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10 Best Gaming PC Under $500 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

In today’s modern and technology-based world, getting a high-end gaming PC is expensive, but there are reliable brands that offer you a gaming PC under 500$. The gaming PC owns all the features that are necessary for the ultimate gaming experience. It provides you a huge storage hard drive, fast speed processor, and a graphic card to run games smoothly without freezing.

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The best thing is you can always upgrade these gaming PCs with more powerful RAM and hard drive. The Gaming PC under $500 will give more fantastic performance than Xbox and PS4. In this review, you will find the 10 best gaming PCs to get excellent features at an affordable price.

Gaming PC Under 500$ Top Picks

1. CUK AsRock DeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop

CUK AsRock DeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop


The Cuz Asrock desktop mini is compact in design but has all the features of a heavily built PC. It features a Ryzen 3 2200G processor that is considered an excellent processor for gaming. You can run many games on your PC with this processing potential. It has enough capacity to keep your game running without freezing and crashing.

AMD VEGA 8 graphics give you the same gaming experience as the standard laptop graphics like Intel. It doesn’t come with a GPU, but the VEGA 8 graphic is the best alternative to the standard GPU. It has 8GB RAM of 2,66Mhz that is enough for opening several programs at once. You can store different games with this memory storage, and also it allows you to play mid to high-level games.

The AsRock deskmini X300 has 256GB solid state drive. It offers your PC with a super-fast boot and significantly less load time. As a result, you can play many games on this gaming PC at an affordable price without interruption. You can also add an external Hard Drive if you want to increase its drive space.

Deskmini is made with an aluminum MOSFET that protects your gaming PC from heat. As gaming PCs are more prone to heat, these features will ensure the PC’s stability while loading and will also ensure excellent performance without crashing or freezing. The AsRock X300 will enable you to make a mini data center at your home with its RAID 0/1 feature. RAID provides you a superior function, and Raid 1 ensures to protect your essential information.

With a triple display feature, it allows you to enjoy your game immensely. It also features a fast-charging USB and will enable you to transfer your data up to 5 GB. Moreover, the package includes a 19V 120 W adapter, a manual, and a driver disc for easy installation. It also comes with two cables and two slot screws. It offers you a three years warranty so you can buy it with confidence.

  • Ryzen 3 2200G processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Aluminum MOSFET Heatsink feature
  • Limited solid-state drive


The Asrock desk mini X300 gives you a high-end gaming experience in a cost-effective manner. This gaming PC is compact but gives a super fast speed with its 2200G processor. It allows you to save high-end games with its vast memory storage. The manufacturer offers you a three years warranty so you can buy this gaming PC without any hassle.

2. HP Pavilion 590 Gaming Desktop Computer

HP Pavilion 590 Gaming Desktop Computer


HP computers are known for their high performance, durability, and super fast speed. It is a well-known brand that never compromises its quality. You can get a complete gaming PC for under $500. With its top-notch performance in affordable ranges, HP has gained its name widely. I found its design sleek and compact, which can fit easily in a limited space.

It comes with Intel’s 8400 8th generation processor and Intel UHD 630 graphic card with 16GB memory to give you high-level gaming performance. It features a 1TB SATA hard disk (HDD) with a RAM of 16 GB which provides you with sufficient space to store your games, videos, and other essential documents. It comes in a silver color and has a metallic build.

HP computers are known for their high speed and super fast boot. HP Pavilion 590 desktop computer comes with an efficient chip that gives your PC fast speed and allows you to multi-task simultaneously. Its i5 CPU equipped with Windows 10 keeps your PC from freezing and crashing. Furthermore, Core i5 CPU’s speed is 2.8GHz which you can increase up to 4GHz.

The HP pavilion 590 desktop computer comes with ports and connectivity slots. The 2.0 USB port helps you to transfer your vast game files. It comes with a VGA port, an HDMI, audio/video port, USB mouse, and keyboard. HP 590 desktop computer gives you a powerful gaming performance with its intel 630 UHD graphics. This gaming PC is made with eco-friendly material that reduces carbon footprint and has an Energy Star certification. The HP Pavilion 590 offers one year of warranty. If you face any problem, you can exchange your PC within one year.

