5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Bitcoin For

Cryptocurrencies are taking the world by surprise, especially Bitcoin. This digital currency is the oldest, the most popular, and the most valuable one. There are numerous facts that can support this claim. In case you didn’t hear, Belarus became the first country that completely legalized cryptocurrencies. Also, the government of this country decided that they will remain non taxable for the next five years. Furthermore, countries that face certain types of crises like Zimbabwe and Venezuela are considering making digital currencies legal in order to help their economies.

Now we are going to introduce some more concrete facts that can support our claim. According to the latest data, there are about 32 million Bitcoin wallets and roughly 7 million active users. Just imagine what the data would say about all other cryptos. As you probably know, BTC was created by a person under a mysterious name Satoshi Nakamoto, back in 2009. You could see that the adoption of BTC is increasing every day.

All of the numbers you have seen in the previous part of our article are saying the same thing. Whether you like it or not, Bitcoin is here to stay. It became very popular in so little time. Today, we can even see that people started to develop apps that can help BTC owners with the management of their coins. If you are interested in getting into this topic in greater detail, check Naturally, there are some uncertainties about BTC and all other digital currencies.

At first, the banking system was pretty strict when it comes to crypto. They didn’t like a system that can prevent them from knowing the name and surname of the person who is responsible for the transaction. Also, crypto transactions are much faster than the ones you can see in the banking system. This is especially true if you are trying to transfer a huge amount of money. In some cases, a bank can take up to a few days before the transaction is done.

BTC completes it within a few seconds. It is just a matter of time before digital currencies become mainstream. However, there are many things you can buy with BTC. Now, we are going to present you with five things you can buy with Bitcoin that you didn’t know about it. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, let us present you with this list of ours.

1. The First Apple Macintosh

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Recently, the first piece of software that was created my Macintosh was up for sale. You’d be surprised that the owners decided to offer people who have BTC to participate in the auction. So, fans who are interested in having a piece of software history in their possession should take a look at it. Last time we checked, the price of this historical piece was available for 6.34 BTC. We admit that would be kind of cool to buy one of the first hardware in the world with a currency that is going to be mainstream in the future. It could make a good combination of the past and the future. We presume that there are plenty of BTC owners that would be interested in owning Macintosh’s first-ever hardware.

2. Space Visiting

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Maybe you heard about Sir Richard Branson, a businessman from the United Kingdom. He is an owner of Virgin Galactic. He plans to start offering trips to space in the foreseeable future. He owns a spaceship called SpaceShipTwo. As you could presume, there are a lot of rich people who would be interested in participating in something like this. This tycoon, who is a fan of all digital currencies and BTC in particular, wants to offer his future clients the possibility of paying for this kind of tour in BTC. When we checked the price for this future trip, it was around 291.41 BTC. Some of the most popular rich people in the world like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Bieber already enrolled for these trips.

3. Bitcoin Casinos

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We already have online gambling that doesn’t need you to go to the casino and carrying your money in your pocket. The benefit of this approach is that you can do all the gambling from the comfort of your own home. Days of good-looking men and women who are entering casinos are already over, with the exception of Las Vegas. But, what would you say if we tell you that now you can participate in online gambling with BTC? No seriously, we think that this type of online gambling is a thing of the future. On these websites, you can use your cryptos for doubling down on blackjack, spin the reels on slots, or turn the wheel of roulette. To our surprise, there are a plethora of Bitcoin casino websites that are offering this possibility. We wouldn’t be surprised if casinos start accepting all other digital currencies in the future.

4. An Island in Micronesia

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The whole world heard about Ryan Weaver recently. This guy is a very wealthy software developer who is looking to sell his private island in Micronesia. He recently stated that he is interested in selling his island in the future when the value of BTC is going to rise again. All the predictions are saying that this rise is bound to happen. The price of the island is going to be around 968 BTC. It wasn’t too long ago when a guy paid 10,000 for two pizzas.

5. Bitcoin Goat


Last but not least is something that you probably least expected to find on this kind of list. Bitcoin is not used only for buying some lucrative and futuristic things. You probably heard that a huge number of small businesses started to accept BTC in order to help their business evolve. Also, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that are accepting digital currencies. On the internet, we found a goat salesman, who is accepting Bitcoins. At first, we were surprised by this. However, when you start thinking about it, we saw that this is solid evidence that people will start trading with cryptos for everyday things.

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