7 Famous YouTubers That Are Into NFTs

NFT is a new trend in the digital world. If you’ve heard someone around you talk about it all the time, and you can not fit into the conversation, you’re not alone. If, on the other hand, you have heard that there is something related to cryptocurrencies, then you are partly right. In short, NFT stands for a non-fungible token, a digital version of something that exists in real life and can be bought, traded, and owned.

There are many channels on YouTube whose hosts and owners are trying to bring this topic closer to you. Other social networks, as well as bloggers and NFT experts, are no exception.

These tokens can be a representation of anything from artwork to copyright. What makes them different from cryptocurrencies is that a token corresponds to an object of reality and can not be copied. Even if you have an identical product that you want to tokenize, then it will be a different NFT.

What tokens need to work is the Ethereum blockchain. It proved to be the easiest process called minting, or launching NFT in the digital world. You can usually buy or sell cryptocurrencies because of their availability and simplicity.

You are actually trading fungible assets that way to buy NFT. The value of a token can change depending on the interest in it.

And now that you know this information, we can move on to the introduction of the best YouTubers showing interest in the NFT, as well as say a few more words about their commitment to this market.

1. Logan Paul

Many people who are NFT enthusiasts have already heard of him. He is known on other platforms, but mostly on the YouTube channel, where he records video blogs related to many topics that interest him.

Logan has an enviable NFT collection and often talks about them in his videos. The tokens he owns, many others can only fantasize that one day they would have them. Logan Paul is famous for investing a lot of money in this.

Following people like him, many are encouraged to buy their first NFT and wait for the right moment to increase demand for it. More information about him is available at

2. Max Maher

This is another name that you will often come across among the NFT enthusiasts who are present on YouTube. Of course, it is not entirely focused on NFT and cryptocurrencies, as it covers many areas of economics and finance.

What makes it different from all the others is that each video is recorded in understandable language so that even those who are not too deep into the subject can understand. Max researches all the topics he talks about, in order to always present accurate information to his followers.

3. GaryVee

He is an entrepreneur and spokesman, known on the Internet for many topics he covers on his social profiles. His interest in the NFT has been going on for quite some time. The videos he records are of an educational nature for his followers.

4. Carl Hustle

Through this channel, you will get into the essence of NFT and how they are created. You will even get a basic course on how to make a three-dimensional token yourself. Through Carl Hustle you will learn how to turn your artwork into a digital token, which you can offer at auction and sale.

5. Jim Sterling – The Jimquisition

Jim basically talks about video games. He publishes one video a week, which is understandable, given the specificity of the topics he deals with. He is also a vocal opponent of sexism in games.

Lately, you will find him unreservedly giving support to all who want and are interested in NFT.

6. TommyBryson

His videos are perhaps the most viewed, related to the creation and sale of NFT. The enviable number of over 400k subscribers to his YouTube channel makes him a relevant source of knowledge. It has videos that exceed one million views.

Well, if you want to learn more about this field, then this is one of the best channels you can follow.

7. Hustle Millennial

This is another YouTuber that creates useful NFT related videos. What you can find on the channel are basic and general guidelines on how to run the whole process, and even identify those tokens that have the potential to become popular in the near future.

And now that you already know some of the most popular YouTubers on this topic and you may be interested in creating NFT yourself, it’s time to get to the core question, how does this concept work?

These tokens are created and stored in the Ethereum blockchain, due to the speed of the transactions. The Bitcoin network can also be used, but things go much slower there.

An NFT can be a digital representation of tangible and intangible objects. These include art, unique creations, collectible designs, video game avatars, designs, music, copyrights, tweets, records, really everything you can think of.

To buy NFT you need a digital wallet in which you can store such tokens. If you want to create your own, learn more about the process from the YouTubers we have presented in this article.


For many people, this news is something uncertain and they would not want to invest in things they are not sure about. But what we absolutely think will happen in the future is that almost every person will be able to digitize an item themselves, so that they can make it available to those who need it.

This opens up a whole new concept in trading and exchanging goods.

Many industries are already using NFT in some way to enhance their overall customer experience. Your discount coupons and even loyalty cards can be stored in NFT. Can you imagine having it all available on your phone or card? We have to admit that it looks really practical and that we will probably all get used to this way of functioning.

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