Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website – 2024 Guide

What is WordPress?

In today’s generation of internet and websites, WordPress provides you with all the facilities to build a website or blog in the best possible way. WordPress is an open-source content management system that provides website and blog creation tools. It is written using PHP and uses the databases MariaDB and MySQL for storing all data. There are around 75 million websites that have already been build using WordPress. It uses a flexible and simple interface. The tools are easy to use, and it has been ranked as the top content management system. WordPress is simple for beginners yet potent for experts. We will learn about all the benefits WordPress provides. We shall also look at some minor issues related to it plus the common mistakes most users make while using WordPress.

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Why should we choose WordPress?

  • WordPress is Resilient and Versatile

We can use WordPress for so many various applications: blogging, online publishing to running complicated sites for big multinational organizations, run small enterprises and design individual blogs. If you develop a website in WordPress you can avail full-package eCommerce shops, make a portfolio, or host a social network, community, etc. It can flexibly fulfill almost all requirements of any client using the basic plans and all demands using basic + premium plans. Everything is doable due to its numerous themes and simple access to its source files.

  • Easy-to-use

It can be installed and running in minutes. WordPress requires minimum to no expertise- it is user friendly for beginners! To start you will only need a web hosting account and domain name, and you can install it for free!

  • Themes with numerous choices

The best WordPress learning theme will provide a wide range of options to control the display and functions of a new site precisely. Several of these options are directly accessible to a consumer via the WordPress theme directory, and you can even acquire thousands of these through design forums and third-party creators. You can preview the themes live and install whenever desired to change the appearance and design of a WordPress site. Check out to learn more about the best WordPress learning theme.

  • Popular sites

Everyone desires their site to be popular on google, to be on the first few lists of a search result. WordPress sites are always well ranked on google. Thanks to the regular updates

  • Mobile responsive

A mobile responsive website adapts the layout to provide users with an experience based on which device the user is using. It is particularly ideal for mobile devices. A mobile responsive website will allow you to read a text without needing to zoom, for example. WordPress sites are mobile responsive.

  • Plugins for added functionality

Plugins are small sections of code that can perform selective tasks based on user requirements. These are add ons over the basic functionalities. WordPress has a huge number of plugins and themes in the public domain. However, due to its popularity, there are a lot of sites that are to some extent similar to one another. But as WordPress can collaborate with other platforms like GitHub, it means that you can also use themes and plugins from GitHub for WordPress, so you’ll create your own unique and reliable website yourself. Check this website to learn more.

  • Opensource

WordPress is opensource software which means it is flexible and cost-effective. Thousands of fans of WordPress around the world support it and make updates to the software to keep it up to date and bug or intrusion fee. It is highly scalable supporting small to large scale websites. It is SEO friendly. With the Best WordPress learning theme, you can customize your website into your desired chic, professional and trending one without needing to perform any coding.

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What are a few common mistakes that WordPress developers make?

To make your experience with this content management system it is better if you are aware of the mistakes any developer is likely to make so that you can avoid it in the future. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Not turning Debugging on

WordPress allows you to debug while developing the site. If you keep debugging turned off, it is your loss. With debugging turned off, you will miss critical warnings or notifications.

  • Enqueuing

This content management system is flexible with adding as many scripts as you want since it uses enqueuing. Enqueuing prevents conflicts between multiple scripts and manages dependencies of the scripts.

  • Indexing a site

Once you have completed a website and are ready to deploy, you should allow indexing otherwise it should be turned off. If you allow it during development, your incomplete site will be available to the public. Google and other search engines might also show inaccurate results upon search due to sites going under development but allowing indexing.

  • Making sure plugin is activated

As we have read before, plugins are an added benefit to building your desired site other than the basic functionalities available. If you keep plugins turned off, you will miss important features. Also, not turning it on causes some unusual PHP errors to occur.


What are a few of the cons?

WordPress is ranked the top among all content management systems. However, users may face some inconveniences in a few areas. Everything will have some cons along with the pros. However, the pros always outweigh the cons of WordPress.

  • Vulnerable to hacking

Since it is open-source, WordPress is prone to potential intruders. It can be prevented by choosing plugins, themes and scripts wisely by checking them and researching about them beforehand.

  • Speed:

Many themes include several irrelevant generic codes. That can reduce the velocity of the site and slow downloading. For beginners, it might be hard to guess which portion of code you are relevant and which code is irrelevant.

  • Customization:

Customization can be expensive, and that is why many of us hesitate to invest in customizing. For inexperienced or new developers, customizing can be difficult as it can give rise to many errors that you are not accustomed to. However, most experienced developers are not afraid of going beyond and personalizing the websites.

Given all these factors, It is better to confer with a WordPress specialist when developing a WordPress site. Many of the disadvantages noted above can be handled and ignored by discussing with an expert or agency who works with WordPress.

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