Which Type of EDI Would You Recommend for a Business?

Are you familiar with EDI? Starting with this question is vital for the rest of our article. We are talking about Electronic Data Interchange. It is an electric interchange used by businesses to establish internal communication and communication between two different businesses. We are talking about the flow of information via electric means rather than through standard paper communication. Once two enterprises establish this type of communication they’re usually called trading partners.

When it comes to EDI it is used for various forms of communication between business establishments. But, the two you’ll most likely and most often encounter are the two most standard ones – orders and invoices. By being able to apply these two to your business you receive a lot of benefits. Those that you’ll appreciate from the start include saving time, and resources, both financially and humanely, and reducing chances of making errors. Every true business can find direct appliances of this interchange, and we see no reason why you couldn’t be the same.

If you understand the fact that modern businesses require modern solutions we are sure you’re looking to jump straight to the point. So, if you’re not keen on reading our article, we can point to good EDI services which can be found if you visit this website. But, we would also recommend a little patience for you, or anyone reading this article. Stay put for a few minutes and check out what we have to say on the subject of EDI services. After reading this piece you can visit the comment section and tell us which type of EDI would you recommend for a business. Let’s see what we have to say first.


Direct EDI

This is the first kind we’re going to mention. Remember, all of these are suitable for businesses. But, yours will have the most benefit from only one. That’s why it’s essential that you can choose the ideal one for you based on our recommendation. Direct EDI is also known as point-to-point EDI. We are talking about the old-school service considering that this is the oldest version out there. We are talking about the most direct connection between the two enterprises. The connection is usually established through SFTP, AS2, or OFTP.  Here, we are talking about most standard EDI software, so we wouldn’t be surprised if your first decision is to use precisely this one. But, the story doesn’t end there as we have plenty more options. Check them all out before making a final decision.


We live in the age of the internet and wireless connections. In this case, VAN stands for value-added networks. In the age we are living in, this option raised to the top of the ones many companies decide to use in this domain. It is based on cloud technology and it takes advantage of private networks. The connection between yourself and any involved partner is created through a VAN provider or EDI specialist. It is their job to get you the network that will connect you and your partners. This is done by creating a particular mailbox for each side which will be used to receive orders or invoices and any other data you need to interchange with your partners.



If you loved the VAN EDI this one will suit what you want to achieve even more. When we speak about electronic data interchange this is what we have in mind. The simplicity behind the principles of this one will sweep you off your feet. The best part is that it can be sued combined with any other option on this list. It’s its versatility that makes it so unique but simple at the same time. But, it deserves a paragraph of its own nonetheless. The reason is simple – it can be sued from any browser you like. Due to this, if you’re new to EDI you’ll find it quite easy to handle it through this option. EDI should be easy to use in its essence regardless of the option you select but it still requires you to learn the basics to employ it with effectiveness. This option offers the most in the learning domain.

Managed EDI Service

As we said at the beginning, we are living in a technologically advanced era. This is great news for most businesses using tech to increase revenues is the way to go. If you want to have your company reach the top in your respected domain having your supply chains working top-notch is vital. This is best achieved through pure digitalization. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors the route to take is the EDI-as-a-service. When you apply managed option it requires you to learn a  lot about every type there is, and use them interchangeably. It is this approach that will give you the competitive advantage you certainly strive for.


What Are the Benefits of EDI?

The benefits of EDI are numerous. Companies that rely on it already know this. It is one of the first things every supply chain needs. But, if you’re new to the world of business, you need to be introduced to its principal benefits that will make you a fan straight away. First of all, it will make your entire operation more precise. We already mentioned that it lowers the margin for error drastically.

In addition, it will make your entire business move faster in the various departments you have, and not only related to orders and invoices. Most of the processes in your business will be done faster with the right usage of an EDI. What this means is that your productivity is going to be on another level when you get things in order. When you combine the two things from above they will without a doubt results in savings for your company. This is great news, as this way your revenues and income will increase, which is the needed product you want from using an EDI.

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