10 Home Improvement YouTube Channels Worth Watching

Homeowners tend to face lots of difficulties when they start renovating or remodeling their homes. On one hand, you never know the outcome of the project, and on the other, there is always a doubt whether you can handle it on your own. So YouTube channel related to home improvements are intended to make the things less tough as you are getting more inspired through watching. Furthermore, you obtain helpful information and learn more about technical stuff in a rather simple way. Here are top 10 home improvement YouTube channels that provide a realistic view on what repair and maintenance work is actually like. They are sure to be worth watching if you want to solve your renovation tasks of any complacency.

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1. House Improvements Channel

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House Improvements channel attracts tons of viewers with the clarity and simplicity of its style. You should not miss the videos if you are looking for something straightforward. The best thing about the channel is that you get an expert tips on great variety of maintenance subjects. It is run by and covers issues ranging from very simple renovation projects up to pretty sophisticated ones. All the videos feature several small episodes, so you can get a clear overview of each step of remodeling process.

2. Ask the Builder Channel

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Many homeowners have been using Tim Carter’s tips for quite a long while being inspired by both his YouTube channel and his blog You will get his recommendations on a very wide array of subjects related to home renovation. So if you get lost in the materials or techniques to be used and if you want to make a more informed decision you should watch Ask the Builder YouTube channel and ask all the questions you are interested in. All the information is explained in a very simple, friendly, fast-paced and energetic way.

3. Ron Hazleton Channel

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DIY enthusiasts have been following Ron Hazleton’s YouTube channel over the last several years. You will enjoy his friendly and easy manner of explaining things. You are welcome to answer any question to determine which method of renovation suits you better. Ron Hazleton has a long reputation of a great adviser who can help you to imagine the outcome of your remodel project and the way it will look like on every single step. The most inspiring thing about this channel is that the videos seem to be so easy to follow.

4. HomeAdditionPlus Channel

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Mark Donovan’s YouTube channel is definitely worth watching. It contains about 100 extremely inspiring videos covering all the aspects of home maintenance. HomeAdditionPlus channel would be useful for those who need some brushing up before tackling DIY projects. The videos themselves are rather captivating, and the homeowner can easily get an idea of what the repair and renovation process looks like.

5. Channel

Source: lifehacker YouTube channel makes it easy for the homeowners to get brilliant design ideas. There are about 400 videos addressing repair and maintenance work from various angles. The channel features a huge number of DIY projects that are sure to make you try your hand at remodeling your home. All the videos offered are so inspiring ones that you will start being quite confident in achieving your renovation goals.

6. DIY Network Channel

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If you feel like being a true DIYer you are sure to adore watching DIY Network YouTube channel. It offers more than 2000 challenging and inspiring videos that cover all the aspects of home improvements and repair. The channel gives handy tips and tricks of how to tackle either simple or sophisticated renovation issues. The DIY Network videos are both entertaining and extremely easy to follow.

7. This Old House Channel

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This Old House YouTube channel features a pretty good mix of videos related to home renovation issues. They offer lots of DIY examples revealing the best ways of using different materials and accessories. The viewers may get answers to their questions to clear everything up. The videos tend to be split into small episodes that address different topics at one time. So this channel does encourage further DIY home improvements.

8. Fix It Channel

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The viewers can both get some renovation ideas and tips on how to fix stuff around the house. The Fix It channel offers a great variety of topics related to maintenance. The homeowners seem to have a short tutorial that implies a focus on this or that reconstruction and remodel aspects. You get a clear understanding of how things should be done and that is a great challenge for doing something on your own.

9. I Built It Home Improvements Channel

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The most curious thing about I Built It Home Improvements channel is that it provides you a brilliant opportunity to track the house remodeling process from beginning to end. It is always so inspiring when the viewers see the final outcome of the work. The videos focus basically on shabby bungalow reconstruction. So these are sure to be worth watching if you are eager to learn more about interior of home refurbishment.

10. The Home Repair Tutor Channel

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The name of the Home Repair Tutor channel speaks for itself. If you seek for some good design ideas or you lack the basic repair skills, the inspiring videos will provide it all. The channel covers a great variety of aspects of home refurbishment. Both instructions and recommendations given by the team are easy to follow and you will find it so fascinating to have your home improved.

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