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The Benefits of Creating an Explainer Video for Your Business

Every business should consider using an explainer video to show customers what their product or service is all about. There are many different forms that your video can take, whether this is live-action, animation, or stop motion, but an explainer video can help to improve sales and increase website traffic too. If you are considering creating one for your business, here are just a few of the many reasons to do so.

Explain Your Product/Service

The most engaging and most straightforward way to explain your product/service is through video format. That means no tiresome reading for the customers and no confusion, as people may interpret written information in a variety of different ways. An explainer video needs to be direct yet compelling for customers to keep watching too. In a world where answers are right at our fingertips, people want to understand what it is you are selling, and quickly. They can help you to do just that. Spiel Creative can help your business to create an informative, high-quality animated explainer video to explain your products and market your business better.

Improve Sales

Many studies have come to show that businesses benefit from the use of explainer videos, and customers are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen it there. For products or software that may not be easy to use for the average joe, an explainer video can get their attention going and can also be a great how-to guide for new customers. They can walk them through what to do next to complete a purchase. Alternatively, it can show the early stages of what they should do once they sign up and start to use the product or service. That can resolve any remaining doubts they may have had that are preventing them from pulling the trigger on their purchase.

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Increase Traffic

Your website will appear higher in Google search engine if you have more than just images and text within your website. The use of videos can make your website climb the rankings, meaning more views to your page. Not only this, your explainer video may be posted on many different social media accounts, meaning potential customers can view and share this information with others. To increase traffic to your website, ensure you share with a link to your website, as well as any other social media accounts you may have. The more exciting and unique it is, the more likely it will be seen by thousands. If you don’t already have social media accounts, here is how to get started.

Create a Powerful Brand Image

Customers are more likely to engage with a business where they can put a face or voice to the company. Customers usually have minimal direct contact with a business owner or employees when doing business online, so an explainer video is a great way to show off your personality. It can create a stronger connection with the customer. The branding also gets a boost when using the video to show the values of the business and how important the audience is. Incorporating the brand’s distinctive colors and design style also immediately ties the video to the people and the branding, rather than seeming separate and foreign to it. That is often the missing link with lesser explainer videos that fail to tie successfully into the brand.

Get More Conversions with the Same Traffic

While more traffic is usually a good thing (as long as it’s targeted), what your site does with that traffic is what counts. Getting the sales conversion when you ordinarily probably wouldn’t have is where the rubber meets the road in online business. Having viewed an explainer video, prospects are more than two-thirds more likely to complete a purchase than they would have been if they hadn’t done so (or been given this option). Of course, the video needs to speak to their need(s), convey points persuasively and look good, or it’ll fall flat.

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Get Their Attention Reduce Ad Spend

A good explainer video can grab the viewers’ attention and keep them hooked. It should make people memorably understand your product or service. With technology forever changing, an explainer video is one of the most eye-catching ways to grab attention. That avoids them navigating away and being lost forever. It can also make any marketing plan more effective because a higher percentage of site visitors become customers. As a result, either you spend less on marketing overall or the same marketing spend brings in more new customers than was previously achievable.

Sharing is Ubiquitous Now

Viewers are likely to share videos from a brand they trust. Over 90 percent of video consumers share some videos with friends and their broader network of contacts. Still, images are less shared by comparison. While an image is powerful, an explainer video does much more. It’s likely to be useful to many people, which makes it worthy of sharing on different social media channels and platforms covering a wide range of topics. The sharing phenomenon means even smaller businesses can develop a considerable reach online when marketing the right videos in the appropriate places.

Videos Are More Memorable Too

Research has shown that video adverts are recalled by viewers over 70 percent of the time. In over 10 percent of cases, completed e-commerce transactions were subsequently found to have been actioned because of the video content puts the customer over the finish line with their buying decision. They are more memorable than still photos but also often answer questions or resolve doubts that potential buyers had, which otherwise may have gone unanswered.

You may want to create your explainer video or enlist the help of a professional if your skills aren’t up to standard. The type you choose in part determines how long it will require to master and produce a professional-looking final cut. Explainer videos can provide many benefits to your business, so if you haven’t already created one, what are you waiting for?

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