6 Tips for Making Good Video Ads For Your Business

No matter how good our business is, you’ll always be needing advertising. This is the world we’re living in. Ads are all over the place. You can’t be successful without a little bit of promotion. If you haven’t sailed in this sea it is time to raise the sails. One of the best mediums to promote any business is of course video. This can be seen as an old-school lesson, but it is also something that dates back to early television. Even as kids everyone always loved video promotions.

When you look at TV ads they are still going strong. But, today the standard is set even higher. We have so many mediums where you can push video ads. Platforms such as YouTube are ideal for video promotion. As you know people are becoming millionaires on YouTube overnight, and it’s all thanks to a few ads on their videos. When you add social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, you start understanding that video format is one of the ideal ways to create promotional content for your business. Are you ready to enter these waters? You should be, or you’ll be consumed by competitors.

While videos are a great way to show off your line of work, you still need to learn how to do it. Sharing a video is one thing. How about making one? You need to be able to do it the right way. When it comes to making any sort of a video you are better off hiring professionals. If you’re seeking a Colorado video production company you can visit this site. If you’re seeking help from another state, you can extend your search to entire States or even globally.

If you’re looking to DIY, and that’s fine with us, you need to read this article. Below you have the six tips for making a good video ad for your business which in our opinion might be all you require to push your business a notch further. So, without further ado, you can start reading our tips on this subject. In no time you’ll be making videos of your own that should be of help to you in conquering the markets around you. With the platforms we mentioned above it should be a piece of cake.


1. Be in Touch

This is vital. You need to make it personal. Being in touch with your business and customers is essential. If you make it like that your customers are going to feel cherished.  It is all about value. Share your values through the video and make your buyers feel valuable too. Be good at targeting your customers by going straight for their feelings.

2. Make a Head Start

This is also important. No material is going to bring you success if you don’t start the first drive with a touchdown. When it comes to ads what matters the most are the first few seconds. These days, platforms such as Instagram and YouTube all have the option to skip ads. If you don’t capture the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds you’re going to lose them, and they are not going to view your ad. So, when doing a promotion market the initial statement count.


3. Highlight your Best Traits

No matter how long your promotional video is, you need to pay attention to what matters the most. Whether is your product or your service you need to highlight what you’re advertising to the viewer. It’s how a good ad separates itself from the crowd. You can make an interesting video that will not capture the essence of your work. This is bad. When you’re doing a promotion you need to put an accent on what you care the most about – your item or service and your customers. Create a video that will show what’s so unique about your business. Don’t miss the point. make it the centerpiece of your ad.

4. Length Matters

In the words of one Paulie Gualtieri from the Sopranos, you need to make it short and sweat. When it comes to promotional videos this is the way to go. Yes, you can make a ten-minute promotional video. How many people are going to see it? Not too many. If you want to expand your customer base with a quality video you must ensure that its length is fitting. Yes, you can’t always put everything in thirty seconds. Nobody is asking you to do this. But, a good ad is not going to be longer than a few minutes. You should be able to put everything that matters about your business in less than two minutes. This is how you hit the essence of your work, highlight the important parts, and ensure that you can capture the attention of soon-to-be customers.


5. Script It

This is not Hollywood. You probably won’t be working with superstars in acting such as Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio, and you’re not making a scene in Django Unchained. You should leave little to improvisation. Instead, you need to have everything scripted. While you often hear that the best scenes in certain movies were done after the actor improvised a little bit, this is not how ads work. You need to have a script and everyone needs to stick to it. Planning in the domain of marketing is vital. So, don’t try to wing it. Leave that to Hollywood.

6. Keep it Real

Yes, this sounds a little bit like Ali G. but, joking aside, you need to keep things realistic. This is how things are done in the video ad department. As we mentioned in the paragraph above this is no Hollywood movie. You need to remain realistic about yourself and your service or product. That’s the only way to promote your business the right way. There’s no place for fiction in a true promotional video. Yes, the theme can be whatever you like, but in the end, what matters the most is that you’re realistic about truly representing yourself.


Keep it real, and don’t push the narrative too far. You are what you are and make sure you’re presented in your true colors.

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