4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Voice Over for Your Video

A strong message is key to a strong and successful performance, say the greatest marketers of all time in terms of the success that can be achieved by using video as a tool. This is very true given that in the last 20 years we have witnessed messages conveyed by major productions through their final solutions. But there is something even more important, and that is the person who conveys the message, especially when it comes to the video. In that case, the success is in the narrator who is the driver of the message, and the strong thought that contains the message of a conceptual solution. The narrator is the soul of the video who, with the power of his voice, tries to connect with the audience to which the production is addressing the final do.

What is the narrator? He is the power of the video, he has the message in his hands. His voice is the channel that connects the production with his idea and the recipients of the message that a video contains. It is the power that no one else has as much as the person behind the microphone in the studio with their voice. Many narrators or many messages. In the production world, there are a number of talents who lend their voices to commercials, documentaries, promotional videos, and other video materials on which a voice message must be recorded. Each of them in a different way tries to capture different emotions, situations, and convey messages in the right way with the color of their voice. But is one narrator professional enough to record any type of video? Certainly not.

There is no perfect voice color. This means that there is no perfect voice that can perfectly convey every message, address every category of people, and achieve the maximum possible success. Some narrators with their color of voice can convey a happy message and it would be much harder for them to convey a sad message, they do great by lending their voice to children’s video content, but it would be more difficult for them to convey a serious message. The specificity is in the narrator, but also in the content that is prepared. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to evaluate what kind of voice we need for the product we are working on, but also according to what criteria to find the necessary voice. Are you looking for the perfect voice for your new video? In that case, you are in the right place. Do not ask questions, just read the details below.

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  1. Before you start making a video you must already have an idea of ​​what the voice of the person speaking will sound – do you have an idea for making multimedia content? Well, that’s great, but you’re missing a very important factor in the whole story, which is very important. You praise the person who with his voice will give meaning to the whole project. It is always necessary to find the perfect person for over voice before starting to make the final multimedia product. We point out this important point because there are a large number of witnesses who have already made the mistake of recording or creating a solution that should then be finalized with voiceover, but you know what? In the end, they did not find the right man. So do not allow yourself to make this mistake. Work on both segments at the same time, and if you have difficulty finding the right person, consult with Voix Off Master who has many years of experience in voiceover and many successful collaborations behind them.
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  2. Choose the person according to the message you want to spread – for many producers the voice-over is one of the biggest headaches. When we say headache we mean the caste for a collaborator who with his voice will work on the realization of the project on which the production focuses. You need to know the message because if you do not know the message, likely, you will not find the right person. If you want to address children you must look for a person with a soft voice, if you want to convey an important or serious message look for someone who has a strong voice, a thick voice that is easy to remember and has the power to resonate in the viewer’s head. All you have to do is focus on the message when choosing and you will undoubtedly find the best candidate for this task.
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  3. When you need help choosing the right voice, watch an existing video in the same category as yours – we are aware that sometimes there is no complete concentration that can focus and find the right thing to look for. Thus, there is no complete focus that can find the right voice for the video. Have no idea which is perfect for your new video? Take a look at a finished product from the same category that you are working on and try to get inspiration, even if it is the same person. There is nothing scary about borrowing from an associate at the expense of the success of the product you are preparing.
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  4. If you decide to hire talent from the internet, we recommend that you look for recorded clips that will help with the selection – we are all aware that we live in a time when it is not advisable to do any castings. We are also aware that every company wants to reduce its operating costs and therefore makes various efforts to get the job done with as little money as possible. So, as a very probable solution for every company that works with the production of videos, we see the hiring of collaborators from the Internet. This option seems very cheap, but also very risky. Risky because we do not see the person we have found, but the most important thing is that we do not hear him. So to solve this problem, it is best to look for audio clips through which we will assess whether this is the person we are looking for.
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Did you think that this whole process is difficult and arduous? Not anymore! We have brought you the most important tips and tricks that will help you bring the final product to perfection. We are sure that you will be proud of what you will do, and even more, we hope that the video will achieve the success of the audience ten times more than what you have projected why you will choose the perfect voice, and that is what which adorns the work.

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