Use Bags to Promote Your UK Business

Most businesses these days use digital means to promote their brands. However, a more traditional promotional strategy — branded bags — still works well and is worth considering. Companies should allocate part of their marketing budget to design and produce high-quality bags in partnership with the best bag manufacturers in the UK. This is because research shows bags make a greater impression than other physical promotional items.

How to use bags for promotion?

Businesses can contract the leading bag manufacturers in the UK to help them design and make fantastic promotional bags for use in promotions of their companies and brands. Here are some of the ways that companies can use bags in their marketing:

1. To pack gifts during trade shows, meetings, or conferences


If your business participates in trade shows or other marketing events, it will usually have freebies for visitors to their stand. While considering the kind of giveaways for them, you can think about working with reputable bag manufacturers in the UK to source bags to give as gifts.

The beauty of using bags as freebies in trade events is that you can fill them with other gifts such as pens, key holders or mugs. As the recipients carry your company branded bag around the trade show venue, it will encourage more people to visit your stand. After the event, they will keep promoting your company and brands with the bags.

2. Use bags to pack the merchandise customers buy from your store

Retail businesses can contract the leading bag manufacturers in the UK to make bags that they can give to their customers as carrier bags for the merchandise they buy from their stores. Businesses can decide to give the bags away or sell them to customers at discounted prices, thus generating additional revenue while promoting their brand. This use of bags helps businesses support environmental conservation and comply with bans on plastic bags in some countries.

3. Offer bags as gifts in various competitions or for reaching a certain shopping amount


Businesses may run competitions such as raffles or online giveaways to attract more customers and make their brand better known. Such companies can gift branded together with other items to the winners, thus rewarding customers and promoting their brand.

Moreover, some retailers have reward schemes for loyal and repeat customers, and the businesses reward those customers on reaching certain spending levels. Branded bags can be perfect gifts for them because it saves them from buying bags and offer the company a chance to promote itself and its products.

4. Use bags as gifts to staff and other parties

Staff are the company’s internal customers and help market the businesses they work for in various ways. Companies can gift staff branded custom bags made by the best bag manufacturers in the UK. The bags can be welcome gifts when new employees join the company and could also be given out during staff events such as seminars, conferences or parties. Luckily, any company that wants quality bags for any reason can contact RocketBags and work with them on the design and make a deal. The company will make the bags within the agreed timeline and charge the best rates in the industry.

4 Benefits of using bags for promoting a business


Are you wondering why you should engage the best bag manufacturers in the UK to help you promote your business with branded bags? Below are some of the benefits of using this way to market your business and its products or services:

1. They are affordable and cost-effective

Implementing effective marketing strategies costs businesses a lot of money. This makes it hard for most small companies to execute them well and get the best possible value on the money they invest in promotions. The good news is that branded bags that are emblazoned with the company logo, and other messages are relatively affordable and your business will not have to struggle to raise funds for them.

Comparing bags and other offline promotion methods, bags are simply more cost-effective. Moreover, new retailers can use printed bags without denting their bank accounts because they are wallet-friendly. Even if the company gives away the bags selectively, they will have achieved their promotional objective.

2. Bags offer a guaranteed return on investment


Whenever a business invests funds in something, it wants to know if it will get a return for its money. Fortunately, partnering with the leading bag manufacturers in the UK to create promotional bags for your company gives a guaranteed return on that investment.

If you give branded bags to your customers, they will feel appreciated and will be frequent or loyal shoppers with your store. Also, the customers will use the bags in many places, creating more awareness for your brand. This promotional method pays for itself through increased sales and other benefits, and still, the bags remain in use.

3. You can sell the bags to generate revenue as you promote your company

Since retailers can sell branded bags to their customers at lower prices, they supplement the primary revenue sources. This way, the company promotes itself and its products while making revenue. When the company sells the bags, customers value them more, thus reusing them repeatedly, helping to keep the message alive.

4. Bags are versatile and offer many choices


You can partner with bag manufacturers in the UK to make different types of bags with your company logo and message making your customers have many choices. Also, the bags can be made in different colours and designs, making it possible to give your brand more recognition and visibility.

The beauty of bags is that they are so versatile. The recipients can use them for shopping, carrying books to school, and in many other ways. The many uses allow the company to get better awareness among customers.


Businesses should consider using the service of the best bag manufacturers in the UK to create high-quality bags to promote themselves and their brands. The promotional method is truly affordable, gives a guaranteed return on investment. Promotional bags generate revenue for the company — it’s that simple.

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