How Do I Improve My CS:GO Game

Computer Mouse

Let me say right off the bat that mice should not drag, they should drag your hands. But agree that expensive mice are much more reliable. The mouse should be wired, because wireless ones have some lag, and they are heavier than their wired counterparts.

The pad should be fabric, not plastic because fabric provides more friction, which allows for better control of the mouse. The size of the pad also matters because it is important to have a little sensitivity in the game for better accuracy and control, which means you will have to move your hand and brush harder on the pad.


It’s not much easier here because the pitch sounds have a limited range. Just don’t play on speakers, please.

Of course, the devices will help you to improve your game and feel it better, but don’t forget that there are also special services that will help you to improve your level in CS: GO

There are many tools for players to improve their level of play: watching demo videos, analyzing matches, guides, and more.

How to touch the mouse

Yes, this is also important. Don’t grip the device completely. Most of the mouse control should be done with your fingers. The bottom of your palm should rest on the carpet – this will serve as your bipod. All of this will help you fine-tune your aim. Your forearm points the sight at your opponent, your fingers point it at your head.



It is important to play with graphics, for example, affects at least remove all the trash and vegetation from the map, which will allow you to better concentrate on your main goal.

Console commands

r_cleardecals 1 – allows you to press the key to clear the map of blood, traces of bullets, and grenades. Why? To minimize distractions. When you aim at an enemy, you start tunnel vision, which reduces your peripheral vision – any trace on the wall can appear to another enemy and distract you from aiming. A trail of blood behind the enemy’s back can prevent you from aiming by blurring the boundaries of the enemy’s model. Or when entering an enemy position, any smudge can slow down your reaction to an enemy elsewhere. All in all, this is a very useful thing that helps in many situations.

r_dynamic 0 – removes the flashes of your weapon on the walls, which also allows you to better concentrate on the enemies and not be distracted by the effects.

Practice and practice

It’s simple – the more you play, the stronger your skill. Even without trying to learn something new, your game growth will be enhanced by regular practice, whether with bots or in mm.

The main thing here is not to overdo it and not to burn out. Everything has to be in moderation. Breaks once an hour to relieve the brain and not be distracted by food are also very important.



The obvious is that drinking and smoking are bad for your health. Not so obvious is sugar. It should be kept to a minimum because it suppresses the production of your hormones, in particular testosterone, serotonin, and somatotropin. Without additional sugar doping, your well-being and mood will constantly drop.

Courses of vitamins such as Omega-3, nootropics will all help keep your body toned, allowing you to reach new heights in the game.

Needless to say, most of these tips will help you in absolutely all games.

Training from professionals

This method is the most pointless, in addition to the fact that it requires a monetary cost. The fact is that from such professionals you will get the information you would get just by typing the essence of the problem into a Google search engine.

But in addition to targeting training, such training often tells you about the names of points on maps, which you should have heard something about during the game. At the same time, for a moderate fee, you get a package of layouts on these maps.

Customizing your config


Often setting mouse sensitivity and comfortable resolution is the key to winning a player. There are many tips for choosing resolution and sensitivity.

1) The sensitivity should be sufficient to fully rotate the mouse.

2) The sensitivity should not interfere with the player while playing.

Now about the resolution:

There has long been a debate on the internet about the ideal resolution. Someone says that 4:3 is ideal for the game, and someone, on the contrary, that Full HD is the most dominant resolution.

4:3 has its advantages, including an increase in the number of frames per second, more models of players. Full HD is worth playing if you are a streamer or if you are finally used to it and are not ready to change.

Don’t rush to kill your enemy if he can’t see you


Can you see your enemy, but he cannot see you? Don’t rush to kill him. We know that sometimes it can be hard to hold back. But patience in a game like CSGO always pays off.

If you are behind enemy lines and one of your opponents passed you by without noticing your position, don’t be in a hurry to get an easy frag. He won’t tell his allies about you because you weren’t spotted. They will not wait for you at the point where you stopped. This is an easy way to unexpectedly kill two or even three opponents instead of one.

Keep an eye on the sound

You won’t become a successful CSGO player if you don’t learn how to hear all the important sounds. They will help you better orient yourself on the map. They will make it easier for you to see how your enemies are moving.

But don’t forget that your enemies can hear you, too. And you can use that to your advantage! Go to the point you want, make a little noise and go on without making a sound. So, for example, the enemies will think that you went to point A, and your team will go to storm point B, which works only on the initial ranks, when you gain experience, it will become more clear fake or not.

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