3 Pros And Cons Of Machine Learning For Businesses

Machine learning brings special changes to business software – it allows companies to spot patterns in real-time in the movement of data, and on that basis to predict future trends. However, like any other technology, in addition to its advantages, it also has certain disadvantages. In this text, we will look at some of them.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is based on the ability of specialized software to make its logic and independently perceive the connections between data. Machine learning is one of the techniques for the development of artificial intelligence, and it finds its application in all industries, which is why it is considered a key element of the fourth industrial revolution. Automatic diagnostics in medicine, digital assistants, self-driving cars, communication between people who do not speak the same language, are just some of the examples of the application of machine learning as suggested by sas.com. Machine learning originated as a by-product of work on the development of artificial intelligence when developers saw the need to apply data study and self-learning methods to computer programs designed to solve practical problems.

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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

The first confusion we run into when we start learning about this concept is identifying with AI. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and originated from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory, and the use of statistics for learning purposes based on previously available data. An extremely important distinction between machine learning and artificial intelligence lies in the purpose of their operation: While artificial intelligence aims not only to imitate human thinking through learning – but also to be imbued with abstract thinking, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning is only directed towards creating software that can learn from past experiences.

Pros And Cons Of ML

Machine learning can empower a significant number of present and newest innovations in technology. It is used in building many innovative solutions for working in modern companies. Therefore, serokell will point out some pros and cons of this technology and show how it can influence your business.

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Pro #1

Patterns and trends are effectively-recognized

A key point of ML identifies with the capacity of this innovation to survey a lot of information and distinguish examples and patterns which may not be so clear and evident to people. For instance, it can effectively decide the circumstances and logical results of the connection between the two occasions. This makes the innovation exceptionally productive while separating information, particularly on a nonstop, constant premise, as would be required for a calculation. The capacity to rapidly and precisely perceive patterns or examples is one of the main benefits of machine learning.

Con #1

There is a significant level of possible mistakes

The blunder can cause breaks inside the concept of ML. Missteps happen and this is a weakness that engineers have so far not had the option to deny reliably. These mistakes can take numerous structures, and they contrast as per how you use AI innovation. The PC can’t comprehend that these articles are not associated at all. Therefore, human insight is required there.

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Pro # 2

ML is adaptable and can be improved

When we talk about the further benefits of machine learning – one of the biggest relates to its ability to improve. This technology can greatly improve its accuracy and efficiency – thanks to the large amount of data it can process. This way, the algorithm is provided with a larger set of ‘experiences’ that can be used to predict or make decisions better. For example, let’s take the case of weather forecasting. Through developed machine learning, such predictions can be made by looking at previous patterns. This data is used by the computer to determine which probability is the most certain – or which scenario is the most probable. The more data you have in this database – the better the certainty of the exact outcome of the weather forecast will be. It is so because there is more data that the computer will process and use to make decisions.

Con #2

It might take effort and time for ML to bring results

Since ML occurs over some time, as a result of exposure to huge data, there are times when the algorithm or interface is simply not developed or grown enough for your requirements. We can say that ML sometimes requires some serious energy, particularly in case you have constrained computing power. Dealing with immense measures of information and running PC models uses a great deal of registering power, which can be expensive. Thus, before you proceed – it is imperative to consider if you can contribute the measure of time or potential cash expected to build up the innovation to where it will be helpful. The specific measure of time differs radically relying upon the information source, the idea of the data, and how they are utilized. In this manner, it is insightful to counsel a specialist in information extraction and AI about your venture.

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Pro And Con # 3


When we talk about automation, which is a basic segment of ML – we must emphasize that this is both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Automation primarily has its benefit in saving time. By saving time, we also save money – which is very important. Thanks to automation, people are relieved of much of the tasks that a computer can handle on its own. However, on the other hand – automation can never be complete. Namely, it is still run by a man. To this day, we have not come to the appearance of a super machine that can think, work, and function independently – without human help. This thought even sounds very frightening to some – but we still have no reason for that kind of concern. For now, this technology is still imperfect, and its improvements or changes can only be made by man. In this sense, there is no fear that due to automation and the use of machine learning technology, people will lose their jobs completely. The fact is that some jobs have been taken over by machines, but they are still run by a man who is still an indisputable factor.

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