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5 Signs Your Business Needs a Better Security System

Nowadays, video surveillance has become one of the fundamental forms of protection of residential and commercial buildings, people, events, and other forms of property. Primarily video surveillance was used to monitor those objects and events which observation was dangerous or impossible for humans. With the development of technology, it has become simpler, more reliable and affordable, and these are one of the main reasons why video surveillance is increasingly used in technical protection.

If you are a business owner, it is very likely that you have already installed cameras in your business premises or in front of them, in order to detect and prevent possible criminal actions that could endanger your property. A comprehensive video surveillance system is the basis for a safe and secure business. Some still stick to the good old security, but we have to admit that the best result is given by a combination of these two types.

In today’s age of informatics and technology, when various gadgets and computer aids are available, video surveillance has become an integral part of life and we can find it at every turn. In busy streets, traffic is monitored, in companies, workers and daily events at the workplace are monitored, goods are provided in warehouses, and private property is provided in a house or apartment. All we just listed is video surveillance. The video surveillance system primarily serves to protect people and property and records everything that can be of great importance to us and help if something happens.

The whole system consists of cameras, equipment for storing and displaying video material, and cables with which all components are connected.

In practice, there are many variations on the theme because the system can be coupled with an alarm system or have microphones to record sound.

Also, cameras with a recorder can be connected wirelessly, in which case we do not need data cables.

These are all additional options that you choose when designing a video surveillance system according to your capabilities and needs.

If you are still in doubt whether you need this investment to provide additional security for your company, we will help you make a decision in its favor. See when it’s time for that.

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1. Your company was targeted by thieves

Have you ever arrived at work in the morning and noticed that the burglars visited your premises last night? Although many say that with a small chance that it will happen again, you can never be sure. Installing video surveillance might distract them from this plan, and in case it doesn’t work, it would record them and help identify them.

Thanks to modern technologies, today, with the help of mobile phones, you can do many tasks that used to take you a long time. Smartphones allow us to store our most important information and to always carry all that information with us in our pockets or purses.

Among other things, you can use your smartphone to monitor the activities that take place in your home. Modern video surveillance systems give you the ability to watch videos from your home in real-time via your phone. This way you will worry less when you are on a business trip.

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2. You do not have any type of security

You may not have felt the need for any security system until now, but it’s definitely better to have it than to suffer irreparable damage. CCTV cameras have very good resolutions and will help you in many other situations, which leads us to the next.

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3. You have low-quality cameras

Or, in other words – you don’t have adequate supervision. It’s time to replace old camera models with new ones with better resolution and night shooting. Keep up with technology.

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4. You’ve Outgrown Your Current System

You may have thought until now that you didn’t need any security system, or that hiring a night watchman was quite enough. But, the business has started to grow, the company is developing and it is quite a logical step to work in this field as well. The last thing you want to do is undermine the success of your new operations.

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5. You have a parking lot

Have you already noticed that your car is scratched on the right side? For some reason, most arrive at work in a hurry. Sometimes the reason for this is traffic jams, and sometimes it is a need to drink your morning coffee in peace and quiet. In any case, the workers arrive at the parking lot and you realize that they only have two minutes left until the start of working hours. So, what happens in a hurry? Due to the “speed” parking, they scratch your car. But don’t worry, you’ll find the perpetrator in no time, just return the video.

Advantages of video surveillance

The video surveillance system is technical protection of people and property that records everything that “tomorrow” can be of great importance to us if something happens. Video surveillance is increasingly used in technical protection due to the many advantages it provides to its users. The use of video surveillance as technical protection allows you to identify and identify the perpetrator if a criminal offense occurs, and the recording can serve as evidence in case of litigation. The use of video surveillance also achieves a strong psychological effect by deterring a potential perpetrator from committing a crime. Also, the use of video surveillance has a positive effect on employee efficiency and theft reduction. Research has shown that residential and commercial buildings without video surveillance are much more often the target of offenders. You can find more about it at this website.

A big advantage of this type of security is that it captures at night, and special cameras include a larger field of view, so they are equally useful indoors and outdoors. In addition, many have a motion detector that sends an alert to the user every time a movement is detected in a particular field.

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