How Do I Become A Linux Administrator In 2024?

The job of Linux administrator is quite a respectable and currently highly sought-after profession. It is because Linux is a free, secure, and stable operating system that now drives almost all supercomputers in the world and is used by large IT corporations. Therefore, in 2024, people with certain knowledge are needed to maintain Linux distributions that drive such servers. In this article, we will try to explain who Linux administrators are and what their task is.

Benefits Of Using Linux

The Linux operating system first appeared in the early 1990s,  but its emergence went quite unnoticed at the time. However, in the years that followed, the mentioned operating system made a big step forward – and fought for a very important role in the digital world. One of the main features of Linux is its resistance to most computer viruses that are active today. That makes this operating system much more affordable for users who do not have to worry about buying and installing antivirus software to secure their desktop devices.

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What Is The Job Of A Linux Administrator?

The Linux System Administrator plays a major role in the company that provides services within Linux – and develops solutions-oriented precisely to this platform. As such, the Linux System Administrator has responsibilities that he must perform on time and responsibly for the firm to deliver its solutions on time. Tasks include installing and configuring servers, installing upgrades, and updating Linux systems — or Linux distributions that drive servers. In addition to updates and upgrades, the Linux System Administrator is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring hardware and software, troubleshooting any system or technical errors within the system, etc. In addition to these tasks, Linux System Administrators are expected to maintain servers, user accounts, security, maintain and monitor storage hard drives, and create backups on a regular basis.

Can Beginners Work On Linux

For many years, this operating system, similar to Unix, was considered a working environment for developers, people who are more oriented towards working with computers – primarily because of its complexity and a certain technical background that was required. However, in the last few years, the situation has changed rapidly. Namely, the latest distributions such as Linux Mint and Manjaro are completely adapted to beginners and immediately after installation ready for everyday work on the computer. Consequently, there is a growing demand for professionals who know how to install, configure, design, and maintain networks under Linux operating systems.

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Level Of Education You Need

To properly perform its day-to-day tasks, a Linux System administrator needs to have a certain education, diploma, or certificate attesting to his or her expertise, in other words, that he or she is ready to perform such work. The person acquires the right to perform the job of Linux System Administrator after completing the 1st cycle of computer science studies. On the other hand, a person is fully qualified to perform the job of a Linux System Administrator by possessing industry certificates, primarily Linux LPIC-1 (Junior Level Linux Professional) and then LPIC-2 (Advanced Level Linux Professional).

Enroll In Administration Programs And Courses For Linux

In Linux Administration courses, you will gain the knowledge necessary to install, configure, design, and maintain networks under Linux operating systems. Professionals like Nexsys who can train you – will introduce you to the basics of running Linux, from installation, through network and network environment settings, to describing the commands and actions used when administering networks under this operating system. Besides, you will go through all the stages of assembling and disassembling computers, learn how to install and replace hardware components, and how to maintain and clean computers.

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What Can You Do Yourself?

Install And Configure The Selected OS Version

You can install Linux directly on your hard drive, or you can use a program called Unetbootin and transfer the distribution to your USB flash drive, boot from it and use it. This way you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with this advanced operating system and if you decide to use it every day, you can install it instead of the existing operating system or next to it on a separate partition. This process is called dual boot and when you turn on the computer you are the one who chooses which operating system you want to use. When you install a Linux distribution such as Mint, which is a great choice if you are a beginner, you will notice that a large number of programs you used on the Windows platform can be used here: Firefox, Chrome, VLC, Skype, OpenOffice Writer and many more. If certain software is not supported, you can find fantastic alternatives for the same if you try a little harder.

Explore And Learn Basic And Advanced Commands

Even if newer versions of Linux are quite suitable for beginners, it is not worse to get acquainted with the terminal and commands – that will make it easier for you to work in this OS. The terminal is a window in which commands to the OS are entered textually – and you’ll probably need some administrator privileges to do so. Most Linux commands are small standalone programs that are called by their names – and it is very important to pay attention to lowercase and uppercase letters since the operating system distinguishes the type of character.

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Work On Yourself And Enroll In Some Of The Courses

Over time, an increasing number of organizations around the world began to use Linux, which contributed to this operating system becoming the biggest competition to the hitherto untouchable Windows. As Linux grew and became more prevalent, so did the workload for all network administrators who maintain these operating systems. The tasks of implementing Linux have become increasingly complex, and the skills necessary to perform them are increasingly in demand in the market. It is for these reasons that many Linux courses have been launched to offer the IT sector as many trained professionals as possible who are ready to respond to market demands. The knowledge you gain during the Linux Administrator course – will allow you to start a successful career in the field that offers you the most space to find a high-paying job here.

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