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Modern Technology Used to Make Ancient Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a status symbol, a way to show to the people your wealth. Individuals who wore jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious stones were immediately looked at differently because not many people could afford to wear such valuable pieces.

Later on, it became a way that men would declare their love for women they loved. Women would wear it with pride or hid it until they would get married.

Anyhow, it holds a valuable position in our hearts and they’ve held their value throughout the centuries. It is no wonder that many people like to wear it today. It is an easy way to complete the looks, show off personal style and stand out from the crowd.

Ancient techniques

In the past, people who knew how to make jewelry were appreciated, since it was not easy to make a ring or a necklace. The tools for making it were not so advanced, but they somehow managed to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that queen proudly wore showing off just how powerful they are. The oldest piece is around 80,000 years old.

People who lived on the coast used to make jewelry made of seashells. Women have always wanted to look nice and to add a little something to their appearance that would make them stand out from other women.

The people in Mesopotamia knew how to work with gold four thousand years ago. They usually combined gold with lapus lazuli, which is a blue stone with very intense color. The combination of the two looked stunning. They used methods for working with metals called granulation and filigree.

Granulation is a process when the small balls of gold get placed in the desired pattern into gold. On the other hand, filigree refers to creating wires from the desired metal and joining it with the metal base. Both methods give amazing results and it is just a matter of taste which one looks more appealing to you.

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The popularity of jewelry

No matter if there is a special occasion or it is for every day, wearing jewelry makes a difference in the overall appearance. It is a way to improve our days by having some sparkly things we like. When the days get gloomy, what can be better than a nicely made necklace? For example, the star of the David necklace that you can find here – It can also be given as a present to someone you love. It is a thoughtful and valuable gift that will stay as a reminder of the appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Even though there are many materials and many techniques for making, gold and silver still keep their value. It cannot be broken and it is very hard to get damaged. Besides these materials, jewelry can be made of copper, wire, stainless steel, platinum, pearls, diamonds and precious stones. There are also more affordable versions made of wood. Among so many various styles, colors and materials, it can be hard to decide sometimes, but it is great that there is such a great choice available.

In the past, jewelry was also used to show that the woman is married. Even today in some cultures, this custom remains. The women who wear a lot of jewelry are married, while girls don’t wear any or wear very little. It is a way for them to make a distinction between women and show some hierarchy in society.

Modern era

The process of making jewelry in the recent past consisted of drawing the image, then making the model out of wax and making it in the final stage of the process. With technology advancement, many things have changed. Design can be done via computer programs and changes can get applied easier. Nowadays, 3D printing brought many advancements and it can compare to science fiction. Who would have thought that we could simply print out the desired model? For now, the material they use it wax, so the customer can see the desired piece before it gets manufactured.

Designers can add up all the wanted details and magnify it multiple times, so every single millimeter gets the look wanted by the client. People can order custom made jewelry and enjoy in one of a kind ring, necklace or a bracelet. How cool is that? Besides, the precision is amazing. In the past, when the jewelry makers wanted to do something, a lot would depend on the outside conditions, while now the conditions are completely controlled and the production is fully automated leaving very small space for failure.

There is also the option of engraving the initials into the piece of jewelry which is especially popular among the young couples who wish to have unique wedding rings. Since lasers are very precise, even the smallest letters can be read and look really nice.

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Jewelry as an expression of creativity

Being able to design your own jewelry is great, isn’t it? Think about the way you want your bracelet or a ring to look like and make sure you describe it to the designer to the last details. Choose the material and discuss the limitations and improvements of your design. The expert will tell you all about the things that need to be taken into consideration that you probably don’t know about.

It doesn’t matter which kind of jewelry you prefer, it is always a way to express yourself and to enrich your outfit. Choose a piece that shows your personality and reflects your lifestyle. If you wish to make it more unique, you can choose to engrave your motto, initials or something else you like. This era is all about expressing uniqueness and appreciating diversity.

Jewelry has an important role in all of that. By adding small earrings, the entire appearance shifts and becomes more beautiful, appealing and softer. Why not choose something nice for yourself and make your day better? Cherish the presents given to you, by wearing them on special occasions. As the saying goes “Jewelry is every woman’s best friend”.

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