Rent a Server: Virtual or Physical?

The dilemma of “buy a physical server or rent a virtual one (VPS or VDS)” is faced by any serious organization, aimed at long-term and confident presence on the Internet. The question is really not easy: today’s virtual servers almost completely mimic the physical, or in another way dedicated, providing almost similar capabilities for a significantly lower fee. No wonder that against this background, the popularity of renting VPS and VDS is skyrocketing.

Nevertheless, when deciding where to place the data array, it is necessary to proceed from the principle of efficiency and economic feasibility. It is necessary to choose something that will help to save the organization’s financial resources, fulfill the set tasks and save from possible problems.

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What are the advantages of renting a server?


What are the main advantages of such a service:

  • Technical specifications. The user can choose a server with a large power reserve. In case of shortage of used resources, they can be increased, which will allow your site to withstand the projected growth of attendance or increase in the volume of content.
  • Stable operation. By choosing to rent a server, you can not worry about sudden problems in his work. The provider guarantees round-the-clock availability and serviceability of the machines, and in case of problems – provides a backup server. As a result, your business applications are available at any time, which is the most important indicator of customer loyalty.
  • Use your own software. If necessary, you’ll be able to install additional programs or standard software that will be necessary for the successful functioning of your business.
  • Extensive resources for a project of any complexity. By renting a separate dedicated server, you get all possible resources of the machine at 100%. While with shared hosting, you get only a part of the possible resources.
  • Data Security. One of the main advantages of a dedicated server is 100% security of your personal data. Your data will not be copied by third parties for use. In addition, the provider guarantees protection from data hacking, most often this is ensured by the use of encryption technology.
  • Round-the-clock support. Most providers offer their customers round-the-clock support as well as constant server monitoring. This helps to ensure data backup and year-round uninterrupted operation of the client’s site.
  • No hosting costs. This is not an obvious advantage, but do not forget about it. Most companies don’t have space for their own server room, so they have to use data centers. That is, you do not need to overpay for the purchase of equipment, when you can use the capacity of the data center.
  • Reduced staffing costs. The rental service assumes technical support from the provider. It means you do not need to hire a separate IT-specialist for adjustment and maintenance of existing equipment.
  • Possibility to refuse a server. When renting at any moment you can refuse the allocated equipment in favor of another solution. But if you buy your own machine, it’s not so easy – you have to find a buyer to recover at least part of the expenses.

Information storage and processing options, or when it is reasonable to rent a server


Even before you make a choice in favor of a particular type of server, you should decide: Do I need it at all? For small companies with a modest information array of data to rent or buy any kind of server can be an unreasonable luxury: better to pay for hosting and use a few gigabytes of disk space

About a separate server, IT-industry experts advise to think about when the hosting can no longer withstand the load imposed on it, as evidenced by the frequent shutdown for exceeding the limit of traffic or processor time. Or when implementing an initially large project, such as an online store, forum or portal with a large amount of content. Also, a separate server may be needed when several people work remotely with a voluminous application.

What to look for when choosing a dedicated server for rent?

This solution is suitable for successful implementation of projects of any complexity. Thanks to the high dedicated power and installation of any software, you can create sites of different orientation and volume.

Renting a dedicated server can be called a more accessible and understandable service for small projects and large organizations. Of course, customers have a question, why do we need a dedicated server now, whether it can be replaced. If you look at the alternatives, unfortunately, it is difficult to find an equally effective solution among them.

However, it is worth remembering that the choice of provider is based on a number of criteria. For example, you should consider the features of the server system, the characteristics of the processor, hard drive and RAID-controller. Also, do not forget about the network parameters, namely, a guaranteed bandwidth and used software administration modules.

Renting a virtual server guarantees the reliable and uninterrupted operation of the site. Using this service, the tenant has virtually unlimited possibilities to control and manage the processes on the service. Thanks to this you can significantly improve the efficiency of any web project.

Advantages and differences from purchase


Many people wonder why renting is better than buying equipment, especially if the company is ready to spend money to buy their own machines and components. Firstly, renting provides additional services: preventive maintenance, maintenance and repair of equipment. That is, renting a server from a provider, you get a set of procedures to maintain quality work of the server. In case of independent purchase of “iron” all these tasks fall on the owner. And this leads to additional costs.

Secondly, the provider most often provides equipment with installed software. In other words, the customer does not need to install the software himself, he just needs to adjust the configuration to his needs.

In addition, one should not forget about the cost of the equipment. Often the company does not take into account the additional costs and financial losses associated with the preparation of the server room, etc. That is, in fact, the purchase of their own server costs several times more than the originally stated amount.

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