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9 Best NES Classic Games in 2024

There are still many fans of NES Classic Edition, and its classic console definitely hasn’t been forgotten. NES classic games are still widely popular, and whether you have one that you bought a long time ago, or you are just now getting it from eBay, these games are still extremely fun to play. Here are nine of our favorite NES classic games.

1. Vice: Project Doom

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This game has been out since ’91, and it has a fascinating and original storyline. It follows a detective who is investigating a secret alien corporation. This multi-genre game comes with the classic facets, including a limited number of lives a character has, as well as a health gauge.

 2. Contra

The ’80s are a time of action heroes with huge machine guns, and that is also the case with this game. When playing Contra, you need to hold down the button for “fire” and run from the enemies. Contra is the game that made the Konami code popular.

3. Jackal

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This game is about rescuing and retrieving POWs using a rocket launcher along with the heavy-set machine guns. You can lose or gain lives playing Jackal, but it is best played with a teammate who helps you.

4. Rygar

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This action/platformer game, unfortunately, does not have a save option, and it is well known for being highly difficult. The goal is to find five magic items so you can ascend onto the evil King Ligar’s floating castle and confront him. It is possible to enter some areas only with possession of certain items, making this game the one where you sometimes need to backtrack and explore.

5. Manic Mansion

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Manic Mansion is one of the first new wave adventure games, and it is made as an homage to the ’80s horror films. The player commands a group of teenagers who need to rescue their friend from a mad scientist’s mansion. There are several endings in this game, and it depends on which characters survive.

 6. Castlevania

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This classic game provides you with one of the best platforming experiences while you, as the player, control Simon Belmont in order to explore the castle of Dracula. Your goal is to destroy the dark lord while fighting multiple enemies.

7. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

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This Castlevania installment a the prequel to first two editions and its main character is Trevor Belmont, who is Simon Belmont’s ancestor. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse has levels like the original edition, but there are points where you can choose from two paths, which lead to different endings.

8. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

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This edition of Castlevania has some RPG elements added in, including experience system and a world map. There is an exploration in this game that is nonlinear, and there are also some essential items hidden in esoteric places. The player also needs to decipher some cryptic clues to play successfully.

9. Metal Gear

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Metal Gear game is a sneaking mission where Snake needs to infiltrate a facility undercover while avoiding the enemies. Equipment in this game, along with the weapons, are on-site procurement. If a guard spots Snake, all of the guards surround him, however, they are not impossible to beat.

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