Best SEO Tips You Can Implement on Your Site Right Now

1. Change is a Need

When it comes about human being we say adapting changes is the rule of life right!

Don’t you think the same rule implies to your website, when it comes about SEO traffic?

We don’t use the same bed sheet every day; we change it time to time to maintain hygiene, in the same way site content also gets outdated with time.

It is necessary to change it with improvised content having latest information, to maintain versatility of the site. But now you will think what is the relation of SEO traffic with replacing outdated data?

People always look when the data has been last updated, especially I check while searching some information, so if you update frequently, there are quite good chances of getting a huge traffic.


Keep check on the content of your page and change it with the time, fresh content is mostly preferred by the readers rather than old content with useless data.

Source: Search Engine Land

2. Importance of Title

Don’t we see the title of a book before we select it for reading? Or you just pick up any book and start reading?

No right?

We already have the gene in our mind, so we pick those books that are related to that particular gene, and sometime we already have the name of the book. The same thing is applicable when it comes to your site content.

People already know what they want and if your title is specifically related to their topic, you will have a good advantage, as they will directly get connected to your site and your information will help them to solve their queries. So yes, here title plays a crucial role in increasing SEO traffic.


Use keywords in the title, which are mostly searched by the people in the search engine. Because search engine prefer mostly those content whose title have most keywords related to the topic searched by the person.

Source: HubSpot Blog

3. Linking to High Authority

Bricks can’t alone use to build house without using high quality of cement.

But what is the connection of building a house to SEO traffic?

As cement is the support of brick, similarly higher authorities are the support of beginners in this field, linking to higher authority will actually help your site to appear as established site. Not only this but you will also need to outreach many bloggers to mention you, websites like Degions. This is necessary for reaching out to much larger audience.

But why higher authority has such an effect on SEO traffic?

Yes, it’s a need to explain you why it’s recommended to link to a high authority, because higher authorities are well established sites, who are quite old in this field, and well experienced. They are already known by everyone, so if your site gets a link with them you will be also considered to be a pretty well working site.


First step is to find all the high authority sites, then try to contact with them and explain about your site and the benefit they will get by linking their sites with you.

Source: Backlinko

4. Mobile Friendly

“It’s so hectic to read from this site, every time I have to scroll both horizontally and vertically” how many of you have faced this type of problem?

Actually not many because we keep these types of sites as last priority, and most of the time we ignore these types of sites.

So you won’t like if you get to know that someone is not willing to read from your site.


But what more you can expect with poor performance of your site on mobile phones. 80% of people are addicted to mobile phones more than laptops or computers. So you should actually take care of this point, because this will actually decrease SEO traffic, if the performance will be poor.


You should first check your site by opening it in your mobile phone, and try to analyze what are the problems you’re getting, every time when you open it, then you should try to solve those issues.


5. Think Before You Write

“Think twice before you speak” you’ve heard this famous saying often, but I will tell you to think thrice before you write. Who even says that?

Actually a person’s personality is always judge by the way he speaks similarly a person’s site is judge by the way he writes.

Have you ever made a plan before writing that what you’re going to write?

How will you write?

No or yes?

You all know your answers very well!

My point here is to explain you that millions of people can see your site, and the content you’re putting on your site, will somehow represent you in front of them.

Having a strong grip on your quality of content will actually make your most of the work easier for getting a good SEO traffic for your site.


Before you start writing content for your site, plan everything like on which area you have to write?

Points you have to mention?

How to write so that your message easily delivers to them?

Trust me you will earn more than you can imagine using this method, as it actually works.


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