information about your competitors’ PPC campaigns.

But not only that, but these types of tools can also track the domain of your competitors and create a keyword site tree that shows which pages are being searched the most.

You can also enter a keyword and select the “organic search” option and see how well your competitors are doing in terms of organic search.

2. Google Ads Display

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If you wanted to know where your rivals are placing adds, then this is the tool to use. In other words, it gives you a detailed list of websites that are using images as ads for the purpose of something.

It is a wonderful software that also gives you information on which social media channel mostly attracts traffic to a website, which image ad performs the most, and where the images are being placed on the websites.

Some tools give you a very detailed-heavy analysis once you enter a domain.

3. Free Display Network Spying Software

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Everything we just mentioned doesn’t come free. Fortunately, this is one free tool that everyone can use. This tool does the same exact thing as the one we just mentioned. This is a type of software that gives you information on which websites your competitors are marketing through display ads.

It is a very straight forward tool that uncovers a lot of information in regards to PPC campaigning.

4. Adspy Coupons

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In the world where Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the places to market your products and services, a type of software that gives you a competitive edge was always going to be made.

That’s exactly what Adspy coupons are. Judging by the name, Adspy coupon is a tool that helps you uncover new and interesting Ad campaigns on social media. Each found campaign gives you a detailed overlook of the conversion rate and success rate.

It is a great way to spy on your competitors and use a winning formula. This saves you a lot of time in needlessly trying out what works and what doesn’t. Adspy coupons are very popular social media PCC spying tools that would be a shame not to use them.

A lot of PPC Adsspy coupons, like the ones at affcoupons, offer you tons of data collection that elevates your business to a new level.

5. Social PPC Spy Software

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These are similar tools to the ones we just mentioned, but with a higher emphasis on what drives traffic. If the previous software allowed you to spy on your competitor’s campaigns, well this spies on their content.

This is a very effective way to know what works and what doesn’t when sending out sponsored content. It gives you a detailed overview of what content works the most, how to promote it best, and even gives you helpful information in regards to managing the ad campaign.

There is the option of seeing how each ad has fared on desktop, mobile screen, and how users engaged on the sidebar.

6. PPC Landing Page Spy Tool

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This is one tool that has nothing to do with social media, and everything to do with how your competitor’s website gains traffic. This software is crucial when it comes to spying on PPC.

Every business needs a landing page where users can go and do business with. And that’s exactly what this software offers you. This is a very effective tracking tool that does its job based on PPC keywords and a domain.

Once you input those two metrics, the software will start tracking the landing page of the domain you entered. This makes it a great spying tool, but also a great tool to spy on yourself.

The tool will alert you every time the landing page has been changed, certain elements improved, deleted, or moved to another section of the website. You can even track multiple competitors at the same time.

Closing Thoughts

It’s safe to say that very few free software can achieve what a paid version can. That is why it’s important to spend the money necessary for such tools that allow you to be effective and efficient in spying on your competitors.

While there are dozens of helpful tools that cost nothing but a few bucks, finding out what works and what doesn’t will help you massively when it comes to improving your PPC spying skills.

Lastly, we are living in a digital age where data is more valuable than gold. So, it would only work in your favor to collect as much competitor data as you can.

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