Network Cards: What to Choose? 

A network card is a device that links a machine to a network cable. This equipment is intended to prepare, send, and handle data via the Internet. It translates information supplied by a device into a network cable-compatible format, sends it to another machine, and manages the material flow. A network interface also converts the data from the connection into bytes, which the hardware can process.

In addition to a well-performing network adapter, it is important to use a well-performing proxy service to connect with your customers or co-workers.

In our article, we will present this component in more detail and find out what to pay attention to when choosing a network card.

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How Does It Work?

A network card makes it possible to connect a computer and a web cable. They convert the information that is intended to be sent into special packets. The kit is a coherent bundle of information that comprises a header containing coordinate details as well as the data itself. The title includes address fields that hold information about the origin and destination of the materials. The NIC examines the location of an incoming packet to determine whether it was intended for the specified machine. If the output is positive, the board will send the kit to the computer. Otherwise, this kit will not be processed. The order of actions performed by the network card is as follows:

  • Getting information from the operating system and converting it into electrical signals for further transmission over the cable.
  • Obtaining electrical impulses over the cable and converting them back into data that the operating system can work with.
  • Evaluating if the packet of data received is meant for this specific machine.
  • Managing the flow of information that passes between the network and device.

You may process all packets that flow via the web using special software. This opportunity is usually used by system administrators when they analyze the operation of any network, and by attackers to steal data passing through it.

Types of Network Cards

It is not a strange thing that there are various sorts of network cards. We can explain it with different functions of computers or servers, operating processes aimed at diverse targets, and appropriate web adapter characteristics. Nowadays, we have the following kinds of the above-mentioned equipment:

  • The internal PCI adapters are cards with a standard bus, which is great for personal computers. This type of adapter is still popular. It can be found in many PCs, but gradually they are trying to replace it with a new type of card.
  • PCI-E is a new kind of adapter standard that has increased bandwidth. It causes the incoming Internet connection to become more stable and an order of magnitude faster.
  • External network adapters that connect to the equipment via a USB port differ in that they do not require any special skills to install. Such devices are popular with users who prefer to use a laptop.

You should take into consideration the types of network cards when choosing the right web solution for you. Realize the amount of data you need to interact with. It is also important to bear in mind the Internet connection and your machine’s characteristics.

Popular Network Card Manufacturing Companies


The top models of network adapters were compiled after a detailed study of popular brands that offer external and internal devices for computers and laptops. There are five companies that have earned the trust of customers and provide quality products at excellent value for money. They are:

  • D-Link is a brand from Taiwan – for many years, the company has been producing various computer equipment for the world market;
  • TP-Link is a popular Chinese manufacturer – by right, the firm is read as the best brand that produces computer and telecommunications equipment;
  • Intel is a multinational company that produces a variety of PC hardware;
  • Realtek is another company from Taiwan – it does not have its own production, but instead is engaged in the development of microcircuits;
  • Acorp is a well-known technical brand – it has been producing a variety of computer equipment for 26 years.

When making a purchase, consider not just the producer’s name but also the device’s throughput, build quality, adapter case materials, and other factors.

Top Quality Network Card Models


It is important to choose a network card that can develop speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Each model has a set speed value. This setting mainly affects the download speed, which can be done in one second or an hour, depending on the card. The cost of purchasing a network adapter depends on its bandwidth range and download speed.

To make the choosing process easier, we provided a list with the most widely recognized network cards according to their type:

  • Internal PCI-type boards:
  1. D-Link, DGE-528T;
  1. Intel, EXP19301CT;
  1. DXE-820S/A1A.
  • Internal use PCI-E network cards:
  1. Intel, I210-T1;
  1. D-link, DGE-560T/C1;
  1. ASUS, XG-C100C.
  • External USB-type network adapters:
  1. TP-Link, UE300;
  1. HP, XZ613AA;
  1. Edimax, EU-4208.

According to user reviews, you should buy devices only from well-known brands, as equipment from unfamiliar firms will be of lower quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Cards


Network interface cards provide the following benefits:

  • connection reliability;
  • there are several ports that allow you to connect other devices;
  • the equipment makes it easy to transfer large amounts of data to other users;
  • network interface cards provide the ability to connect to the Internet and create a simple data stream;
  • they also work to connect remote computers.

Of course, there is no perfect system, and the network cards are not an exception. Among their disadvantages are:

  • the wires of the network cards can get tangled and thus create some inconvenience;
  • sometimes there are difficulties with setup;
  • unsafe data connection: network card data may be hacked.

Consider all the pluses and minuses when choosing a web connection solution. It will allow you to make the right purchase.

In Conclusion

In the article, we reviewed the working principle of a network card, their types, and the most well-known manufacturers with their well-performing models of web equipment.

Remember that it is important to realize your capabilities and the network card’s functional purposes when choosing it. Besides all that, make sure the equipment is compatible with your machine. If you take into account all the key issues and questions, then you will choose the right web solution.

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