How to Get Your Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked in 2024

What are your thoughts on freedom? Do you know that wireless is freedom? Technology advancements have unleashed our phones from their cords and provided us with the ability to be virtually anywhere we want to be. But shouldn’t that freedom go beyond that? In 2024, we have technology that exists to support learning on a massive scale. So why shouldn’t we have the ability to unlock iPhone 7 and broaden our wireless network scope?

The Apple iPhone 7 is a cherished possession for its owners. However, when it comes to Apple products, one of the things we must factor in is that they usually lure you in with a price you can’t beat due to a 2-year contract where you are locked in with a specific wireless carrier. So, let’s say you purchased the iPhone through AT&T, then it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to be stuck with that carrier and their service for the next two years.

That is… Until now. You no longer have to deal with the hindrance of being stuck footing the bill every month to a wireless provider that’s not up to par with what you’re looking for. When you unlock iPhone 7, you’re going to find out that there are so many advantages in doing so.


Generally, you’ll find that there are a few methods to choose from to unlock iPhone 7. In this post, we’ll go over just what a couple of those methods are and what they will do for you when you decide to unlock iPhone 7.

What Does Unlocking an iPhone mean?

In simple terms, unlocking your device means that you won’t be tied to any specific carrier anymore. So, goodbye, one-trick-pony wireless carrier, hello wireless freedom! Let’s look into a couple of the ways that you can unlock the iPhone 7.

Method 1) Factory Unlock iPhone 7

This is the method that I highly recommend. That’s because it’s by far the safest way to unlock iPhone 7. It’s also the only option that will keep the warranty intact. This is the ONLY official method that Apple recognizes and approves. You can even count on wireless carriers worldwide to approve of this method.

What’s more, this option will guarantee that your iPhone 7 is permanently unlocked. So you shouldn’t fear any software or hardware damage! This method hones in on your wireless carrier and is separate from the version of firmware on the device, the iOS version, and the exact model of the iPhone.

To use this method to unlock iPhone 7, you’re going to need to know your IMEI/MEID number. This number is associated with your iPhone and your iPhone only. That means it’s unique to your iPhone 7.

You can find this number on your own by dialing *#06# from the keypad. This will immediately provide you with your iPhone’s IMEI/MEID number. Be sure to jot that down correctly. Then choose an unlocking vendor that you can trust. They’ll be able to authorize it and confirm with Apple to add the IMEI/MEID number to their unlocked database. A simple search will pull up many providers that can help you unlock iPhone 7.

My personal favorite is They guarantee legitimate unlocking services at an affordable price. The reason that this isn’t free is that you’re essentially unlocking the iPhone before the end of your contract with the company. When you truly consider this, a reasonable fee is a very small variable in all of this.

Method 2) Hardware Unlock iPhone 7

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Quite possibly the most meddlesome method to unlock iPhone 7, hardware unlocking involves opening up the phone and performing a sort of surgery by messing with the wires to unlock it.

Many people DO NOT recommend this unlocking option. However, if you’re an electrical engineer with expert skills and extensive knowledge of iPhones and their hardware, then go for it.

It’s also important to realize that this method isn’t acceptable to many iPhone users. Many users claim that this method doesn’t work in the least. And those who say it works complain of the signal quality is very poor and sudden call drops being imminent.

So, if you’re wanting to unlock iPhone 7 and can afford the risk, then this option is an experiment with trial and error. It could very well leave your iPhone at a disadvantage. This is why you should always proceed with CAUTION.

The biggest loss you can face with this method is because it carries the maximum risk of damaging your iPhone’s hardware. That alone is very expensive to replace.

Furthermore, once you open the phone and begin messing with the phone’s hardware, then you might as well say goodbye to the hardware and software warranty. It’s going to be void after you mess with the guts of the iPhone.

Needless to say, if the phone is out of warranty, then you jeopardize the resale value. This is going to leave you “up the creek without a paddle,” in terms of making any profit back when you decide to resale the device.


Final Thoughts

Factory unlocking using an unlocking service like CellUnlocker is the way to go. Although the iPhone 7 is an older model, this method continues to be the guaranteed go-to to safely unlock the iPhone 7.

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