4 Important Benefits of Amazon Redshift – 2024 Guide

Since the dawn of modern technology, there have been a select few companies that always stayed at the very top when it comes to both revenue, popularity, and overall dominance on the global market. One such conglomerate is the American multinational technology company Amazon. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, now the richest person in the world, it deals with e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. It is best known for its online store service that has become the most widely used online shopping solution all over the world.

In order to stay prominent they are always changing and further adapting their products and services. One of their famous creations is called Amazon Redshift, and it is a data warehouse product that forms a cloud-computing platform. It is a part of the Amazon Web Services and it handles large sets of data and migrations of databases. It allows a maximum of 4 petabytes of data on a single cluster. When compared to Amazon RDS that only stores 16 TB, it is obviously more useful.

The initial beta release of Redshift occurred in November of 2012, while the full release took place in February of 2013. According to some reports from 2018 and 2019, Amazon Redshift is the largest cloud data warehouse with over 6,500 deployments. Numerous business use it to store their data, as storing is just as important as collecting data.

In order for business intelligence to be used to most of its capabilities, it has to be well-sorted, secure, accessible, and easy to move. Redshift offers all of this. In this article, we will talk about exactly what makes this service so beneficial. If your company is not using it, you may wish to change this after reading the article through.

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1. Significant Speed of Querying

When you are dealing with so much data that it reaches a few petabytes, the querying experiences could experience a considerable lag in speed that may compromise your business. Most databases that exist today deal with the speed issue rather well, but none better than Redshift. Their speeds are some of the fastest, both regarding query and general. It is faster as much as 10 times than some of its competitors. Query tests show that our star database trumps its closest competitors thanks to the Massively Parallel Processing by Amazon, which allows processing of several queries across multiple nodes at once. This also helps to reduce the total workload, further increasing the quality of service.

2. Costs are Relatively Low

The whole system of Amazon Web Services advertises and presents itself as the best and most cost-effective solution for any company looking to save and not compromise on quality. No matter the size of the company, Redshift can and will help their cause. Their pricing model offers better flexibility and encourages companies to have a tighter watch of the costs of their data warehouse needs. They can provide such low costs thanks to the infrastructure of the cloud they use and the fact the workload is kept to a minimum on most of the nodes. Organizations, institutions, and companies are free to choose the pricing model that bests suits them, either on-demand or reserved. Smaller companies and those that have light amounts of data usually chose the former, while the latter is much more beneficial for medium and large companies that require stable data storage. To find out more about their pricing, make sure to visit AWS Redshift Pricing.


3. Robust Security and Safety

Considering the business that Redshift is in, the amount of security the client business need is on the highest of levels. Such massive data that is being stored almost exclusively includes a lot of sensitive information. Even if all that info is not so secretive and important, it still has to be secured safely so as the companies who owns it do not suffer in any way. Redshift offers powerful protection tools that make sure the data stays locked down at all times. There are several different security and encryption features that make the whole protection process easy and simple. The VPC used in network isolation is one of them, and the users can access different control tools that offer a wide range of granular management. SSL encryption for the transfer of data and S3 AWS servers exist for the server-side and the client-side two-way encryption. This allows some data to be accessible and viewable, and some locked away and hidden, depending on the needs of the business.

4. Fast Scaling and Little Complications

Last but not least, we must talk about how good Redshift is at scaling. Since it is hosted on the Web Services of Amazon, one of the best and most exciting cloud infrastructures in the world, it means that it is capable of scaling in mere seconds so as to meet the changing storage demands of the clients and their needs. Scaling is often complex and costs a lot, but with Redshift you know that it is a part of the service you are already paying for. Therefore, the major issue that organizations often face is eliminated if they use Amazon Redshift. Thanks to the use of AWS, the service scales up or down by activating individual nodes of different sizes quickly and efficiently. This provides cost savings, as no additional charges are necessary once the need for more maintenance arises. You need no extra server space if the data storage solution you went with for your business is Redshift by Amazon. Smaller companies benefit from this feature the most as they are the ones that experience growth most often and most drastically.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

From what you have just learned, you probably realize that Amazon Redshift is by far the best data storage solution your company can choose right now. Considering the astonishing track record of Amazon as a whole, it will probably stay like that for the foreseeable future. This means that once you go with Redshift, you will have solved all of your future data storage problems no matter what they may look like while experiencing cost-effective service with top-of-the-line technology and features.

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