4 Ways Modern Technology is Changing the Writing World 

Writing is still a great hobby and a stable profession for many people around the world. It helps one in expressing themselves as well as impart important information throughout media sources. But even then continuous writing, especially non-fictitious one, can be a monotonous and tiring process. Writing can also get some help from online tools and modern technology to make the process a lot faster and easier. A lot of different modern technologies have made it faster to write blogs, articles, news reports, as well as fictional works. In a way they are surely changing the writing world.

Below is a list of 4 ways in which modern technology is changing the world:

1. It has become easier to find reliable sources


The internet has made it very easy for budding writers as well as researchers to research on topics they might be unaware of. In the past if one wanted to write about a topic unknown to them, they would either go to libraries or look for information in newspapers and magazines – this as bound to take a lot of time and thus made researching and writing a time taking process, plus there were less ways to cross-check any information found as well as to cite the sources from random books.

Now due to the advent of the internet, it has become a lot easier to look for information about a topic one might have no idea about and write about the same. Moreover, the internet consists of both online and offline resources and one can find a lot of information from various sources which can help one in cross verifying a lot of information before putting it down on paper. Besides this, having online resources with their own web addresses have made it easier to cite the source of a particular piece of information and one can get more information about the same online.

Having good and legible citations along with reference from various sources can help in making the article or blog look more reliable and professional.

2. One can sound more put together


It is not always possible for everyone to come up with well put together sentences that all flow together to form a professional-sounding paragraph. There can be times where one might have great ideas to write about but one is unable to form good sentences to express their views. This is where paraphrasing tools can help. Paraphrasing tools can help in making one’s written documents sound more professional, fluent or formal. They can help in eliminating minor grammatical errors and in forming good sentences that fit together to form a presentable paragraph.

Besides this, paraphrasing tools can also help in eliminating the chances of copyright infringement in case one’s write-up might sound very similar to someone else’s. Such tools are a faster way to make one sound more professional and protect them from being flagged for plagiarism.

3. Technology helps in identifying grammatical mistakes and proofreading the text


There are other software technologies that help in finding out the grammatical mistakes made in a written work. Not only that, such softwares also help by making suggestions as to what grammatical choices would be better for the text to sound more fluent. Without such technology, it becomes easier for one to leave some grammatical mistakes unnoticed and one would need a friend or someone else to proofread their written work but twitch the advent of such kind of softwares, the proofreading work has become a lot faster and efficient without the need for someone else to proofread your work. It is also cheaper and faster than having to get a person to do the same.

Such softwares can help you by pointing out spelling mistakes, mistakes in sentence arrangement, suggesting better words to use instead of the ones already used and so on.

4. Writers have better ways to protect themselves from copyright infringements


Many times a person might not have used any other source to write their articles or blogs than their own brain but that does not mean that your article is a hundred percent unique according to the internet. There can also be cases of you accidentally having the same ideas as someone else and writing it down in a similar way. This can lead to similarity between the content of both the writers and one might become liable for plagiarism.

Hence, to avoid that one can make use of online resources as well as applications which help a person find out the similarity between their own written text and other resources on the internet. Such technology is available for free and can also be purchased to get some extra benefits like proofreading and paraphrasing options. When one uses tools to find plagiarism in their written text, one can see the similarity percentage as well as the parts where both the texts are similar. This enables the writer to make some changes to their own written text to avoid any kind of copyright infringement that might arise.


Many professionals in the present world have started making use of various technologies to make their work life easy, faster and more efficient. It is the same with writers. Here are some of the ways that technology has influenced writing. Writers have progressed from taking pen and paper notes to inputting their ideas on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. To create outstanding works, classic writers relied on their own inventiveness. Contemporary writers can simply steal ideas from other writers. For certain writers, communication tools have boosted the quality of their work.

Writers can improve their quality by comparing their writing styles to those of other writers from around the world. Some writers can retain their writing standards across multiple volumes, while others must decrease their standards. In today’s environment, many writers can use such technologies to increase the quality of their writing. Besides this, technology has made it possible for writers to publish their works on various fronts both online as well as offline.

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