  • Intel 8th generation processor
  • Intel UHD 630 graphics
  • 16GB Optane memory
  • Thermal blackout


The HP pavilion 590 desktop computer provides you with all the features under $500. I found it an all-in-one desktop with a one-year warranty and vast processing speed for ultimate gaming performance. If you want a top-notch gaming experience with fast speed, you should consider buying this gaming PC.

3. Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Alarco

Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Alarco


Purchasing a gaming rig in an affordable range is very difficult as there are very few brands that offer gaming rigs with all the features in a budget-friendly manner. Alarco is one of them that comes with an affordable gaming rig. Its stylish design case has an RGB remote feature that allows you to change the case’s lightning.

It comes with Intel Core i5-2400 3.1Ghz processor that allows you to play games without being interrupted. With this processor, you can run high-rated games on your PC. It has 8GB DDR3 RAM, which enables you to play many top games. It helps to run a game smoothly when you add different modes to the game. This space is more than enough for saving high-end games. I found this RAM kit enough for running games like GTA5 and PUBG. It gives you the ultimate gaming experience.

Alarco gaming PC has a GTX 650 1GB graphic card. The GPU is the main element in gaming PCs as it tells about how smoothly a game will run without interruption. It allows you to run different games that come in the AAA titles. At a low FPS setting, this gaming PC can run Fortnite games. This gaming PC comes with ports like DVI, VGA, HDMI, and three USB slots.

The package comes with a dimension of 22.25 x 22.25 x12.5 with an approximate weight of 25 pounds. It has a 1 GB mechanical hard drive with a rotational speed of 7200, which is enough for storing optimal-level games. Moreover, you can also store pictures, videos, and other documents.

It has a windows ten operating system that allows you to run games at super-fast speed. You can always add an external SSD for extra space if you wish. It gives you a one-year warranty for original part defects. You can change or repair the product within one year from the date of purchase.

  • RGB remote feature
  • Intel Core i5-2400 processor
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Sudden freeze of PC


If you are fond of GTA, CSGO, PUBG, and other related games on a gaming PC that come at affordable prices, then Alarco gaming PC is your go-to option. The low cost of this PC does not compromise the quality because of its considerable space that allows you to store your favorite games. The higher GPU gives you the ultimate gaming experience. The additional point is its colorful lights on the case, which make your PC look great.

4. Dell Gaming Optiplex 990 Mini-Tower Computer

Dell Gaming Optiplex 990 Mini-Tower Computer


Manufacturers always look for the demand of their customers. Therefore, Dell gaming Optiplex 990 fulfills their customer’s need with its standard size mini-tower desktop computer. It perfectly runs high-end and light games and comes with more significant expansion space. It is so compact that it does not cover much space and can fit entirely in a small space.

The essential feature I found in the Dell Optiplex 990 is its two hard drives with 500 GB memory connected to RAID 1. If you lose one of your hard drives, the other will work perfectly fine and keep your gaming PC active. It means your game will not be interrupted if one of the hard drives loses its functioning physically. The Optiplex 990 Dell gaming PC comes with an Intel Core i7 2600 processor that works at a speed of 3.1GHz. It has better functionality than Core i3 and Core I5 processors.

With its higher processing capacity, you can run your games at high speed. Additionally, It gives your gaming PC a super-fast boot and keeps your PC from freezing and crashing. Dell Optiplex 990 comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GT710 graphics card, allowing you to stream videos and audios very smoothly. It also allows you to run your high-end games smoothly.

Its desktop size is 12 X 13 x 4.2 inches, whereas the product’s weight is 14 pounds and supports Windows 10 operating system. It has 16GB DDR3 RAM, which is considered enough space to store huge files and games. It has external ports like O/I slots, display, video, and USB 2.0 ports. If you find any damage in the package, it offers you a full refund within 30 days. However, the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty for this gaming PC.

  • Intel Core i7-2400 processor
  • NVIDIA GT710
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • No USB 3.0 port


The Dell Optiplex 990 gaming PC is one of the best PCs you will find in the market that functions perfectly and has efficient components that give you ultimate gaming performance. With its additional features, you can experience the high performance of your gaming PC in a budget-friendly manner. Moreover, it is difficult to find such an excellent gaming PC under $500.

