Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely On Your iPhone’s Insurance

So you’ve bought a brand new iPhone and have full coverage insurance on your device. That’s a wise move because replacing your device out of pocket would be expensive.

Phone insurance has become common in the last decade, and it works just like any other insurance policy with a deductible and specific terms for what’s covered. However, it’s not the end all be all of phone protection. Having insurance for your iPhone won’t actually solve all of your problems should your phone become damaged or stolen.

If you’ve been relying on insurance to carry you through an unforeseen phone accident, and that’s the extent of your preparedness, here are some important points to consider.


You’ll have to wait for a replacement phone

An insurance policy will replace your iPhone, but what will you do while you wait for a new device? If you only use your phone for connecting with friends and family, it will be inconvenient, but there won’t be serious consequences. On the contrary, if you use your phone for business, you can expect to experience a disruption.

The best way to prepare for the wait time is to have a backup device you can use until you get your usual phone fixed or replaced. Keep a physical list of all your contacts’ names, numbers, and email addresses just in case you can’t transfer your phone’s data through your carrier.

If your hard drive is toast, you’ll lose your files

Phone insurance can make you feel invincible until your phone’s hard drive malfunctions or experiences an impact that renders it useless. If you care about your data, you need a plan for recovering your hard drive.

Hopefully, you’ve got a strong, rugged case for your iPhone, like the Unicorn Beetle PRO. While no case is guaranteed to protect your phone, this particular case has been proven to protect against lawn mower blades, 50-foot drops, and being tossed out of a car driving at 50 mph. That’s impressive.

Plan ahead for how you’ll recover your data if your phone breaks. There are devices that can extract data from a damaged phone, so make sure you try this before calling your phone completely dead.

Of course, the ideal solution is to back up your files. With an iPhone, that’s easy. Just connect your iCloud account and set it to automatically back your files up on a regular basis. If you skip making backups of your data, you will regret it the moment your phone’s hard drive can’t be recovered.


Your insurance might not cover a replacement

Do you know what your insurance policy covers? Sometimes certain types of damage are excluded, like water damage. It all depends. If you’re feeling secure enough that your phone will be replaced under any circumstance, consider that one trip to the beach or a lake can damage your phone in a way that isn’t covered.

The only way to protect your smartphone against water damage is by using a waterproof phone case. They’re easy to get and worth the extra bulk when you plan on being out in the water. Even if you don’t swim with your phone, it’s wise to put it in a waterproof case because you never know when someone will spray water in your direction.

Relying on insurance can train you into careless behaviors

The most important consideration is that having phone insurance can train you into being careless with your iPhone. Studies have shown that when people are getting closer to being able to upgrade their phone, they act carelessly, even damaging their phone as if it’s not a big deal. They’re just going to get a new one anyway.

If you hold the same belief – that you can break your phone and insurance will just get you a new one – you’re more likely to be careless and damage not just your phone, but other devices, too. It’s worthwhile to adopt a careful mindset around all of your tech devices, even ones that are insured. You don’t want to transfer a careless way of being to other, uninsured devices.


Get phone insurance, but also be diligent

Sure, your smartphone is replaceable, but why spend money you don’t have to when you can take precautions to avoid the damage in the first place?

The bottom line is that having insurance for your iPhone is great and probably even necessary. However, it’s not the only thing you need to protect your phone. Make sure you also have plans for backing up data and being careful with your device.

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