Top 3 WooCommerce Plugins for Boosting Your Online Sales 

The online trading practice has been on the rise from day one of launching the first online markets, and the trend seems to be going nowhere but sky-high in days to come. We should also emphasize that to level up your online business success rate, you should always strive towards state-of-the-art appendixes crafted to enhance both your and your customers’ experience. Unquestionably, not only would you waste your time, but also your finances if you would not utilize numerous benefits that WooCommerce, an open-source e-commerce plugin, offers. To enhance your online trading game additionally, we recommend you consult our list of top WooCommerce plugins for boosting your sales to increase both your revenue and your clientele’s overall experience.

1. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping-PRO


A vast majority of individuals have the idea of how e-commerce should function, but has no clue how to achieve their goals and minimize the costs. In a nutshell, nobody enjoys paying for the shipping service, but without it, the whole concept would be unsustainable. Unfortunately, e-traders lose small fortunes daily just because they fail to focus on potential financial reliefs and utilize them.

That is because they are unfamiliar with the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – Pro, a useful plugin that puts you in the driving seat and allows you to regain control over what, when, and for how much you send the goods to your clients.

The add-on potentiates the user to make the most of their funds by customizing rules regarding weight, number of items, type, and additional features that can save your money and make the process incomparably easier. Besides general data control, the plugin is appreciated for giving the user fine-grained access control. Furthermore, the gadget allows you to hide specific shipping methods from the eyes of the public, and grant access to a selected few.

The online market has no boundaries, but the goods you send or receive still have to pass the border. Reasonably, the charge also varies, and so as long as you have means of sorting your goods depending on where you send them, you should be good, right? Well, yes, if you use a plugin as capable as this little fellow.

Finally, we should underline that this enhancement to your regular e-commerce business allows you to potentiate specific shipping methods and choose them over more expensive alternatives. Add the tools for managing your import/export deals to the equation, and you should realize why this plugin is a must-have if you mean business.

For more information about the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin visit

2. WooCommerce Order Export – PRO


No matter how big or small your e-commerce business might be, you should be aware that the concept depends on how proficiently you handle the data. To make a long story short, without an adequate plugin to cover the aforementioned, any online business is doomed. Now, the point of this type of add-on should is not only to prevent the failure but also to facilitate your actions and level up your trading game.

WooCommerce Order Export – Pro Allows you to extract any type and amount of data you want at any moment you desire with ease. Even better, you can choose the format you prefer and ensure not a single order you ship goes unnoticed. Users prefer this plugin to alternatives because it extracts the data to CSV which can easily be processed via Excell or Google Docs.

What it also provides are detailed reports you can receive to your inbox or any alternative way you choose to be sent on a previously set timeframe. Additionally, the state-of-the-art filters potentiate you only get the data you want, not the obsolete that would only make unnecessary confusion.

If you base your business on dropshipping, you should be delighted to learn that this plugin potentiates the delivery of the scheduled results via FTP. This is of utter importance when sending your orders to a specific location is in question. Besides that, you can almost effortlessly exchange data between numerous WooCommerce shops, which is a feature desperately needed by clients who operate in several different branches.

Even though this add-on seems to be an optimal tool for any conscientious WooCommerce user, there is always room for improvement. That is why customer support is vital, and the guys who made it stand at your disposal 24/7 and will get back to you as soon as you reach out to them.



The ground rules of online trading imply your potential clientele can easily find what you offer via the search engine they prefer. In a nutshell, if they experience a hard time finding your services, then the chances you will make it big would be alarmingly small. Fortunately, add-ons such as All-in-One SEO potentiate you pull the strings and shape your e-commerce fortune.

The best thing about this plugin, as its name suggests, is that you will not need any other SEO tool but have everything you require in one place. Not only that the toolset will bring all the boys to the yard, but it will bring precisely the ones that you target.

More visits to your store mean nothing tangible since the point is rather to increase sales than to feast on the number of random visitors. Fortunately, the AIOSEO developers do not pull the wool over their clients’ eyes, but focus on what they want and provide both the tools and instructions on how to achieve it.

Smart XML sitemaps and site audit checklists are in charge of your success, accompanied by on-page analysis, both local and dedicated WooCommerce SEO, and additional features designed to make your e-shop appear in front of the competition and attract the customers you want, not the accidental by-passers.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you make up your mind and choose the right plugins for your WooCommerce venture. You should be aware that paying a buck more in order to make it big in the long run is not an option but a condition you must fulfill to achieve anything worth mentioning in terms of successful online trading.

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