Top 10 Earphones under 1000 RS in India 2024

If you are looking for good earphones that are not expensive than you are in the right place. When you have your favorite music on the phone, you need excellent earphones so you can get good sound quality even if you are walking down the noisy street. Don’t be afraid that these earphones are not good because they are cheaper, because for sure the sound quality is better than the headphones you got with your phone. They are made from plastic. Also, they are easy to put in earbuds. We bring you top 10 earphones:

1. Street II Sennheiser CX-180


These earphones are one of the highest selling audio products in India. With powerful sound reproduction, they eliminate noise from the outside, and they will give you strong sound reproduction. The frequency response is 18 to 20,000 Hz, sensitivity 11 dB/mW with cord type/size 3,5 mm jack, they don’t have a microphone, and the warranty is one year. They are optimized for Apple devices, CD player, mp3.

2. Xiaomi Mi basic


These earphones will give you even more comfort with two extra high-quality earbuds made from silicone. This model of earphones goes in the ears. They have a microphone; the frequency is 18 to 20,000 Hz, the cord type(size is 3,5 mm jack. Xiaomi Mi basic earphones are compatible with all IOS mobiles, android and MI devices. These headphones are corrosion proof, scratch, and slip resistant. The warranty is for one year.

3. Sony EX Monitor

Source: B&H

These earphones are lightweight and very comfortable because they have secure-fitting earbuds made from the silicone. This model goes in the ears and has no microphone. The frequency response is 5 to 24.000 Hz, sensitivity is 103 dB/mW, and they come with a 3,5 mm plug. They are compatible with all mobile phones, LED TV’s, MP3 players and PC.

4. In-Ear Philips SHE7000

Source: Philips

These headphones will give you extra sound because they have an excellent bass and they have a 1,2 m long cable so you can also use it outdoor. They don’t have a microphone, and the plug is 3,55 mm. The compatibility is with Mobile, Mp3 player, LED TV, Laptop. The warranty is for two years.

5. In-Ear Philips SHE3200BK/00 Headphones


The main characteristic of these headphones is clear sound and rich bass, thanks to the frequency response from 8Hz-24000 Hz. The sensitivity is 107 dB/mW, and they have a 3,5 mm plug. They don’t have a microphone, and the warranty is six months. They are compatible with PS, Mobile, LED TV, MP3 player and Laptop.

6. JBL CS00SI Dynamic On-Ear wired headphones


These headphones have a lightweight design, and they are very comfortable to use with specific JBL sound quality. The frequency response is 20Hz-20000 Hz, and they have a 3,55 mm jack. They are compatible with Mobile, Laptop, PC, LED TV, MP3 player. Also with them, you can manage your calls on IOS and android mobiles with them. The bass on these is fantastic.

7. On-Ear MDR-ZX110 Headphones by Sony


These have a dynamic 300 driver unit and neodymium magnets which gives you very powerful sound and 1.2- meter cable so you can use it outside too. The frequency response is  12 Hz- 22000 Hz, and they have a  3,5 mm plug. They don’t have a microphone. The design is unique and you can carry them easily. The warranty is for six months.  These headphones are compatible with Mobile, MP3 player, LED TV, Laptop and PC.

8. Sennheiser Hd-180 On-Ear Headphones

Source: Snapdeal

These headphones have a closed back design and anyone can use them. They provide good sound and isolation from outside noise. The frequency response is  21Hz – 20,000 Hz and they come with a 3.5 m plug which you can connect with mp3 player, all IOS and Android devices. The warranty is for one year and they don’t have a microphone.

9. SHL3060 On the Ears DJ Headphones by Philips


They have deep bass and provides the perfect sound. These are popular among the Dj’s and they are sweat and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you spill some liquid on it. The frequency response is 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz, they come with a 3,5 mm plug which is compatible with Mobile devices, PC, Laptop, LED TV, MP3 player. These headphones have no microphone and the warranty is for one year.

10. On-ear Zebronics Vivo Bluetooth Headset


This one has deep bass and Bluetooth, and they can be connected with other devices. Also, they come with a 3,5 mm plug. The compatibility is with Mobile devices, Laptop, LED TV, MP3 player. The warranty is for one year.

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