5. AVGPC Lite Gaming PC

AVGPC Lite Gaming PC


AVG PC Lite is an affordable yet quality gaming PC that comes under the range of $500. It has a Quad-Core AMD FX-9830p processor with four threads and a speed of 3.0Ghz to 3.7Ghz. It comes with an AMD Radeon R7 Graphic card which is best for shooting and mainstream games. It supports Windows 10 operating system that is a highly recommended OS that supports different games. It gives you a better gaming experience with its Xbox Live and Direct X12 technology.

I found this gaming PC with sufficient space of 8GB DDR 4 RAM., which enables you to play the most recent games at high speed. It gives you room to store your games on your PC and enjoy it without crashing. It has a hard drive interface of ATA-600, which saves your time while downloading a game. I found an AVG gaming PC with a fantastic speed and minimum download time.

It supports WIFI, keyboard, mouse and has a 240 GB hard drive. It comes with a dimension of 23.9 X 22.2 X 12.8 inches with 19.9 pounds of weight. It gives you 30 days money-back guarantee if the product is broken or damaged, whereas the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. So you can buy it with confidence and change it if you find any problem with this gaming PC.

  • AMD FX – 9830
  • 240GB Hard drive
  • Do not support AAA title games


If you are a game lover and want something under the range of $500, then look nowhere because this gaming PC is just made for your requirement. With its vast processor to its super-fast speed, you can enjoy your mainstream games and shooting games like Fortnite, GTA, etc. AVG PC allows you to enjoy your games to the fullest.

6. HP Elite PC Desktop Computer Package

HP Elite PC Desktop Computer Package


HP Elite PC is again on the list of best gaming PC under $500 because HP does not compromise on the quality of a product. It is the most reliable computer in the market with an intel Quad-core i5 processor at 3.1GHz speed. I found this space sufficient for many heavy games, which allows you to play your favorite games at a super-fast speed. As a result, you can enjoy a high-level gaming experience with HP Elite PC.

It has a 500GB hard drive that enables you to store massive data, files, and extreme-level games. It also has a wifi adaptor and USB slot that helps you transfer your data from one place to another. It comes with a wide LCD monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse. All these components work jointly to give you ultimate performance. Hp Elite PC supports the new version of the Windows 10 operating system, allowing you to run most of your favorite games.

It owns 8GB DDR3 RAM with a 7200 rotational speed that allows you to multitask at once. You can play your favorite games with audio or video music in the background. It will enable you to store your music files, documents, and games. It comes with a certificate from Authenticity, which ensures that your PC will run fast with the security setup process. Additionally, it offers a 90 days warranty so you can buy it without any hassle.

  • Quad-Core i5
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 8GB RAM
  • Noisey


HP Elite PC comes in the category of most reliable computers that you can get under $500. The affordable yet quality product gives you ease to store and run high-end games. It allows you to enjoy your favorite games at a reasonable price. With its additional features, you can play games and store huge files, photos, and music videos.

7. Dell 3020 SFF Gaming Desktop Computer

Dell 3020 SFF Gaming Desktop Computer


Dell has earned its name with its high-class desktop computers throughout the years, allowing you multiple display support, flexibility, and a secure setup process. Dell 3020 SSF gaming PC comes with user-friendly and super fast speed features. Dell 3020 gaming PC gives you a super-fast speed with its Quad-core 4th generation i7 4770 processor. It comes with an NVIDIA GT 730 graphics card with 8GB space that supports hardware inference like HDMI, VGA, and DVI.

With 8GB RAM, you can access your favorite high-quality games at a fast speed without any crashing and freezing issues. It also reduces the download time, allowing you to download huge game files in a minimal amount of time. It supports a Solid-State drive with 256GB of space to store high-class games, heavy files, documents, and audio/video files.

It supports a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and comes with WIFI Adaptor, Keyboard, mouse, and power cord. It gives you a 90 days hardware warranty, whereas the manufacturer offers you three years limited warranty to exchange the product if you face any problem with this gaming PC. Dell 3020 gaming PC comes under $500 which offers you a quality product with unique features at an affordable price.

