Why And How Promotional Products Really Work

Virtually everyone has seen or received promotional products before. Businesses have depended on this strategy for decades and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. After all, it has proven to be effective time and time again. If you are a small business owner who is trying to make the venture grow, then you want to include this in your list of marketing tactics. Learn about the leading names in this segment such as Promotions Warehouse and explore your options with them. If you are still having doubts, then here’s why and how promotional products really work:

1. Promotional products are affordable marketing solutions.

Most people think of TV and radio ads when they hear the word “marketing”. These are certainly some of the most widely seen and heard forms of advertising. Their phenomenal reach makes the limited spots highly sought-after. The problem is that the demand has pushed prices way up. These are out of reach for the vast majority of small businesses. On the other hand, promotional items such as keychains, tumblers, caps, umbrellas, hand sanitizers, and promotional t-shirts from this website are quite affordable. They will not break the bank even if you order large volumes.

2. The items can be given to a highly targeted audience.


TV ads may have a wide reach, but the shotgun approach isn’t always the most efficient. Not everyone who sees the ads are receptive to the message. The best that advertisers can do is to study the shows on air and find ones with a demographic that matches their target customers. Sometimes it simply isn’t that easy such as when you are selling unique products or offering distinctive services. However, you can always use the promo products as a giveaway to thank your existing customers. For example, a whey protein company might include a promotional shirt or shaker with every box of their product.

3. The promotions meet a specific need.

The giveaways are compelling because they always meet the customer needs. In our example, the promo shirt may be a perfect outfit for gym sessions. The style, color, and cut should be chosen to appeal to the target audience. They will appreciate the freebie since it fits nicely into the lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts. Other products might be more suitable to different segments of the population. For instance, hardware stores usually cater to people who love DIY projects. These individuals might appreciate having a handy multi-tool on a key chain. This can help them fix things around the house right away.

4. The items trigger daily reminders about the business.


The most useful items are kept around for a long time. Unlike 15-second spots on TV or on streaming platforms, these things will continue to remind their owners about the business. The brand name and logo will be a perennial presence in their lives in the case of pens and caps. Others will be seasonal favorites such as umbrellas and jackets. Although they won’t wear promotional shirts every day, they could make this part of their regular rotation. They will wear these from dawn to dusk in full view of other people who will also become aware of the brand.

5. Contact details can be printed on the products.

Small businesses can customize the prints on their promo items. Aside from the branding, they could also include important details such as contact information. People will be able to visit the official website to learn more about products and services. They could also follow the social media pages for updates and inquiries. Many are simply forgetful so giving them the information they need in a convenient package is an effective marketing tactic. They are more likely to keep the useful promo items anyway instead of your business cards.

6. Thoughtful gifts increase customer loyalty.


Consumers are becoming pickier about the businesses that they support. They have so many options for these days that they can afford to choose brands that reflect their personal values and take care of their patrons. If a business doesn’t exert extra effort, then it may find itself losing customers to others that do. Thoughtful gifts in the form of promotional products show thanks to people for supporting the business. It is a great way of giving back to those who have been helping to keep the lights on. Customers will take note of this gesture, especially if it is done consistently. They are more likely to stay loyal and buy more from the brand.

7. Promotional items can be used to get new customers.

Although promo items are often used to maintain existing customers, they can also be used to attract new leads. Even people who are not aware of the business or its products will give their attention if there are freebies involved. For example, a company might put up a booth in a convention to talk about their latest products and services. They could give away certain items to people who are willing to provide their email address for newsletters. These could also be tokens of appreciation for those who attend their sponsored talks and other activities. From there, the recipients can be converted into customers through follow-up marketing strategies.

8. Promotional products can be motivational tools for employees.


It isn’t always about the people outside the business. Sometimes the focus should be on the individuals who are taking care of the day-to-day operations. Workers need to be appreciated for their efforts as well. Promotional products could be great motivational tools for employees. The management must look into their needs from time to time and provide those. This should include the big things such as fair compensation and benefits, as well as smaller things such as office stationery, hydration solutions, apparel, fitness equipment, tech solutions, and other useful items. By keeping them comfortable at work, they will be more likely to stay and do their best for the company.

Make your marketing dollars count. Put them to work in ways that reach the target audience, increase customer loyalty, boost sales, attract customers, and motivate employees. Promotional items can help you achieve all of these goals and more.

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