9 Best Floor Standing Speakers in India 2024

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Floor standing speakers have unique sounding and it can provide you with a cinema experience when you watch a film, or a balanced sound everywhere in the room when you listen to music.

Now, we have made a list and it’s mainly consisted of the floor-standing speakers that are both, affordable and quality-made.

1. Polk Audio S60 Signature American HiFi Tower Speaker Pair

First of them all, with surprising specs, Polk S60 with rich and clean sound for movies, music and video games is one of the best speakers in the HiFi category.

These speakers have an intense and compelling sound that surrounds your living room. It has built-in subwoofers, which produce clean and sharp sound. Additionally, it has high – resolution Polk terylene tweeter, dual gold plated 5 – way binding posts anд anti-diffraction magnetic grille and much more.

2. YAMAHA NS-F71 240W Floor Standing Speakers

NS – F71 speakers are impressive indeed, it has built-in subwoofers which say it all about the quality of the sound. Besides the elegant design, it has high-grade inside tools, which are consisted of large gold plated terminals that keep the good sound quality.

3. Polk Audio Signature Series S55 American HiFi Tower Speaker Pair

Another good example from Polk Audio, this time series S55 now comes with impressive features. It has tall speakers with a clean sound coming from it. It has American HiFi tower speakers and features such as Exclusive Polk power port tech, with 1 high-resolution tweeter and 6.5 mica – reinforced polypropylene cones. Also, it has high – resolution Polk terylene tweeter, dual gold plated 5 – way binding posts, anti-diffraction magnetic grille, etc.

4. Philips SPA9080B Multimedia Tower Speakers

Another well-known tech brand, Philips is launching its sound speaker collection and it is finding its way to the stars. It has an outstanding, black and clean design, and light sound and profound bass.

From the features, it has Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, an FM tuner, and even a Mic for all wannabe singers out there who enjoy organizing karaoke at their home. Also, this product is the best you will find following the price of ₹15000, therefore, it’s our warm recommendation.

5. Yamaha Speaker System Ns-8390

(Best Option)

Yamaha is hitting hard with its quality products, and this time we present you model Ns- 8390 and its specifications. It has gold – plated binding speaker posts that imitates the clear sound and is magnetically shielded for video applications, and much more. Definitely, the best one you can find for the below ₹2000.

6. Philips SPA9120B/94 Tower Speakers with Bluetooth

With powerful bass and cleanest sound, Philips SPA9120B/94 is definitely the number one choice if you want to enjoy in your favorite movie and clean sound. Also, it is a great fit in case you don’t have a big room. It has Bluetooth, USB, Wireless Mic, FM tuner and Remote Control. It is a good and solid sound system, you can find it under ₹2000.

7. F&D T60xbrown Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Although the brand is not that popular, the company made an incredible effort to make good products. They have serious tech and that’s why we put it on our list. The speakers are wireless, have 4 –inches woofer and 8 – inch subwoofer for each channel. Also, it has USB, Bluetooth, FM radio and other features. T50 is the best model in the F&D series and you can find it for a price under ₹15000.

8. OBAGE DT-2425 Dual Tower Multimedia Speaker System

OBAGE is a well – known brand in the technology world for its amazing audio equipment. With this product, they made their point – selling quality products, even if they cost a little less than expected. It contains several amazing features, clean and powerful bass, Bluetooth, Dual Aux connect, etc. For all of you, who want to have the best floor-standing speakers and don’t hesitate on the price, this option is for you, as you can find it under the price of ₹5000.

9. Philips SPT-6660 2.0 Channel Tower Speakers

With the SPT – 6660, you can enjoy the sound and all that comes with these amazing couple of sound speakers. It has built-in bass modules that make remarkable sound, and the design is amazing as well. It has Bluetooth, USB, aux, FM radio, gold – plated binding speaker posts and deeper bass modules. Also, it is the best choice of speakers if you are a karaoke lover since it produces good playback sound. All this, for the price under ₹10000.


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