5 Benefits of Using Cloud Video to Boost Your Online Presence!

Every business needs to take safety measures to ensure they are protected in the event of hacking or breaching of security. To better protect their data, their customers, and their employees, companies need to utilize security measures that withstand the test of time and change with the new technology on the market.

Instead of using a traditional surveillance method, you can use a more comprehensive system that has many benefits over the old method. The new technology allows companies the ability to reduce their risk of loss, monitor their system, add recurring monthly revenue, add offsite storage, and make their customers feel safe!

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5 benefits of using cloud video for your growing business!

There are numerous benefits of using the tool for your business to help with scalability, productivity, and safety. Cloud video, also known as cloud video surveillance, is a way to help keep all of your data and security video in one place to help with organization and analysis.

Until recently, the main surveillance systems used for security and safety purposes were only used to help prevent crime and reduce the chances of theft for retail stores or businesses. They were used for one purpose and one purpose only – however, in today’s world that has become almost completely digitized, we have seen a use of cloud video that surpasses solely crime prevention.

Today, the applications used in this tool are much more multifaceted and diverse than in past years. For example, it helps businesses with the interpretation of business protocol, preventing false claims, and enforcing proactive measures in the workplace that otherwise would have been overlooked.

There are many benefits of this surveillance for security professionals, such as helping customers feel safer and helping the business as a whole become more productive. Let’s see the top five benefits of this new technology when it comes to growing your business and expanding your clientele.

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1. Reduced risk of loss

Data is one of the most important aspects of all businesses. You want to keep this personal information safe and secure from other people looking at it or stealing it. In the world of hackers and online theft, you need to ensure your personal information and imperative data are stored securely to avoid breaches.

One way you can help prevent data loss is by using cloud video. Since it bypasses the physical boundaries that would otherwise be in place with traditional surveillance, this technology lets you automatically save the video directly to the cloud to prevent the ‘evidence’ from being tampered with.

If the recorder becomes damaged or the video is suddenly lost due to the theft, you can still access the data recorded on the cloud video by going to your cloud program. Some cloud providers that you can use with your business also offer companies additional storage space that makes it easier for you to store every result on your backup cloud.

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2. System health monitoring

The second benefit of using this tool for your business is to directly and quickly alert the people in charge of any concerns or issues with the video feed. If you find the feed is not transmitting correctly or it is glitching during the day, this specific app will automatically send an ‘error message’ to the person in charge of the program to alert them of the issue. Instead of going back to the tapes later to find they are not working correctly, you can catch the problem directly as it is happening.

Although you can use this type of alert with traditional video surveillance, the process of setting up this alert is much more complicated and time-consuming than it currently is with cloud video. With a cloud-based system, users can be immediately notified if a camera suddenly turns off. This type of security alert ensures that your entire company’s safety is paramount.

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3. Recurring monthly revenue

The third benefit is the financial benefit of recurring revenue that otherwise would not have occurred. One of the main benefits for all businesses – since every company enjoys a higher profit margin – is the ability to add a new stream of monthly revenue to your company. The app allows you to avoid subscribing to monthly billing, meaning you can avoid having to continue paying commission and premium prices for a must-have technology. Furthermore, most of the programs allow businesses to invoice them for trade list prices to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

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4. Possibility of offsite storage

The next benefit of the tool over traditional surveillance is the ability to add offsite storage for customers. If your customers want to back up their data or their record to the cloud, they can do just that! Instead of saying no due to the extra cost or the inability to add space, it ensures that all customers can have access to the same technology.

Since customers are now realizing how beneficial cloud video can be for their own security in their private lives, consumers are now interested in using cloud video, analytics, and other security measures for their own homes.

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5. Remote access to all footage

The final benefit of using cloud video has to do with the benefits for customers. It is not just beneficial for the security team, but also for the consumers who are using your products or services! For the customers, the cloud video can provide convenience to all users, such as offering footage that can be viewed on their smartphone, laptop, and 24/7 access from anywhere they have internet access.

Not only is this convenient for your customers, but it allows you peace of mind that your consumers feel safe with your business.


Businesses that add cloud video surveillance to their security system can feel peace of mind when compared to traditional video surveillance. By using this new technology, companies can add offsite storage, increase their customer’s faith in their company, and increase their monthly revenue simultaneously!

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