6 Common iPhone Repairs To Always Leave To The Professionals

Many people have come to regard their iPhone as an integral part of their life, so it stands to reason that if a problem develops with this innovative piece of technology, their life gets turned upside down. Handling any iPhone repair means taking it to a place that has experience with smartphone repair and can get you back on track.

The professionals know how to fix iPhone issues and see many common themes when they perform any iPhone repair. Listed below are the reasons that people come to experts for their smartphone repair:

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1. Battery Concerns

Without a consistent battery in place, your iPhone becomes useless. The problem could be related to charges that quickly fade out or other more direct causes that trace directly back to the battery itself. To fix iPhone issues like this, something as simple as installing a replacement battery becomes the plan.

2. Faulty Buttons

The ease of communicating through the press of a button can be compromised when a single button or a series of them aren’t working. Things like an intermittent speaker, problems with a frequently-used button like Home, or side switches that won’t work can quickly become an exercise in frustration.

3. Signal Issues

One of the values of having an iPhone is being able to use the internet from virtually any location. However, when your operating system is faulty or you have a problem downloading things like apps, some red flags should immediately go up.


4. Camera Problems

Another valuable aspect of your iPhone is its ability to snap photographs at a moment’s notice. That value diminishes when pictures come out fuzzy, appear distorted, or have annoying lines running through them, so a replacement of the lens should be on the agenda.

5. Cracked Screen

In the rush to take their iPhones everywhere, many people inevitably end up dropping them on the ground at some point. That leads to a sight that no user wants to see: a crack in the screen. In some cases, you can still use the iPhone but the excitement of showing it off wanes because of the unappealing look it presents.

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6. Water Damage

Another common problem for smartphone users is when they accidentally drop their devices into the water. It might be outside in a puddle, preparing to take a bath, or most embarrassingly, into the toilet. Water and technology are often a bad mix, which means finding access to someone who can either repair or replace your iPhone is important.

Here’s what happens when you try to DIY your iPhone repairs:


Trying DIY Voids Your Warranty

Smartphone manufacturers provide warranties to cover repair costs in the case of technical failures. In addition, carriers offer insurance to provide coverage for repair costs. Once a phone breaks, users often attempt to repair the phone on their own rather than take advantage of warranty and insurance to pay for professional repair. Perhaps they feel as though they don’t have the time to wait for a repair shop, or they’re overconfident about their technical skills. Unfortunately, if they open the phone and make the problem worse, they void the warranty. That’s why leaving the phone alone and taking it to a repair shop is better than a DIY attempt.

Finding Parts Often Proves Difficult

The average smartphone user isn’t as likely to find appropriate parts for their phone as a repair shop is. Repair shops have connections within the industry and can access unique parts to fix a certain smartphone. Sometimes users think they’re ordering the right part to fix a phone themselves, but the part ends up not working. They’ve now wasted their money on an inappropriate part plus shipping costs for that part.

You Could Make The Problem Worse

The innards of a smartphone are highly complex, and a repair person needs certain knowledge, skills, and experience to do the job right. The slightest mistake or oversight can worsen the damage and make the problem more complicated. This means higher repair costs when you bring the phone to a shop, and now that you’ve voided the warranty, you’ll have to cover these costs.


You Risk Battery Damage

As technology has progressed, the removable cell phone battery has become a rarity. If a user has to remove a battery, that user has to buy a special kit for opening up the device. Even with the kit, the task is challenging and requires some technical skill. One wrong move can damage the battery or surrounding structures. When the battery is out, it also gathers dust particles, which transfer to the phone’s innards once replaced.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools

Opening up a smartphone requires tools that average smartphone users don’t have lying around the house. That’s why many smartphone users who attempt DIY repair use inappropriate tools. Tools such as eyeglass screwdrivers, butter knives, and guitar picks are too harsh on delicate smartphone structures. While you could buy professional tools, they’re costly, and you’ll probably just use them once. You might as well take the phone to someone who has not only the right tools but also the expertise to know what they’re doing.

You Don’t Have Insight From Experience

The odds are that an average smartphone user doesn’t have experience in opening up hundreds of smartphones and making repairs to them. With experience comes insight to correctly diagnose and repair problems, and that’s what professionals have. Watching online tutorials isn’t the same thing as being experienced. The savvy person in the tutorial video probably makes repairs look a lot easier than it is.

Source: Business Insider

Bottom Line

For your Tallahassee smartphone repair, coming to the professionals is always the best move. They know how to fix iPhone issues you might be having and iPhone repair concerns are handled promptly. Make sure to get in touch with them today!

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