Dedicated Server for Rent – Profitable?

The possibility of testing before renting. This reduces financial risks in case of incorrect configuration. That is, in the case of renting equipment for any tasks, the amount of which is difficult to assess in advance (launching a new website, organizing 1C, setting up file storage for a newly created company, etc.) does not require an in-depth analysis of hardware resources. If the hardware is not suitable in terms of performance, all data can be relatively painlessly transferred to the new configuration.The selected configuration can be easily revised. There is no need to “outgrow” equipment and overpay. Urgent upgrade? No problem. Configurations are easy to expand. Reached the limit – again, you can make a transfer or combine the computing power of several rented servers.

High reliability. In the case of the lease for the technical condition is the responsibility of the lessor, that is, the data center. If the equipment fails for any reason – it will be promptly replaced for a new one and absolutely free of charge.Organization of uninterrupted power supply, cooling, connection to the access channel, a set of measures to prevent emergencies – all this is the responsibility of the data center.

Capital expenditures become regular, which is most suitable for business clients. The lease option is especially relevant for new and developing companies that do not want to make a one-time major expenditure on the purchase of their own server.Software, too, can be rented. Having your own server, most of the software will have to buy, especially when it comes to products from Microsoft.

Support. Very important aspect, especially when you need to respond immediately to the problem, help in configuring (including if the staff is not there, or he can not respond now), etc.Connection to a monitoring system. An advanced monitoring system can signal any problems occurring with the server – from hardware failures to problems with business applications, hosted sites, backups, etc.

In this case, support staff solves the problem using instructions and algorithms approved by the client. This will ensure business continuity in case your system administrator is on vacation or sick.When you lease you get all the capabilities of the dedicated equipment. That is hardware resources are at your full disposal, equipment is isolated and only you have access to it.

You can rent a dedicated server on the most favorable conditions here –

The economic aspect


Business always considers the costs and decides in favor of the best value for money.

Buying a dedicated server for the needs of the company, on the one hand, in some cases, may be beneficial in the long term. But on the other hand, when properly assessing the implementation of the entire set of problems, it turns out that their own equipment must be somewhere to put (a separate room, which not only need to allocate, but also to be equipped with a channel for Internet access, power, cooling, etc.), in case of failure – to repair. If the server was replaced by a new configuration, it becomes unnecessary. Sell it is difficult enough, but to throw away – sorry, because it is very expensive. All this downtime, transportation, repairs, maintenance, etc. – is time and, accordingly, money.

Buying a server


Buying equipment is associated with certain risks:

  • High one-time (capital) costs. In addition, if you plan to install it in your office, the initial costs increase several times (work on the organization of the room, laying power cables and Internet connection, purchase of backup power elements, such as high-capacity batteries, inverter, etc., or a generator with autostart, etc.). Without all these measures, the server will not actually fulfill its purpose (uninterrupted operation of the IT structure). This can also include the need to buy licenses
  • The place of installation has fixed requirements for the organization of the connection. Of course, the server can be installed in your office, but this raises a number of technical problems, including the allocation of a separate room, the issue of limiting physical access to the equipment, its uninterrupted power supply, Internet access, etc.
  • Transportation. If you decide to change the location of the server or buy it yourself, and later move it to the data center, then you will either have to transport it yourself, or delegate this responsibility to third parties (transport companies, FPS, etc.). And this is an additional risk of damage during transportation, time for this process, the cost of third-party companies (if intermediaries are involved). During the move, services and data on the device will be unavailable. This can lead to business processes stopping.
  • The functionality of the equipment is up to you. If you buy a new server, then the confidence in its performance will be much higher than in the case of a used instance. Although, neither in the first nor in the second case, no one but the manufacturer, no guarantees you. It is worth noting that the examination and warranty repair will take a considerable amount of time, and this will lead to downtime in the work of services and programs installed on the equipment.

In the case of purchase and subsequent placement of the server in the data center, it will be provided with all the necessary conditions of service. Without your request, no one will interfere with the operation of the device itself. Warranty is provided for Internet access channel capacity, uninterrupted power, cooling, etc., but if the server failure occurs for objective reasons (wear and tear, factory defect, etc.), then the replacement of problematic nodes or repair will be carried out at your expense.

Having your own hardware server has its own advantages

  • You have full control over your equipment not only on the administrative level, but also on the physical level.
  • If the company already has a server room in which you can install an additional server, then in the long run, this option may be more profitable than renting. Despite the fact that the one-time costs are quite high, in terms of monthly payments, a purchased server in some cases will be cheaper than a rented one (relevant for a long period of operation – from 5 years). However, it is worth taking into account the effect of depreciation and technological obsolescence of equipment, its scheduled and unscheduled repairs, upgrades, power supply costs and connection to the Internet channel.

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