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How Tech has Changed Real Estate Marketing

Tech has been changing every industry on earth for decades, and real estate marketing is no different. Comparing how a real estate marketer does things now versus a few decades ago indicates the modern version relies more heavily on statistics and technology to improve their results.

Tech Makes It Easier to Stay in Touch With People

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It’s easier than it ever was to keep in touch with customers and prospects. That’s excellent because it’s human nature to forget about a real estate agent or agency you haven’t been dealing with lately. The only way to keep your name in front of people is through marketing. The agents who do that consistently close more sales than those who leave it up to the people.

  • SMS Messages
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Newsletters
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Phone Calls
  • In-Person Meetings
  • Open Houses

There are no shortages of methods to communicate; many of them made possible by emerging technology that’s now a staple of consumer’s everyday lives. Contrast the sales potential now for real estate professionals since it’s trivial to fill their sales funnels with small leads.

Technology also gives realtors larger audiences, so they’re able to expand their careers more extensively. There are fewer limits than there once were because of low-cost but efficient marketing strategies.

Social Media Is a Game Changer

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Social media marketing helps realtors engage with potential clients in a friendly, social environment. For some of them, this may be the first time they’re learning about the service. When they follow the realtor, they’re expecting to receive timely messages. Done right, marketing to followers gives the real estate agents a chance to inform them about new listings, special procedures, or other pertinent information that may help them decide to try the service.

Social media is an excellent source of business, but remember, it’s a time suck! If you’re not careful, you can burn a lot of hours on any of the primary networks. If it fits neatly in the budget, it may be worth having a third-party manage the accounts to save time.

Stand out in the Community

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Real estate is always a vital part of the community, so realtors who give back develop excellent reputations. There may be a favorite charity that would benefit from assistance or a yearly event worth of sponsorship. Those are cost-effective marketing initiatives that show the people you serve that you’re there to help.

The complimentary press has an excellent effect on a realtor, so charitable giving and social work are always options. It pays to support a cause that encompasses your passion. Without that element, it might be tougher to gain proper motivation. When you put your full backing behind missions that align with your values, the genuineness shows through.

One benefit of this type of marketing is that it helps you feel better about your work and the fact you’re giving back. That’s worthwhile, and so is creating more awareness among your ideal target market.

Direct Email Marketing Keeps Your Target Audience Informed

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Realtors can promote listings, deals, and a variety of other specialized services via direct email marketing. It’s worth noting that with emails, you can build a segmented mailing list which will help organize the content you want to send. And if you want a successful email marketing campaign, the following crucial elements should be present:

  1. Mailing list. It may take more time, but building a genuine list of potential customers will have a more significant impact than buying contacts.
  2. Targeted email content. Once you’ve created a mailing list, the next step is to organize them into segments. You can click here if you want to learn more about the best practices in creating content tailored-fit to your target email contacts.
  3. Call to action. The goal of each marketing email is to encourage the target audience to complete a specific action. For instance, the email could be intended for the receiver to make an inquiry about a listing, or perhaps book the realtor’s services.

Direct email marketing is effective because it allows the realtor to nurture business relationships by keeping clients updated. Also, being able to create targeted content according to the unique needs of each mailing list segment makes the campaign organized, goal-oriented, and measurable.

Direct Mail Marketing Provides Tangible Results

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Direct mail is an avenue worth of exploration for any realtor with interest in marketing. Most people will at least glance at the letters they receive. If they find an intriguing and attractive piece, they will read it. With a catchy enough envelope or postcard, it’s straightforward to get your message across.

For realtors who want a cost-effective way to generate leads, direct mail should top their list. That’s even more accurate if their rivals aren’t doing the work. Being one of the only realtors in the mailbox will get the phone ringing.

The types of direct mail campaigns you can use are extensive. If you’re looking to attempt an experiment, go with a service like They’re excellent for realtors because they allow a small minimum order. There’s no reason to overpay for a campaign unless you test it first with a smaller subsect. Once you dial in your metrics, you can increase the budget as desired.

Four characteristics make this form of marketing idea for real estate agents and realtors, which are the following.

  • Highly-Targeted
  • Highly-Measurable
  • Personalized
  • Cost-Effective

When evaluating a marketing strategy, it’s worth determining how the options stack up against this offering. As always, pick a sustainable plan that best suits your objectives and branding.

Tech Is Helping Realtor Evolve

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Look at all the different ways that new technology is reshaping how realtors operate. At every step of the way, it’s unleashing greater efficiency and more profitability. Even traditional methods like direct mail now benefit significantly from enhancements in the underlying technical framework. Realtors can get more done faster than their counterparts from the past could dream about in their lifetimes.

If you’re a bit behind the times, it’s easier than ever to put new technology on your side. Establishing social media accounts, an email list, or even a direct campaign is no longer a struggle. If you’re ready, willing, and able to put in a few hours to learn, you can master most of the basics yourself.

Naturally, if you’re already too busy to keep up with new demand, it may be worth choosing a third-party to handle any or all aspects of your marketing. The essential factor is to want to work on the one thing that makes your income the highest. Push away all the other activities that don’t generate as much revenue and assign them to others. Totally-focuses realtors that emphasize performing their most valuable tasks and actions will always be on the top of the leaderboard.

Every area of the job of a realtor is better because of technology, including marketing. The core job of helping people buy and sell a home is the same, but realtors who are willing to stay in line with advances are doing very well. Many of them started with one consistent strategy, and then branched out and reinvested their profits over time. That plan will still work for a patient professional who does the work and monitors the stats to improve.

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