Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats You Should Know About in 2024

Digital marketing has emerged as the most powerful form of marketing in the post-pandemic era. With the internet into a business entry to operate and for consumers to buy, traditional marketing has taken back seats. As a result, brands rely on their digital strategies as before. According to the latest CMO surveys, 56% of businesses modify their business models to take advantage of digital opportunities.

As a means to ensure world transition to digital interactions, businesses of all sizes trying to market themselves online, making digital marketing landscapes more competitive than before in 2024. If you are a digital marketer by the profession or business owner who wants to grow their digital presence, watching the latest digital marketing statistics will help you take stock of current situations and plan the future.

In this article, we have collected some interesting and hard and hardware marketing statistics to look forward to how digital marketing can affect your business and marketing results in 2024 and so on.

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Digital marketing facts

– Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

– Because digital marketing focuses on areas where people have spent their time online, it produces high quality leads and better conversion opportunities.

– Your online business marketing allows you to achieve a larger and more diverse audience group throughout the world.

– Digital marketing is more measurable than most forms of traditional marketing and offers a more real way for marketers to bind metrics back to business using analysis tools.

– Consumers are getting online and they want to be fulfilled differently – eg. More personal offers, assistance all time etc. Digital marketing supports businesses in meeting these demands.

– By enabling small businesses to compete with larger brands on the market, digital marketing levels play fields.

– One of the largest power of digital marketing lies in personalization to allow businesses to change user experiences based on interest, demographics, purchasing behavior, and so on.

Digital Marketing Statistics

1. ‘quality’ content is still king

Source: Inumin Media

70% of internet users want to get information about products through content, not traditional ads. While excessive information is the main stressor for consumers today, there is still a request for marketing content that allows buyers to make decisions based on information.

2. Blogging is a marketing priority

Source: TECH domains

Despite the fact that the 500 million blogs are out there and more than 2 million posts run every day, blogging is still the main component of a digital marketing plan for most marketers. 53% marketers agree to have blogging on their content marketing agenda.

And why not? Blogging Drive 97% More Links to business websites (compared to those) and more than 68% of consumers feel that a blog makes a website more reliable.

3. Offline gets a beating

Source: Perpetuum Mobile

According to a report by Accenture, global income from offline trade channels will see a 20% decline in 2024, while the B2B trade market, in the US alone, will reach $ 1.2 trillion in that period. This indicates far implications for B2B organizations and warning encouragement for businesses to raise their strategies to get the attention of buyers in the virtual world

4. Digital boom advertising expenses

Source: Digiday

Global digital advertising expenditures are predicted to jump to $ 389 billion in 2024. Although digital advertising expenditures throughout the world witnessed a humble 2.4% growth in 2024, is expected to rise again with 17% growth in 2024.

5. The most important ROI

Source: Notion Technologies

In the request report, marketers 89% show an increase in the ability to measure and analyze marketing impacts as a top priority. In the era where businesses pour $$$ large into digital marketing, marketers are increasingly under pressure to justify investment.

6. ROI is also a major challenge

Source: Inner Strength Communication

40% of marketers believe ROI is the top marketing challenge they face. While businesses allocate most of their marketing budgets to digital, marketers cannot make their results appropriate.

7. Targeting/segmentation of audiences is a challenge

Source: Spellbrand

Forrester reported that 58% marketers struggled to target or group their audiences. One of the main reasons is that it cannot take advantage of the rich first party data sources that they have, which makes it difficult for them to personalize consumer experience.

8. Marketers recognize that they need to increase the use of first party data

Source: Emarsys

Unlike the previous stat, marketers seem to study the lessons of taking their first party data seriously. 88% marketers say that collecting first party data is their priority in 2024 to get a better understanding of their customers and meet their needs.

9. Consumers call a bigger role in digital marketing

Source: Marketing Land

One trend that has emerged since the Covid-19 outbreak is that businesses receive consumer call waves, which are the first sources of critical party data and often have not been utilized. Thus, the Forrester survey shows that 85% of marketers consider incoming calls and telephone conversations as an important part of their organization’s first strategy.

10. Video marketing promises good ROI

Source: Sproutlogix

Nearly 90% of video marketers experience a good return on investment.

Videos not only have high involvement factors but also play a role in conversion. The average conversion rate for websites using video is 4.8%, while 2.9% for those who don’t.

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