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9 Best Drum Machines Under $2000 – 2024 Guide

Drums are popular again, for a song to sound fantastic, drums must be included, especially in a live performance. There are many types of drums, and that makes it hard to choose when you require an excellent drum. Take a look at our list of the best drum machines out there, and maybe you find what you are looking for.

1. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine ($449.00)


There are 17 analog percussion and drum devices. Audio specs are great when it comes to reducing the noise. You can create a new sound or alter and make a new one from an existing one. There are also 64 step and 64 pattern sequencing skills. There are also massive connectivity options, and you can chain up to 16 patterns to make a song. It is very user-friendly, but you shouldn’t expect any genuine drum kit sounds from it.

2. Alesis SR18 | High Definition Multi-Sampled Electronic ($259.00)


It can support up to 200 patterns, 100 for user, and 100 preset. It supports 500 drum sounds like electronic drum sounds and some new percussion. It also has 50 bass synth sounds, and the connectivity is excellent. What is bad about it is that it has no USB port.

3. Elektron Machinedrum ($315.00)

Source: Elektron

This adaptable 16-track sequencer gives you the power of high-speed midi interface for swift data transfers. It gives you very realistic sound and obtaining real-time loops. It is well built for stage and studio use, too. However, there are no USB ports. The headphone output is positioned behind, which is inaccessible, and the low sample memory is just 2.5MB.

4. Dave Smith Instruments Tempest ($1,599.99)

Source: Gear4music

It is an excellent mixture of analog and digital characteristics. Six analog sounds that come with it can also be used as a keyboard synth. It has a large bank of samples, and it gives you the ability of a seamless, non-stop workflow. Pads are force and swiftness sensitive, and they provide control over the beat’s dynamics. However, this machine is a bit expensive, and it doesn’t give you the option of storing your samples.

5. Akai Professional MPC Renaissance ($1,199.00)


A hardware-software combination, this drum machine gives you the ability to use it as a DAW or as a VST, Au, or even RTAS plugin. The good thing about it is that it uses your PC’s processing energy and it has entrance to a sound library of over 9GB. Another great feature is a bank of 300 instruments to support your creation. But it must be used with a computer, and it demands constant software updates.

6. Korg ELECTRIBE Synth Based Production Station ($330.00)


According to Korg, this machine is “a complete tool for the creation and performance of any genre of electronic music.” You can import your samples and record real-time knob changes. The incorporated demos and sounds help you get immediately started, and you can control up to 16 outer synths using MIDI. It is united with Ableton Live, but you have to be careful with your patterns as they can be easily lost.

7. Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Groove Production Studio ($259.00)

Source: Shake It Up Music

It has 8GB library samples, sampled instruments, preset designs, drum kits, and much more. All the content comes with the full version of the machine, and it offers 24 professional level effects. The interface and usage are very instinctive, and it presents excellent value for its price. However, this machine could be an abrupt learning circuit for some, especially beginners. It can’t be used as a standalone sampler, and it takes a while to install it and set up.

8. Akai Professional MPC Touch | Music Production Station ($720.00)

(Best Option)

Source: B&H

It provides over 20000 quality sounds, and the workflow is speedy and inherent with the touch interface. It has 16 backlit and velocity delicate pads, and it can also double as an audio interface. It is easy to examine what you hear. But, just like the previous one on our list, it can’t be a standalone device.

9. Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine ($300.00)

Source: Boss

Boss has great products. This drum machine from Boss has 440 drums and percussion sound as well as 40 bass sounds, which is impressive. COSM guitar amp designs are also available, and you can connect your guitar or bass straight to the machine. There are four assignable pedal inputs, and it supports up to 1000 patters, 500 present, and 500 user. Cons are that you can’t load your samples, and the fills are not editable. Some might find pads to be smaller than what they are used to work with.

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