8 Features for Best Laundry Machines

Choosing the best laundry machine that will fit your preference, budget, and laundry area is a tough task. Before you purchase one, check in a few features that you have to consider.

Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic Laundry Machine

Let’s start with the laundry machine’s operations. You can choose between semi-automatic and fully-automatic laundry machines. The difference between these two laundry machines is their manual intervention. Now, let’s get on their benefits and drawbacks.

The semi-automatic laundry machine is the conventional option. It has two compartments for washing and drying. You need to manually transfer the clothes after the machine has fully washed them and made a buzz or notification sound. Semi-automatic laundry machines are top-load laundry machines.

However, it occupies more of your laundry area and you can’t configure the water temperature.

Meanwhile, the fully-automatic laundry machine is the modern one. They are equipped with new features and does not need manual intervention. All the wash and dry laundry processes happen through its automated program. It fills the drum, washes, rinses, drains, and dries the laundry in the same drum.

However, the fully-automatic laundry machine takes more time to do the laundry process and they’re quite expensive. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, the semi-automatic laundry machine is the best choice.

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1. Front-Load or Top-Load Laundry Machine

If you opt for a fully-automated laundry machine, you can choose between a front-load and a top-load laundry machine. There’s not right and wrong between these machines, choosing one depends on your washing style and preferences.

If you are looking for a more convenient choice, top-loading machines have a more ergonomic design. You do not have to bend over to load or unload your laundry. Moreover, opening the door is upwards, doesn’t take up much space.

Meanwhile, front-load laundry machines require you to bend and it requires a wider laundry area because of its door. However, it has a faster spin cycle and several useful features that top-load washing machines don’t have.

2. Laundry Machine’s Size and Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine refers to the interior drum’s volume. It’s measured in kilograms (kg), and experts correlate it with the number of family members.

A small-sized laundry machine can accommodate 5 to 6 kilograms of laundry. It’s only suitable for 1-2 family members or a couple. The medium capacity laundry machine has a tank capacity of 8 kilograms, which is ideal for laundry of 4-5 family members. Meanwhile, large capacity laundry machines can handle laundry of more than 5 members or 9 kilograms or more.

However, you have to remember that the load capacity could wash the laundry in one single cycle. There’s no need to rerun another wash cycle.

Moreover, you have to consider the size of the laundry machine. Will its dimensions fit in the available space inside your laundry room? Do not forget to know the complete dimensions– height, width, and depth of the machine in inches, that you are eyeing. You have to add 3 inches at each side of the machine, 5 inches at the back, 25 inches in the front for front-load laundry machines, and 20 inches above for top-load laundry machines. Ensure that it can enter your house comfortably.

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3. Other Factors to Consider

After evaluating the laundry machine’s capacity, size, and structure of the laundry machine, you need to consider these factors to ensure it can cover all your preferences. Moreover, it can wash and dry the clothes without damaging them.

4. Technology

Ensure that the machine has the ideal programs for cotton, silk, or wool. Today, the advancement of laundry machines is a must. Have you noticed how tech-savvy the machines are in commercial laundry services like Liox? You should prefer those kinds of machines to ensure your clothes are cleaned thoroughly.

The advancement of your laundry machine not only provides high-quality results but also helps save electricity and water consumption. Moreover, it has sensors that can detect the laundry load on the washing machine. It can determine the optimum speed at which the motor should run to have optimized electricity usage.

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5. Hard Water Processing

One of the most common household concerns is hard water. Hard water makes dissolving detergents difficult, it results in the accumulation of white layer deposits around the laundry machine’s drum and supply pipes, which damages them. Go for a laundry machine that has a hard water treatment technology. It is available in new models.

6. Temperature Control

It will allow you to control the water temperature and help remove the most stubborn stains. Moreover, having the option to have the warmest water temperature can help to disinfect your clothes regularly. Thus, check whether the laundry machine you’ve been eyeing has a built-in heater.

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7. Smart Features

We are in the era of smart technology and it has penetrated our home appliances. If you want to remotely control your appliance and dependent on smartphones, go for a laundry machine with app connectivity. You can check the status of your laundry and get notified when it’s done.

8. Budget

Finally, you have to consider your budget– how much are you willing to pay for a laundry machine? However, you will only get the features, functions, and benefits that match your budget’s price range. You have to assess whether you can afford the machine’s price and the additional monthly electricity and water bill.

The most affordable one is the portable washing machine. However, it can only cater to small laundry loads. You may opt for a semi-automatic washing machine. The most expensive type is the front-loading washing machine, but you can expect that it has every feature, function, and benefit you’re looking for. However, if you want to settle for the average price range, go for a fully automatic top-loading machine.

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Do the research and create a list of the best laundry machine you can find that fits your desired functionality and budget. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends, they know how their washing machine models work. Take it from their experience.

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