Does ‌Dogecoin Have More Potential Than Bitcoin – 2024 Guide

It’s been more than ten years since the first popular cryptocurrency was introduced on the market. The interesting fact is that the first one is still the most popular option. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the leader on this market, but things might change in the future since there are more than 6,000 other options available as well.

Many factors can affect the value of some cryptocurrencies. First of all, popularity is affected by technical features and regulations in certain countries. Also, being decentralized, and having a system in the background that provides fast and safe transactions are also very important details.

On the other side, a lot of people were quite suspicious about cryptocurrencies and thought that they will never reach some significant price, or that so many people would become interested in trading with them or using them for transactions. The result of that was the creation of Dogecoin, which started as a joke related to this market.

The most interesting part about this crypto is that the developers started the project for their entertainment, and they didn’t though that it will become one of the most popular options in recent years. Therefore, investing in it can provide you with a good profit. However, before you choose to buy and start trading, it is essential to learn more about this market by checking some analyses and price predictions. In that matter, you can find out more about Dogecoin if you go url.

If you are not sure which option to choose, spend more time on good research. Also, being more flexible is always a good solution since investing in more than one crypto provides more chance of hitting the right one. When it comes to the different potential between BTC and Doge, we are going to present to you some important features in the following article.


Main Differences

One of the first things that you should check about both of these options is related to their technical features. The interesting fact is that the background of Doge is quite similar to BTC since the developers were using the same model that is used in the development of BTC and several other cryptocurrencies.

Even though it started as an entertainment project where making fun of this market was the main focus, Doge reached an outstanding market cap of nearly $20 billion. However, that is still far away from the most popular option since BTC holds a market cap of over $900 billion.

Also, the stability of price does not seem so stable since there are no limits introduced to this system, which means that there can be an unlimited number of minted coins. On the other side, the mining limit is one of the biggest strengths of BTC, which is providing it will higher value of stability. There are some advantages of Doge as well, like much cheaper expenses related to transactions, and a faster mining process.


Which Option is Better?

It depends on various factors. Still, there are no reasons for anyone to think that Doge will eventually become more valuable than BTC. However, that might be one of the reasons for its high popularity. For example, investing in this cheap solution can be a great way for beginners to learn more about trading. It also has high volatility and shares many other features with other popular crypto.

Therefore, you can start trading with only couple of dollars and gain more experience. The current price of it is only 13 cents at the moment, but fluctuation is affecting the value all the time, and there is a chance for it to become higher as well.

Furthermore, the core difference between them is that BTC started as a serious project with a plan to replace standard currencies at one moment and provide people with various benefits like fast international transactions, faster payment processing, safety, stability, and more. It got introduced during the last recession.

On the other side, people behind Doge were using the picture of the popular meme as an inspiration to mock this market by thinking that it will never reach such high popularity that is seen these days. It is amazing that a simple entertaining project became one of the most popular crypto in last few years.

When it comes to potential, investing in Doge is much riskier because it is made only for entertainment. It is not clear for how long people will be interested in holding and trading with this option. On the other side, BTC is a serious project with intentions to change the current market and lead to new regulations and laws all over the world.

Therefore, the improved potential is on the side of BTC, but that doesn’t mean that buying Doge is not a good choice as well. The crypto community is huge these days, and they represent the biggest factor and value. The best example of that is the Doge in the first place. In that matter, chances are great that this option will also remain popular. Also, we have to mentioned that some experts think that it might reach a value of more than $2 by the end of 2024, which is ten times more than the current price.


The Bottom Line

As a leader on this market, it does not seem possible at the moment that any other crypto will surpass the popularity of BTC, and the same is for Doge or very popular NFT market. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should not invest in Doge as well, especially due its low price, high volatility, and some predictions that says how it might reach a much higher value over time.

However, keep in mind that stability is one side of BTC as well. Some trends are changing very fast, and if a lot of people starts avoiding Doge and investing in other options, it will quickly lose the value, and that is not possible for the Bitcoin on the same scale.

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