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6 Predictions About Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024

Artificial intelligence is becoming widely accepted in order to improve security, businesses, customer support and the quality of living. Nowadays almost every company in the world is trying to make their way of working better by introducing AI in their working process. The intelligent machines are interacting in similar ways as humans, but they are programmed to make fewer mistakes and to detect errors with ease.

No matter if we are talking about marketing, better offices, or just the way we shop online and order food, AI is incorporated into our everyday lives. Here are some of the most popular trends and predictions about AI that we are already seeing and expecting to witness in 2024.

1. Vehicles

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We can already witness the Tesla vehicles that allow passengers to drive safely without the need of a driver. These vehicles operate only with artificial intelligence, but right now they are still not perfect.

It is said that his year, and in the following next, we will be able to see more self-driving vehicles that will be able to provide people with better predictions, safety and that they will be more accessible for the consumers.

Not everyone can afford the AI cars now, but experts suggest that these are the vehicles of the future and that they will be better, safer and they will be less expensive to maintain. These vehicles will follow rules better, they will provide safer roads and the whole transport process will be easier.

2. Devices

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Nowadays we are using a lot of devices as well as gadgets and tools that are made with AI. The trend is going to get even bigger because of one big reason – they are cheaper but still better.

Many companies are deciding to use artificial intelligence when creating their products because they are able to improve them faster, test them easier, and personalize them depending on the users’ needs. Everyone is looking for different things from the same program, and we don’t want to use all the features available.

This is where the AI comes into place. When it is built into the program, it can design and offer us things that will help with our specific needs. These tools are going to become part of our everyday life, starting from home appliances, the vehicles we use, and even smartphones.

Based on Serokell researchers investigation, the combination of mathematics and AI allows companies to build bridges between different disciplines. This makes every problem solvable and it costs less to satisfy the needs of the customers.

3. Quality of Data

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We know that in order to place a good and safe product on the market, there have to be a lot of tests. However, no matter how much testing one can do in a lab, real-life circumstances are different. Because of that, companies have spent a lot of money in order to make sure their products are good, safe, and secure.

With the implementation of AI, now the products, no matter if we are talking about the vehicles, software, or any other devices, can be monitored inside a lab and the real-life circumstances can be tested without the products leaving the room.

Now, companies can spend a lot less money and time, and they will still be able to produce things and improve them as they test them. This will save a lot of trouble, and customers will get personalized products that help them in different ways.

4. Personalization

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Nowadays we rely on predictions to help us find better products, services, and companies. When we Google something, or when we open an online store, like Amazon or eBay, we, later on, get similar products shown or ads.

This year, one of the biggest trends is the improvement in personalization when we do online shopping. Experts say that AI can help us find things with ease, no matter what we are looking for. You will also be able to see the whole products, in an all-around view that will help you determine if you are interested in it or not.

This will also help businesses target the audience better, and learn how to improve their services. Sometimes we need the order now button to be visible right away, but sometimes we don’t want to be spammed or pressured to make a decision instantly.

5. New jobs

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With the constant improvement and the use of artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of today’s world, many new jobs are going to be opened. This trend will allow people to get better-paid jobs, to get better benefits and even have the possibility to work from home or any other place of their choosing.

Experts say that in the next two years there will be about 150 million new jobs just because of artificial intelligence and this will not affect the current market in a bad way. This means that even though some people may be replaced by AI, there are still going to be more new jobs, than the number of cuttings because of the new tech.

It is expected for younger generations to choose IT and AI as their career path because it allows diversity, better hourly rates, and no need for physical labor.

6. Cybersecurity

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Even though the technology is advancing fast, we are facing serious cybersecurity issues. Many businesses are becoming the target of hacks, and almost every person has been close to becoming the victim of a scam. Some are less dangerous, but some scams and hacks can steal valuable data and become the threat of millions around the world. We can potentially lose our homes, assets, and businesses.

Because of that, scientists are working towards developing better AI processes that will make the internet as a whole, a safer place for people to be. It is said that this trend will help everyone browse safer and store their data online without the risk of it being stolen.

These are some of the trends that we are already seeing this year. There is always room for improvement, but one thing is for sure – because of AI we are going to have better and safer lives.

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