4 Best Scheduling Tools for Coworking Spaces

Scheduling meetings, tasks, events, creating business plans are some of the most demanding tasks a person can have. You need to pay attention to every single detail, and you need to be alert at all times. When you make even the smallest mistake, the consequences can be really big, so you need all your focus on this one thing. In the past, people used to spend hours and hours trying to create the best plan that will work for the company and all the employees. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, things are much simpler, and we can use different software and tools to make our job easier.

In this article, we are going to talk to you about the best scheduling tools for coworking spaces. We will give you more information about each of these tools, how you can benefit from them, and why you should choose them. Note that it all depends on your personal preferences, and the needs of your company, so use this list as a guide to find what you need and to reduce your overall choice. There are thousands of different tools on the market, and these are some of the best.

1. Cobot

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The first automation tool we are going to talk about is Cobot. It was created by people who realized how difficult, and in some moments, boring scheduling tasks can be, and they created this program. It has everything you may need for your office, including automation when it comes to invoices and bills, room booking, scheduling tasks, and it is made to be compatible with most of the operating systems. In addition to this, you can use it on your smartphones as well, and it is available in many different languages, so you can use it for outsourcing tasks as well.

According to users, this is a great tool when it comes to growing your team, and when you want to simplify the coworking spaces. The prices vary depending on the plan you choose, and the number of people that you want to include. It starts for $59 for up to 15 members, with dozens of useful features.

2. Slack

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Slack is one of the most popular platforms on the market nowadays and there are so many reasons why. No matter if you have a small team or hundreds of people that you are working with, you can easily manage tasks and schedule reports with this tool. It is extremely easy to learn, but it has so many different options, that whenever you start to explore it, you will learn something new about it.

When you use the platform, you will be able to communicate with your coworkers with ease, schedule tasks, meetings, collaborate, and you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of each and every task. You can connect it with other apps, and make your job easier, and the best thing is, the free plan will offer you most of the things that you may need. The paid plans start from 6 dollars per month and depending on the size of your company, you can even get a customized plan, and connect up to half a million members on this platform.

3. PanL Desk Manager

Source: PanL Smart Solutions – Bridgetek

Next, we have another great tool for handling all your administrative tasks and avoid scheduling and booking conflicts. This Desk Manager will help you not only take care of the digital tasks but will also maximize the room and the desk space you have. With this tool, you will get all the statistics you need, and you will be able to handle data with ease.

Check out https://panl.brtchip.com/pdm-desk-booking-system for more information.

You can use it anywhere, it’s easy to carry around with you, it’s sleek, stylish, and trendy, and you will get all the notifications you need on just one device, instead of using several of them. It’s really easy to use, and your team won’t have any issues mastering all the features. It is said to be one of the best solutions for crowded desks and booking conflicts. Depending on the features you need, you have several products to choose from, and find the right one for you and your company.

4. HubSpot Meetings

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This platform is a part of the large HubSpot family, and it will allow you to finish all your tasks with ease and more. With it, you can connect other platforms, and use them to your advantage. No matter if you need to use other calendars, or CRMs, you will be able to do it and integrate them.

Even though it is mostly used for sales, it can be a pretty handy tool for all industries, and it also offers templates and sequences that will make the whole process easier. You can connect it to your email, and never miss an important notification again, or you can just use the basic functions for scheduling meetings, tasks, and much more. It is a flexible tool, with great design, that all of your team can learn how to use without any issues.

When it comes to prices, they vary depending on the features that you need, and of course, the size of your team. The basic plan starts at 45 dollars per month, and you will get all the free features in addition to bots, live chat, and data insights. Note that if you are sure you want to use this platform, you have the option to choose a yearly plan instead of a monthly, and there is always a discount or a special offer when it comes to paying in advance for the whole year.

These are some of the best platforms and software systems you can find on the market nowadays. They will all make your life easier and improve your company, and with them, you can save a lot when it comes to paper, scheduling conflicts, and even desktop space. Choose the right one for you depending on your budget, company preferences, and size of your team. Note that with most of them, you will get a free trial, so you can test some of the features out before you choose the one that is going to be the best fit for your coworking space.

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