Why Do You Need Salesforce Knowledge Base?

Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms for marketing, customer interaction and sales departments. The software products of this company are designed to provide you feedback from your potential customers and employees. More and more applications and kinds of functionality appear on the global market, but this platform is one of the leading ones there. But, Salesforce users should really back up their data. Without a backup solution, customers can risk losing their data because Salesforce doesn’t offer daily backups of full sets of data, so business owners shouldn’t forget the importance of backing up Salesforce (click here to learn more).

The main goals pursued by the developers of Salesforce Lightning knowledge community are to increase the level of their service and focus on solving various issues of customers. Users get access to different channels, among which they will find applications for mobile phones, independent search for information on the web resource, bots, and so on.

The channels on the list are already built into the platform Salesforce. If your clients need to receive some information, it is important to increase the knowledge of your company’s employees in these domains.

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Benefits of using knowledge for community Salesforce

Lightning community knowledge is one of the most important components and can boast of several advantages:

  • existence of multiple channels;
  • improvement of NPS;
  • creation of a base that can make your company grow.

The basic principles of multiple channels are as follows. Clients should receive answers to their questions and be able to use the services of the company, regardless of the kind of their device and method of entering the system. They can log in using the mobile application, some kind of social media, use the website support form, and so on. At the same time, the company has to provide the same level of support, which means that you should adapt each of the systems to the needs of your particular business.

You can improve your net promoter score (NPS) using cloud technologies. This can be achieved by interacting with users – if necessary, clients will receive accurate answers to their questions, regardless of the channel they choose.

It is very easy to create a base in order to organize your productivity growth. Every company has its growth strategy, and the more customers you have, the greater your need to provide a great service for your users. Introducing the Lightning community classic knowledge will lay the foundation for the growth of your company’s popularity.

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Distinctive features of Lightning knowledge Salesforce community

Why should you implement Salesforce? First of all, you need to decide what you want to get out of this product. The main requirements may be as follows:

  • your clients can use self-service;
  • there is a portal for internal communication between employees;
  • reducing of the load on call center operators.

Salesforce knowledgebase allows you to publish a large number of articles where customers can find the information they need. Articles should not be large: a short and precise answer to the posed question will be quite sufficient. If there is a need to clarify the information, you can use links to a more detailed answer or presentation.

Your organization can work with different categories of people. In this case, each category should receive a different type of information. You will need to create directories where customers can find the data they need quickly and without any kinds of effort. There are special criteria for this, such as the quality of your content and control of access to information. Articles will be classified based on the groups you have created. At the same time, categories cannot have more than three subsections.

In Salesforce communities knowledge, you can select a specific type of reports and metrics to help you organize access to support articles. This suggests that the owners of the company can improve the articles where users will look for valuable information. A special toolbar will allow you to study statistics and reports on published articles. It will help you see how often your customers choose to read a particular article, as well as rankings and search statistics.

You can define a list of criteria on the basis of the articles that will be published. Knowledge for community Salesforce allows you to work with articles at every stage – during their creation, as well as modification and publication. Managing your articles using your chosen platform is very easy and really convenient. You can also select approval for each post – your employees won’t be able to post the information without getting your approval. Also, articles can be sent to the required category automatically, without additional confirmation, if that’s what you choose.

If you need to post articles that are expected to be read not only within your company, Salesforce knowledgebase tool will perfectly cope with this task. From now on, you will be able to share articles using the web resources of your partners or regular customers. The existence of such tools for managing user content also has a big impact on the filling of your site and the accessibility of its use.

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Community cloud knowledge view: summing up

Salesforce is one of the best CRM systems that are available today. Clients can get all the information they need on your cloud resource. Each article will be accessible for people, as well as simple and straightforward. The main functions of the service will help you with this task. It is enough just to view Community Cloud knowledge to understand how useful these tools can be for any domain of business.

You will be able to share published articles not only with your own employees, but also with your target audience. Users will quickly find answers to their questions without going to third-party resources. They just need go to your site and enjoy a lot of well-structured and grouped information. You will get enough storage space for content that users will find helpful. For more information on how the cloud system works, please visit https://advancedcommunities.com/components/ac-lightning-knowledge/.

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