  • NVIDIA GT 730
  • I7 4770 Quad-core processor
  • 256GB SSD
  • No WIFI integration


Dell 3020 SFF gaming PC is a must-have product on your buying list if you want fantastic features in a budget-friendly manner. Dell is known for its trustworthy products, which give you the confidence to buy this gaming PC that comes with an Intel i7 processor and an ample space of 256GB. It allows you to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at a super-fast speed.

Buying Guide

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Spending thousands of dollars can not assure you that you are buying a quality gaming PC. Price is not proportional to quality and reliability. With advancements in technology, many brands offer quality products at affordable prices. Purchasing a gaming PC under $500 is tricky for many people because they do not know what to expect while buying a gaming PC at a low price. While buying a gaming PC, you must consider its RAM, ROM, Storage, and processor.


The processor tells you about the performance of your gaming PC. If the processor is slow, you will not enjoy the gaming experience. Whereas if the processor is accurate, you can enjoy a high-end gaming experience. Usually, the processor is an essential element, and it is described in core count. The core starts from 2 and goes up to 16. The high-end processing needs eight cores. For better gaming performance, you can also opt for a 6-core chip.

Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)

The other factor which you need to consider while buying a gaming PC is the graphic card. AMD and Nvidia are brands that offer the best all-in-one GPU nowadays. Other than these two brands, it is not recommended to opt for a graphic card having an All-in-one feature because of its low performance and inability to handle any game. The best way to select a GPU is to look for its RAM, Memory, and Thermal design power. GPU allows you to enjoy high-resolution screens and a better gaming experience.


The two options for storage that are available in the market include Hard Drive and Solid State Drive. When purchasing a gaming PC, look for a Solid-state drive because it works much faster than a regular hard drive. Better storage will increase the performance of your PC. 512GB of space is considered enough for storing games. You can always increase its size up to 1 GB if you want to store huge files or games.


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RAM is the Random Access Memory which is very crucial for Gaming. The higher RAM will allow you to play your favorite games comfortably. Moreover, it increases the speed and performance of the game. While purchasing a gaming PC at affordable prices, you must not overlook the RAM for an excellent gaming experience.

Buy a PC with a minimum of 8GB RAM because it will allow you to play games without crashing or freezing. You can open different tabs and play the games at the same time. You can also purchase a PC with 16GB RAM and 64GB RAM. The more the RAM increases, the more excellent your gaming experience will be.


Your computer processor must be Core i5 or Core i7 if you are considering an Intel gaming PC. For AMD, consider buying a PC with Ryzen 5 or 7. These processors work best for heavy games and give ultimate performance. Furthermore, these processors work for longer years. While purchasing a CPU, you must consider a ventilated chassis because gaming PCs have a higher heating tendency. Your PC can freeze or even crash with this problem.


The motherboard works in close coordination with other parts of the PC to give you excellent performance. While purchasing a gaming PC, you should consider a motherboard that can be upgraded easily in the future. Many brands offer high-quality motherboards that are budget-friendly as well as flexible to upgrade.

Power Supply

The Power supply is a component that is often neglected while purchasing a low-budget gaming PC. The power supply provides your PC with the right amount of power so you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience without being interrupted. It ensures that your PC works at its total potential. Without a good amount of energy, your PC will not function properly.


A high-performance gaming PC under $500 is a tough job to find because of several factors like its processor, RAM, CPU, GTC, etc. Usually, the gaming PC under $500 starts with a RAM of 8 GB, which is enough to store or run high-end games. I have reviewed 7 best gaming PC, and the top three recommendations are:

CUK Asrock DeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop for its Ryzen 3 2200G processor, 8GB RAM, and Aluminum MOSFET Heatsink feature.

Newest HP Pavilion 590 Gaming Desktop Computer for its Intel 8th generation processor, Intel UHD 630 graphics, and 16GB Optane memory.

Dell 3020 SFF Gaming Desktop Computer for its NVIDIA GT 730, i7 4770 Quad-core processor, and 256GB SSD.

Here is a review of the best gaming PC under $500 and a buying guide to help find an excellent quality product with all the features in an affordable range. You can always upgrade your gaming PC later, depending upon your need. The above-reviewed gaming PC will give you high-end gaming performance so you can play your favorite games without any interruption.

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