Why Facebook & Instagram Likes Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

The pandemic has forced many businesses to tend to their online ventures in hopes to maintain their sales and manufacturing capacities. Many companies have started advertising their business through digital marketing ventures to maintain their sales. One of the most important aspects of these digital marketing ventures is social media marketing.

According to Instant-Famous.com, one of the leading agencies for like and follower generation, having a sturdy social media marketing venture for your plan of digital marketing only helps you reach a better audience and an increased amount of customers. In this modern-day and age where online businesses need to do everything to stay relevant, it is important to keep the marketing aspects of your social media up to date with the latest standards.

Amongst the many social media platforms out there, the most important and influential ones are Facebook and Instagram. The likes that you get on these social media platforms for your business’s page can be extremely beneficial for you in helping you get new and better traffic for your business.

However, there are many business owners out there that are still unaware about the various benefits of having an adequate number of Facebook and Instagram likes for your business. To combat that and clear any sort of confusion away, we are here to help you out with this article that lists down the various benefits of having Facebook and Instagram likes on your business’s social media pages. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on these crucial details.

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Feed visibility

Without getting any form of likes from either of the platforms, your social media reach becomes effectively zero and your posts don’t even make it into the feed of your own users even if they follow you. That is why likes are truly important for your social media marketing campaign. Your posts that get liked by more and more members of your audience have a greater chance of being visible on the feed of your customers.

This is how an increased number of likes can directly help you get increased feed visibility for your business which in turn helps you get a larger audience. This is extremely beneficial for your business and we strongly recommend investing in social media marketing to ensure that you have an ample number of likes on your posts.

Access to a more interactive audience

Statistics show that people who ‘like’ content are twice as likely to interact with it and find out about its source. These users also have a higher number of friends and followers as compared to more inactive users. This basically implies that the more likes you have on your content, the more access you have to an audience that actually likes your content and is willing to go to your website to find out more about it.

This interactive audience can easily transform into clients and help you generate more revenue. What’s more, is that these users not only follow your own content but since they have a lot of friends and followers along with them it means that whatever the user likes he is bound to share it with them which gives you a free advertisement for your business.

If you want your audience to be interactive and contributive to the social media marketing aspects of your business, the best way to ensure it would be by having tons of likes on your social media posts.

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Better reputation

In today’s online world, the reputation of a business is directly dependent on how much influence they have online through various marketing ventures. Having a greater social media influence is a part of these ventures and greatly influences the reputation and expertise of your business.

If a potential client or a partner comes to your social media pages to find out more about your products and services and instead finds posts that have a negligible amount of likes, it can serve as an instant deterrent to them and cause them to think that your business does not have the same amount of expertise that they’d imagined.

A greater number of likes is directly proportional to how positively others judge your business. A higher number of likes shows that your business is trusted by hundreds of other users and that you have the skill to back the quality of your products. That’s why if you wish to have a better reputation than your competitor in the industry, ensure that there is an ample amount of likes on your Facebook and Instagram posts.

Likes can provide traffic for third party websites

While studies have shown that a higher number of likes directly mean more traffic to a business website when we say third-party websites we do not mean your own original business website. Rather, we mean the third-party websites such as blogs or webpages who have a like counter on their page that directly belongs to the likes on your business.

Many marketing experts believe that blogs that have Facebook or Instagram likes embedded in their articles show more traffic than normal blogs that don’t. The traffic increases further on if the number of likes is high in the range of thousands where it also serves as reputation proof for your blog that can assure your audience further. Thus, having high likes is a necessary factor if you want more traffic on your business blogs and third-party platforms.

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Chance of getting more audience visibility

While many people think that Facebook and Instagram feed work by showing users posts from the pages they have liked, there is one hidden aspect to it that most people don’t know about. The posts you get on your feed are given priority on the basis of how many of your friends have liked and interacted with the content.

Basically, if one user likes your business posts, there is a very large chance that the user’s friends and followers will get your product’s or service’s post as well thus giving you the reach to a much larger audience.


There are several reasons why Facebook and Instagram likes are still extremely beneficial to your business and it’s marketing ventures. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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