8 Must-Have Coffee Tech Gadgets for Every Coffee Lover

Most people’s energy and mornings are being boosted by coffee. In fact, over one billion people all over the world are consumers of coffee daily for different reasons, according to one study. Some people drink coffee to jump-start their day. Some would drink because it soothes their body, and some would drink coffee just to stay late at night while finishing their work. Whatever the reason is, coffee is indeed a global staple, making coffee brewing a vital daily task.

In this article, we will talk about coffee and some of the most amazing, cutting-edge tech gadgets that you must have as a coffee-lover to make the preparation and consumption of coffee much easier and a more time-saving experience. Here are the top gadgets that you should have as a coffee lover. 

1. Coffee Maker


Without a state-of-the-art coffee maker, you cannot make coffee in this modern-day age. This is perhaps one of the most essential gadgets you must have to make a coffee. A typical coffee maker consists of a hot plate, glass coffee plate, water reservoir, and filter basket. It’s a gadget that brews your coffee automatically through the use of electricity. This gadget is popular amongst people belonging to the working class because it makes coffee in a fast-paced manner. So, it’s very ideal and particularly useful for people who are always in a rush. Also, most coffee makers have built-in technologies that enable automatic turning on of the gadget so that people don’t have to do it manually. This helps preoccupied people prepare their coffee without spending extra effort. 

2. Portable Espresso Machine


If you’re a lover of espressos, then having a mini espresso machine is a must-have. Espresso can be a complicated brewing method, so imagine having something that does most of the work; it would definitely be less hassle. Most espresso machines enable you to try new flavors by trying new roasts of coffee. But of course, you should choose good espresso beans to enjoy a rich and complex flavor. If you want to check out some highly-recommended espresso beans on the market, you’d find some great ones on this guide.

3. Temperature Controlling Mug


Temperature is important when preparing and drinking coffee. The level of hotness is something most coffee-lovers are very much particular about. Oftentimes, people tend to forget to drink their coffee because they’re so busy until it’s gone cold. But, with a quality temperature control mug, the desired level of hotness will be maintained for up to one and a half hours so that you don’t have to consume it quickly. This gadget is particularly useful for people who are forgetful and are too busy at work or other activities.

4. Electric Kettle


There’s also one way to brew coffee. That is brewing through a kettle. There are tons of brands in the market, so you should choose one that’s not only aesthetically built but also has multiple noteworthy features that make it worth the price. One function to consider is the ability to indicate that your desired temperature has already been reached. We also recommend choosing one with an automatic enabler of holding a certain level of hotness for up to one hour. This makes you less anxious if your brewed coffee is still hot.  Also, consider the size if you’re looking to make coffee for a number of people.

5. Coffee Grinder


If you are ultrasensitive to the taste of your coffee, then grinding your own coffee might be the key. Available ground coffee in the market will most likely not suit your liking because they’ve been made in a standard way. That means they might not be tailored fit to your taste buds.

The primary advantage of having a coffee grinder is that you can adjust the brewing to achieve a more desirable taste. Plus, the quality and freshness of the coffee will not be reduced, unlike those that were already widely available in local stores. It’s like customizing your coffee in a way that’s very satisfying. 

6. Milk Froth Pitcher


If you’re a coffee-lover, you are most likely a fan of incorporating milk into it, too — for instance, a latte. A milk frothing pitcher is a nice gadget for you. In most cases, we fail to froth milk into our coffees flawlessly, but with the rise of advanced technology, most milk frothing pitchers make that frothing task a little bit easy. It contains a drip spout that makes the pouring of milk or foam carefully into the coffee.  The ultimate result of a perfect frothed milk is that it allows a person to have a new coffee experience. It’s like out with the old in with the new coffee.  

7. Self-stirring Travel Mug


If you’re a coffee lover and one who travels frequently, a self-stirring mug is very helpful. Aside from its temperature-maintaining properties, self-stirring mugs typically avoid spillage of coffee from frequent bumps on the road and manual stirring. It does not require your effort in stirring your spoon back and forth.

8. Coffee Scale


Making coffee also necessitates the right and accurate measurements of ingredients; otherwise, you will be making coffee that may taste too bitter. Just like cooking a dish,  precision is key. So, there is no other way to make coffee with precision other than using a coffee scale. Coffee scales allow you to weigh the needed coffee beans to brew to achieve that desired coffee. When you use this, you are less likely to make the wrong type and taste of coffee as the ingredients were measured accordingly.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the product of modernity, such as gadgets, has indeed made life a little easier. It made our day-to-day routine less hassle and improved. Though gadgets could be pricey, surely, they are good investments. After all, we know that we really need to invest in something we love, such as our love for coffee.

Imagine what these gadgets can do to your coffee. It could be the key to efficiency, better coffee quality, better coffee experience, and above all, better mornings.

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