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Best Wired Keyboard Under 500 Rs in India 2024 – Buying Guide

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If you are struggling to find the appropriate budget keyboard for your PC, don’t worry. We have an ideal solution for you. We know how important is to spend the money that you have available in the best possible way. We also know that every person wants to purchase a device as quality as possible for a price as low as it can be. This is completely understandable and we decided to create a list of the top 5 wired keyboards that you can get in India for less than 500 rupees. So, keep reading to find out which are these affordable and also the quality peripherals for your computer.

5. Amkette Xcite NEO Wired USB Laptop Keyboard

The first affordable wired keyboard comes from Amkette. When you first take this device in your hands, you will immediately notice that it is extremely light. The weight of the Amkette Xcite NEO is only 290 grams. In addition, its ergonomic design will provide you with a several-hour smooth operation without getting tired. Another important feature of Amkette Xcite NEO are UV coated keys.

As for connections, we said that this keyboard is wired, therefore, the connection is done via USB cable. Also, we must mention that it is compatible with the Windows operating system and that the warranty period is one year. If you consider that the Amkette Xcite NEO is the perfect keyboard for you and fully in accordance with your budget, you can get it at Amazon for about 400 rupees.

4. Zebronics ZEB-K25 Wired USB Desktop Keyboard

The next keyboard on our list is the product of Zebronics. The model name is ZEB-K25 and it’s also a wired keyboard with a USB connection. It contains a standard number of keys (105 keys) and is quite silent when typing. At first glance, you can conclude that it is a keyboard with a super slim design, and its weight is 346 grams.

In addition, we also have to mention UV coated keys and that when connecting, you won’t have to download the drivers because the Zebronics ZEB-K25 has a plug-and-play feature. This product is compatible with all Windows operating systems (XP/Vista/7/8/10). The manufacturer emphasizes that it has a one-year warranty and that Zebronics ZEB-K25 will provide up to 1 million keystrokes.

3. QHMPL 7403 Wired USB Multi-device Keyboard

If you are looking for a compact keyboard that will save space on your PC desk, then the QHMPL 7403 is the right solution for you. And not only that, this wired keyboard will give you a comfortable feeling when typing. As for connections, the situation is the same as for all the aforementioned devices, so, it has a USB connection to the computer.

Its weight is 300g, and the manufacturer’s warranty lasts for one year. Also, another very important feature that we need to emphasize is water resistance, which is really great if you take into account the price of this device. QHMPL 7403 is available for purchase at Amazon at a price of about 265 rupees which is really affordable.

2. Amkette Xcite PRO Wired USB Laptop Keyboard

Amkette Xcite PRO is another great keyboard coming from Amkette company and has a USB connection type. When it comes to the features of this device, Xcite PRO is probably the best keyboard you can currently find on the market at a price below 500 rupees.

In addition to the standard buttons, there are also a few shortcut keys to make work smoother. Xcite PRO is designed to give users a comfortable typing experience or can be used as a very good entry-level gaming keyboard. Like the Xcite NEO, the PRO version has UV coated keys. The manufacturer gives you a warranty of one year, and you can buy the keyboard on Amazon at a price of 379 rupees.

1. HP C2500 Wired Combo keyboard

(Best option)

In the end, we decided to introduce you to a keyboard that is a product of a well-known name in the computer industry and equipment for these devices. It’s about the C2500 wired combo keyboard that comes from HP company. Next to the keyboard, you also get a 3-button mouse in the package. The HP C2500 also has a plug-and-play feature, so all you need to do is connect your new keyboard to your computer via USB.

Given the long tradition of HP (over 70 years), there is no doubt that the mouse and keyboard have been made very well. So, this is definitely the best offer for the keyboard below 500 rupees because you get a mouse and both devices with a warranty of one year. You can get a combo at Amazon at a price of about 390 rupees.

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