8 Powerful Facebook Brand Marketing Strategies and Plans in 2024

People who have studied social media marketing strategies know that there is a lot more to this method of advertising than simply setting up an account and putting your product on view. Successful social media marketing strategies include the creation of relationships with other users. You have to develop a presence and nurture your friends that respond to your presence.

You cannot simply put a post or ad that describes your business or product and expect people to run out and purchase what you are selling. What you have to do is sell yourself to the people and then they will gravitate towards your business and the things you have to offer.

To get the most out of a social media marketing effort you should refer to a service that does small business advertising like Adfully. These services can help you develop powerful Facebook brand marketing strategies that take little money, little of your time, and provide amazing results. Some of the strategies they use will include:

1. Using Icons with Hyperlinks

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On your website, you can place icons that can lead people to your social media pages. These icons are usually prominently displayed in the header where they are easy to see and find. They can also be placed on blog posts you have and on your YouTube video sites.

2. Word of Mouth Promotions

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One of the most powerful methods of reaching more people exists through word of mouth promotions. When someone loves your product or page and they tell people they know to go visit that page this is word of mouth promoting.

You will begin this promotion tactic with your friends and family. They will be immediately asked to go to your page and like it and to share the page with their friends. This startup campaign allows your Facebook presence to grow quickly.

3. Make your Post Be Seen Quicker

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To make your Facebook post be seen quicker you need to make the post at a time of day and on the day of the week when the majority of your followers will be online to see it. This is done by using the post insight options Facebook offers.

  • Log onto your Facebook page
  • Insights will be on the top above your posts and comments
  • Click on the Insights tab to go to a new page
  • Look at the overview of insights which tells you what time the most people are viewing your page
  • Hover your mouse over each day and see which day and what time the majority of your followers are online

Make your post and comments on the days and at the times when your followers are also online. That way your post does not get lost in the millions of posts that are created each day.

4. Make Frequent and Regular Status Updates

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You cannot have a social media marketing strategy that works if you are not fully engaging with your Facebook account. You have to make status updates so people can see what is happening with you and so all of your followers will see your presence. Remember that keeping your name on their minds and letting people see your name often increases your brand power.

Your status updates should be frequent and regular. Do not make a status update one week, wait a week or two and make another, then forget it for a month. People will quickly forget you if you do that. Make your updates consistent and regular. Create a schedule of updates being posted two to three times per week.

Each time you make an update it shows on the newsfeeds of your friends and followers. If they like your update they have posted, they can share it with their friends, and this sharing can take your post to a viral state of being.

5. Make Status Updates Interesting

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To make a status update you have to say something that is interesting, amusing, intriguing, or otherwise engaging. Do not simply say something mundane or tell people what you are selling.

Be creative and tell people funny or amusing stories about your life, your product, or your day to day existence. Give people something they want to read and want to share. Make them look forward to your status updates.

This task seems easy enough to do, but actually you could use some professional help from a creative writer. You need to research what things people want to see more of and find a way to bring some of the trending topics to your status updates.

6. Stay Away from Controversial Hot Topics

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You want to engage and attract people from all walks of life. That means people who like different things, have different views on things and have different backgrounds. You need to remain neutral at all times. Do not ever post political comments or jokes and do not comment under posts of this nature you read on other pages.

Do not post anything about current topics that are being fussed about. You do not want to be affiliated with just one side or one group of people. You want everyone to find your status updates appropriate, interesting, and not controversial.

It is very tempting to post your opinion on matters that affect you but a professional social marketing strategy leader will tell you that your personal opinions on controversial topics can cost you business.

7. Use your Store

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Marketing strategy experts will have you post signs in your brick and mortar store inviting people to visit your Facebook pages. You need to get the word out that you are on Facebook and get people to come to your page.

8. Create a Like Me campaign

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One of the sure-fire tools a marketing strategy expert uses is the like me campaign. They create a game that says when my page gets XXX number of likes then I will give something away. People like contests and they like free things.

Your social media strategies will change often to reflect what your followers show you that they like. Be flexible and always have a plan B ready to implement.

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