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How to Buy US PSN Cards From Outside US Without Paying Extra

If you own any of the PlayStation console generations, whether PS Vita, PS3, or even PS4 and you don’t reside within the United states, you know that you’ll end up paying for higher prices for games. U.S residents receive special discounts, while others have to pay a little more, the good news is; there is a way to bypass this and buy U.S PSN cards and use them to buy your games or other accessories from the online store. Let’s share some of the benefits of PSN cards;

Benefits Of PSN Cards

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Unlock all digital content

With the PSN cards, you don’t have any barrier when it comes to downloading PlayStation network digital content. You can download games, game add-on and more, some games are only restricted to certain regions and with PSN cards you can always pass these restrictions.

They’re easier to buy

There are a lot of online retails where you can buy PSN cards with even great discounts, you can send them as a gift to your loved ones, both physical cards and in electronic form. Within a few minutes you can order PSN cards and start using them right away.

Multiple payment options available

You’re not restricted to only a few payment options, the most popular payment options available are PayPal and debit/credit cards, you’ll find online retailers accepting other payment options like skrill, gift cards and other payment wallets that are available.

There are a lot of benefits that come with PSN cards especially if you live outside the U.S, once you get these cards you can enjoy all the benefits. Let’s now talk about how to order these cards even if you live outside the U.S.

How To Buy U.S PSN Cards Outside U.S

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What you want to do is set up a U.S PSN account, opening the account is easier, but the big challenge arises when it comes to depositing money into the account because U.S credit cards are accepted, but before the end of this article you’ll learn how to bypass and deposit with your credit card even if you live outside the U.S.

Adding Money To Your U.S PSN Account

According to PSNCardDelivery the best way to add funds to your PSN is by using PSN cards, this way you don’t need to face problem of credit card rejection that’s not issued in the United States. Anyone can redeem PSN cards and they’re available in small units, these include $10 PSN card, $20 PSN cards and even higher units.

U.S PSN cards can be bought from Amazon or eBay with without any extra effort. You don’t need to order the physical cards, you can buy digital versions, the 12-digit codes will be mailed to you immediately after placing your order. This is fast but you have to be aware of scammers though, they can send you fake digits that can’t be redeemed. Even on Amazon you need to check for reviews before placing your order. here are the steps to get your U.S PSN cards from Amazon.

First step; search for ‘PSN card online code’ on Amazon, most sellers will list the cards in different units, choose the units you want and add them to your cart, you then log into your Amazon account.

Second step; you’ll now add your payment information, if you’re not from the U.S and have linked a card not issue there, you won’t be allowed to make the purchase because it’s only available to U.S residents. A message will be displayed as ‘Online Game codes are only available to U.S. customers.’ if that’s the case we need to apply some trick in the next step.

Third step; if you have another payment information you need to change it to U.S address. After that you’ll be able to proceed with the checkout. Remember you can always add multiple address and payment info in your Amazon account, and anytime you want to order something you can choose from the available payment options in your account.

In order to even make your U.S address looks genuine you can use Ip address from U.S, though they don’t check that, but with time they might change their policy. Changing to a U.S ip address isn’t a big deal, there are free VPN services out there or you can use a proxy.

After processing the payment, you’ll be directed to the seller’s page where the redeem codes are displayed or you can add the email address you wish to receive the codes. The codes will be sent to your email within seconds and you can redeem them right away into your PSN account.

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Redeeming the codes isn’t a big deal, you just need to head over and sign into your PSN account, either through the PS4 console or through browser. You can also do that through the PlayStation app. The process is self-explanatory, for the PS4 console, you’ll just need to head over to settings and in the options you’ll see ‘redeem codes’. Once you select that, a screen will open where you can enter the 12-digit codes sent to your email by the seller. Crosscheck and confirm all digits are accurate and then proceed by clicking on redeem. You need to have internet connection before completing the action because it will check for the codes online and then deposit the funds to your PSN account.

Now you can use these codes to buy whatever you want from the PlayStation store, this include premium games, monthly subscription or other accessories that will provide better experience while using the PS4 game console.

If you have any problem redeeming the codes, you should contact your seller for replacement but you need to double check the codes to confirm they’re really not working.

PSN cards come with a lot of benefits, you’ll be able to order stuffs from PSN store without leaving your home. You can also send the PSN cards as gift to your loved ones either abroad or within your home, it’s one of the best gifts you can send throughout the season. You can also wrap and send the physical cards, that way the gift looks more appealing.

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