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5 Tips for Setting Up a Home Video Surveillance System

From the creation of the first spy cameras used during World War II to the famous agent 007 James Bond who in his films with the help of his engineers brought this form of surveillance to perfection – we can say this branch of industry is very useful and has very quickly found its way to a large number of users. Later, as technology advanced, so did video surveillance devices. Therefore, we should not be surprised that video surveillance has become an integral part of life and that it is literally on every corner. It is increasingly used in ordinary households as well. Below are some of the tips for setting up a home video surveillance system.

1. Video Surveillance And Its Purpose

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Depending on the need, there are different ways and reasons why video surveillance is used. The definition is simple but we will expand the topic a bit and analyze this method of protection in more depth. Video surveillance itself means the protection of people and property – and its importance is so necessary that we can find out or prevent unpleasant events. The purpose is simple – prevention of theft, control of the property, control of workers, but also safety in traffic, on the street, etc. Overall, the conclusion is that the purpose of using video surveillance is to guarantee our safety and prevent unpleasant events. The growing use and utilization of this system is just a sign that there is a huge need for video surveillance. If you are interested in custom video surveillance check this website.

2. What A Video Surveillance System Is Made Of And How It Is Used?

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The way and use of video surveillance depend on you and your needs. We must not forget that by using video surveillance, in addition to ensuring our safety, we must be careful not to endanger anyone’s privacy. The whole system consists of cameras, equipment for storing and displaying video material and cables with which all components are connected. In practice, there are many options on the topic because the system can be connected to an alarm system or have microphones to record sound. be connected wirelessly and in that case, we do not need data cables. It all depends on your needs. We mustn’t forget that nowadays the development of this technology is very advanced and that the systems themselves are connected to mobile telephones and computers – so when installing video surveillance, whatever type you use, ask well and look for explanations of how much it is the system itself is secure. Find out what are the guarantees that someone will not hack the system and endanger you. You need to know all this before the installation.

3. Which Video Surveillance System To Opt For?

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Technology has advanced so day by day various systems and new possibilities are appearing on the market. Tips and recommendations are that you do not make the decision yourself when buying a video system – no matter what purpose you need it for. The suggestion is to always consult with experts and companies about the purchase of equipment. You should be well informed about all the details about the application, installation, and specifications of the equipment itself – and for that, you need experts who will explain the characteristics, purpose, and application of a particular video surveillance system. It is also necessary to analyze the situation well before making the purchase – and make a good choice with consultations. When you’re done – then you start with the installation of video surveillance.

4. Application Of Video Surveillance In Households

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The main application of the video system is to ensure your property, household, and people from theft and undesirable situations. Your video surveillance should be connected with the police administration – because even if an unforeseen situation occurs, the recordings will greatly facilitate the work of the police. We must also know that video surveillance is not used only in households and companies. We will also see security cameras in front of schools, kindergartens, places where traffic is controlled, etc. This additionally gives citizens the confidence that for example – unscrupulous drivers or thieves will be caught. Video surveillance has greatly contributed to the safety and security of citizens both in traffic and in the detection of various criminal acts. We don’t need to be a scientist to understand that this system is needed in almost every case.

5. How To Choose?

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We need to determine in advance what we want because there are several types of surveillance cameras and each of them has its own characteristics. We will give you a couple of examples and explanations of the types of cameras depending on what you want. There are cameras with different shooting resolutions. There are also cameras for night shooting – the so-called night mode. Of course, it is important to choose a camera as needed, depending on the angle and degree of shooting, whether it is waterproof, impact-resistant, and of course what material it is made of. These are all characteristics that need to be taken into account and of course determine those that are adequate to your needs.

Types of Surveillance Cameras For You Home

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1. Analog Cameras

  • Dome

These cameras are domed or oval. Depending on the IP protection they have, they can be mounted indoors or outdoors. The only cameras that can be anti-vandal (with protection against strong shocks).

  • Bullet

These are usually tubular shaped. They can be mounted indoors or outdoors, depending on the level of IP protection they have.

  • Cube

They are cube-shaped. They are usually located on a bracket and are mostly mounted inside.

  • PTZ

They can be operated via the control console, so they are usually circular and are designed so that they can be turned at any angle.

  • Box

These cameras provide an additional outer casing and are mounted only inside.

2. IP Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance is a video surveillance system where you can view recordings or watch live recordings over a network (LAN or Internet). This is a great advantage of this type of video surveillance because it gives us the ability to move and monitor the situation from a remote location. The IP video surveillance system must contain at least one IP camera, cables with which the camera is connected, power cables, a recorder with a suitable hard disk for storing video material. A monitor or TV is also required to play the recorded video. Capture and storage software is another item not to be forgotten. It can also be connected to a computer or device to view the recorded material.

3. WIFI Cameras

These cameras are mostly used via computers to work on certain social networks, and can also be useful in controlling the rooms where they are located and as a security system if you want to control children so that someone if they are minors does not abuse them on the Internet.

4. Video Surveillance Sets

These kits come with a predetermined number of cameras depending on how many zones you want to cover, with a digital video recorder (DVR) and a special hard disk for video surveillance – that is the appropriate size depending on the number of cameras and their resolution. Each kit has a time limit of how many days you can have the video saved. All video surveillance kits allow you to manage and view the recording on your smartphone or tablet, so you can always check your business facility or house when you are not there. Of course, provided that you have the internet on the facility where the video surveillance system is installed. There are several types of kits with different prices – so you make a choice accordingly.

5. Static Indoor Cameras

These cameras are so practical that if you are not at home and you have, for example, a pet – in a special room you can from time to time look at and monitor its behavior. They are very practical for simple things and the price is affordable.

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To conclude and learn a lesson in all this. Video surveillance is a mere necessity nowadays, and certainly instills additional security and fewer worries about whether everything is fine at work or home. You need to think and talk to people who have experience with video surveillance – and make the right decision. We hope we have helped you at least a little.

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