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8 Best Apps to Learn English in 2024

The English language has become one of the most important things to know today, whether you are job hunting or just talking regularly to tourists. The English language is sometimes perceived as tricky and complicated, with all that grammar and pronunciation. We have discovered some of the best apps out there that will make your English learning seem like a piece of cake.

Best Languages to Learn During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

English is a good language to learn, but ultimately, the best languages to learn are those that you can use in practical application. The global Covid-19 pandemic has created an increasing market online for remote service providers, translation and localization services and other online business interests. The most useful languages to learn are those that you can use and that you will be able to use consistently, not only during the global covid-19 pandemic, but in practical application of any sort, not just during a crisis like the global coronavirus outbreak.

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1. Duolingo

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Duolingo is one of the best apps out there for learning languages. I have been learning several languages, like French and German, and I can honestly say that is works wonders. The way this app works is like a game – when you are correct, you win lingots that can be later used to buy some other language-needed subjects and things. Another good thing is that it is free to use.

2. ¡Hola!

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The downside is that it is not free to use, but the upside is that it has vocabulary, reading, writing, and speech recognition. Your progress is memorized, and you can move on to some more challenging level of learning once you have completed your previous levels successfully.

3. ABA English

Source: Crónica Global – El Español

It is free, but it also has a premium mode that has a price. It has 144 video lessons that cover the entire English grammar.

4. Beelinguapp

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It offers twenty-four bilingual books that have audiobooks. It isn’t the best out there, as it has many pop-up ads, and the audio quality isn’t excellent, but it is still a good app for learning English.

5. Tandem Language Exchange

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For free, you are connected with someone random that also wants to learn some language you perhaps now. If you pay, the application will connect you to a professional tutor. It is a fun thing to try, and you need to have a Facebook account to get started.

6. Speaky language exchange


Another community-based application, as it requires two people to participate. You get points if you are active, and that serves as a motivation for learning English. It can be free, or you can upgrade to premium.

7. Memrise

Source: KEEPCatalog

Memrise is more of a vocabulary learning English. It is fun because it offers flashcards as a way of memorizing new words. There are also comprehensive quizzes that give you information about your progress.

8. Hello English

Source: SoftwareSuggest

Hello English is one app that people in India like to use. The app also has Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati language, and there are 250 lessons for you to learn English. Also, a chat option is somewhat attractive on this app.

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